August Writing Prompt ~ A man dreams #Augustwriting


Slumbered minutes back in that Hell

Merely images sharpened with echoes

Yesterday’s grind now faint memories

They poison me still subconsciously

Labeled failure by her every word

A mild voice yet fearfully heard

My futile attempts to be that man

Never right in her twisted plans

Her growing list spoken of what I lack

Until that one time which broke my back

These dreams today repeat nightmare times

When I was punished by one for just being alive

____________________________________________________________________________________________Written for the August Writing Prompt – That one time – Day 15/31


2 thoughts on “August Writing Prompt ~ A man dreams #Augustwriting

  1. I can feel the emotion so clearly in this one. It’s so hard when we don’t feel like we measure up, and some people have a way of always making us feel like we aren’t good enough. I’ve found that it’s good for the soul to let people like that go. There are plenty of other people in the world who do appreciate and accept us; we just have to keep looking for them! 😉


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