You’re about to enter a store that I go to when I close my eyes. It has merchandise there that is intended to amaze,shock and frighten you.Customer satisfaction is always the highest priority. Come inside,look around,browse a little. If you have any questions,please inquire.And its always open….late.                                                                                 Now…”What can I get for you this evening?”


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A Moment~#poetry #life


Just a moment

A smile appears after a sip of a shake

The simplicity of an eight year old’s dreams

Her world is suddenly a frozen joy

Just a moment

Terror consumes the teenager

An impact of metal during a text

Lost priorities on an asphalt’s skin

Just a moment

Every muscle flexed for the incoming

She accepts the pain to hear the miracle

The room now echoes in a blessed cry

A blink of an eye

The flip of a switch

Life in its changes

All in a moment

Lady of the Lake~#poetry #freewill #themagicshop


She has finally arrived at this place

A lake to give back her destiny

Determination defined this woman

Inhaling the changes of hope at the top

The path here was wrought with obstacles

A hike uphill that buried her identity

Poisonous partners, hidden agendas

All failed attempts in snuffing this spitfire

Fresh surface reflections reveal her strength

A new warrior stares out upward

This woman’s beaten soul reborn

Rules finally written by her hand

She rests for a moment, unachoring her dreams

The waters of freewill renourishong her spirit

An endless distance of possibilities to explore

Deep and exciting choices await for this lady of the lake to dive into

Silly Lily~#Novemberwriting #poetry #themagicshop


I was ready to give up on finding my soul mate

Throwing in the towel after just one too many bad dates

I cringed at Hairy Mary who needed a shave

Had tea with Naughty Audrey who wouldn’t behave

The theatre cleared out on a date with Smelly Nellie

Breakfast with Messy Betsy had me covered in Jelly

Kissy Missie was fun but I needed to breathe

Everything Pretend Gwen said I just never believed

I’m still trying to cheer-up from lunch with Sad Maddie

Criticism over coffee was my chat with Crabby Abby

A bachelor’s way was looking to be my new life’s norm

Then I spotted a woman who was laughing out in a rain storm

We started to talk as the rain got us wet

I felt that she was the most amazing woman I had met

Her attitude towards life was so uplifting and fun

She also saw charm in me that she found in no one

I’m thankful for past dates that all went horribly wrong

They made me wait for true love who was Silly Lily all along

November writing Prompt- Silly Lily- Day 14/30

Fresh air, no despair~ #Novemberwriting #poetry #themagicshop


Power-down, reconnect

Pay attention, give respect

Focus now and close the app

Escape all social media traps

Open your eyes, clear your head

Don’t believe what you’ve been fed

Different agendas, many views

Flush away online news

With a text you’ve made a choice

Change your sound, speak your voice

These little boxes manipulate

Raise your head, stand up straight

Go offline with no despair

Rejoin mankind in its fresh air

November Writing Prompt- Fresh air, no despair- Day 12/30

Bustling Beauties~ #NovemberWriting #poetry #themagicshop


The next time you dine out think to try something new

And witness the staff with a new kind of view

Really look at those ladies who serve all your needs

Making sure you are fed and pleasantly pleased

They often carry around trays that might weigh a ton

A balancing act that ceases to amaze everyone

Some of them use pads to write down all orders said

While others memorize whats wanted up in their heads

Tables of patrons are handled by just one in her own dazzling style

Never complaining as she fills your coffee with a smile

Have some respect for the ones who do these long, tiresome duties

Be thankful for waitresses those bustling beauties



Daily Writing Prompt- Bustling Beauties -Day 11/30

Eat with your Hands~#Humour #Sci-Fi #themagicshop


The world as we know it, came to an end six months ago.

No one could have predicted such a tragedy to be thrown on to the human race, but nevertheless it did happen.

Now, all we have left is ourselves and our wits to survive whats been left of society.

It was a clear spring day in April. Without warning, immense strange-looking ships appeared up in the skies over all major earth cities. The whole human race stood there, looking up in excitement and fear. The ships just floated up there not moving at all. Then, a wide, bright beam of yellow light came out of each ship and bathed the world in its glow.

The beam was on us for a mere few seconds before all the ships lifted up past the clouds and vanished into space.

Everyone just stood there for a moment, checking themselves and their loved ones for any wounds or to even see if they were still present. No one was “transported” away. In fact, nothing had come of the alien’s “attack” at all. All of us on earth were perfectly fine. No buildings destroyed or conquests of countries. It as if we were all illuminated with a large flashlight and then that light was turned off. Our lives went back to normalcy, the way they were right before the incident.

Then, slowly over a matter of minutes we all realized what had happened to us.

It almost seemed to ridiculous to imagine. The questions behind it ranged from total confusion to outright disbelief.

When the alien ships left earth’s atmosphere that April day, they had taken with them every single piece of eating utensil available to us. Their wasnt one single spoon, fork or knife to be found anywhere on the planet. The material of the items didn’t matter either. Be that they were made of sterling silver, carved wood or molded plastic all of them now gone. Even cookware that resembled spoons or forks had vanished. Soup ladels, Barbecue prongs and spatulas had all vanished. Even every single pair of chopsticks were also among the missing.

Hours after reports of missing cutlery were coming in from around the world, but also all the factories that produced all the implements had their machines removed without a trace. The buildings were all left totally vacant with employees completely unharmed.

Over a matter of weeks, society broke down into total chaos. The confusion behind what had happened was replaced by total panic. No longer could people find ways to eat a wide variety of cuisine. Soups, cereals, rice and ice cream became meals of pure anguish. Spaghetti and lasagna were now considered living Hell to consume. Any side portions of mashed potatoes, green vegetables or applesauce had been given the names “Torture foods”. There was no point in using large kitchen knives for some functions, the aliens had taken all those as well.

Granted, this was not a true “War of the worlds” type of annihilation. The world went on eating. Finger-foods and snacks became scarce and in high demand. The price gouging by vendors on cheese-doodles and donuts alone often caused violent backlash by consumers in the streets. Pizzeria owners were forced to arm themselves from the overwhelming crowds of people who would break in to steal slices of anything. Stores that sold candy and protein bars would stage lotteries or auctions for their inventory.

Then there was the newly established illegal black market of foods. Hamburgers, sandwiches and Hot dogs could only be purchased through dealers in back alleys for hundreds of dollars.

This is how we live in this new world now.  Civilized people now reduced to a race of hand-held savages.

Somehow, I can’t shake this feeling that-somewhere out in the universe, a highly advanced race of alien beings are actually laughing their asses off.

Captivating Confines~#NovemberWriting #poetry


The killer was shocked by the punishment given

Assuming the judge would just end his living

Instead he was brought to a lodge after the trial

The police then left him alone to stay there for awhile

It was a cozy chateau with a warm atmosphere

Pleasantly decorated from front to rear

No entertainment or games to have fun

Not that this mattered him being a party of one

All his meals came cooked and filled with yummy tastes

His biggest dilemma was all the time he had to waste

Although this quaint place was a nice place to reside

One you were sentenced your freedom remained inside

As much as the killer enjoyed this new type of cell

To never breathe freedom was actually Hell

Total seclusion finally drove the killer insane

Captivating confines is where the prison doctors placed blame

November Writing Prompt- Captivating confines -Day 9/30