Fandango’s FFC #37 ~ Shadow of the Devil #fffc

Nothing could happen to her in the daylight, this one thing she had convinced herself of as a possibility.  It had been six months since the attack and today, Megan Carrigan was ready to take another step forward in her healing. A jog out in the park might be beneficial to her mentally and definitely, physically.  She always loved to run, a passion that she had discovered with cross-country track back in high school. That passion, like most everything else that made her smile, died one October night.

Trauma is a wonderful thing. It sometimes makes one forget the “meat” of whatever tragedy they were was forced to consume. Megan remembers a man’s shape in the alleyway and then, the emergency room afterwards. Everything else was a distorted echo. The experience paused her life and Megan became a living shell of herself.

She finished stretching her calve-muscles, which like every other muscle in her body became stiff with atrophy. A vacant jogging path awaited her, devoid of people on this April morning. The first few sprints became familiar to her. Patterns of past acts returned like a reflex being hit. The crisp-air filled her nostrils and her eyes glistened with that old endorphin spark of activity as she picked up her pace.

She approached the entrance-way  to the north-side bridge, hitting her full stride as she started to run through it. Then, ten feet past the exit, she came to a dead stop.

Just outside the bridge, cast upon the ground was a shadow. Not just any shadow, Megan thought but, his shadow.

The slow building wave of anxiety began to consume Megan’s thoughts.

“How did he find me?? This can’t be!!”

Darkness calmed her as she closed her eyes for a mere moment. She thought of summers at the beach with her folks growing up. How the water would tickle her toes as waves rolled over her feet.

She opened her eyes, took a deep breath and ran at out of the tunnel like a woman on fire. When she reached a certain distance and felt strong enough to look back, Megan saw it was in fact a police officer walking his beat up on the bridge. Not him, at all.

Her legs became rejuvenated with relief as she continued to run through the park. She had beaten the devil’s shadow for now, realizing that this constant battle to reclaim her life would always be lurking wherever she ran.


Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction 37


Fandago Flash Fiction #16 ~Written Free #fffc


The dullness of work days once again suffocates
Eight hours too long for the dreamer named Kate

Her cubicle prison with post-it frustrations 
Sinking her life into settled stagnation

She yearns to fly into that blissful escape
To leave once again this monotonous landscape

Salaried clones surround her in their caffeine fueled haze
Merely want silence to survive these days

She rises above this imagining her own fantastic scenes
Waiting for shift’s end to bring life in writing her dreams


Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #16. The image above is from


Presumed Guilty ~ #MayWriting #FFFC


Academic angel respected in a parent’s town

Enlightened youths in the classroom battleground

Years of recognition then soiled by one claim

A change of opnion brings unwanted fame

Familiar mentors now examine and spy

They now question this one’s once accepted life

Fluid rumors betray obstructing whats true

Presumed guilty by prejudice ignorantly brewed

Civility buried as violence is thrown

Like Salem justice where justice was not known

A now broken house is forced for sale

All because of a one student’s false, fabricated tale


Inspired by Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #14 and May Writing Prompts – Presumed Guilty – Day 20/31

The Time Controller~Pt.2 #FOWC #Fandago




Life continued throughout the city. The daily demands on the average citizen kept them moving endlessly without hesitation. From morning to midnight, the surge of the public flowed from employment to entertainment. The intensity of motion was so relevant to all, that the simplicity of basic feelings had been overlooked. It was a constant race from “what was”  to “what needs to be” with as little emotion in between being used.

Hailey witnessed all of this in an instant, within a blink of her eyes. This was her gift. She lived with the events of a nanosecond to a century, opened up to her as a constant show with no secrets.

Yet, their were those who could keep themselves hidden from her gaze. They were whispered about only in the darkest of places and once they revealed themselves, your destiny belonged to them. They were known simply as ‘The Stoppers’ and they were about to visit the city once again, completely hidden from the eyes of Hailey-the time controller.


This piece was written for Fandago’s FFC

My thanks to The Haunted Wordsmith for letting me continue Hailey’s story.



The Current Hell~#FFFC #flash-fiction #themagicshop


I remembered it all suddenly like a flash. Bits and pieces returned to my mind, or whatever this is where my consciousness now lives. A friendly neighbor had invited me over to his house across my street. I went seeking friendship in a new town. We sat in his study and had tea. My life as I knew it before ended as I saw the bottom of the mug that was filled with drugs.

My next conscious thought was erratic and jumbled. I no longer felt myself breathing or any of my extremities. I was formless and chaotic. As best as can define it, I was no longer human. The man who gave me tea, turned out to be a scientist. He transformed my corporal form into a mass of pure electricity. I now floated inside a biosphere of his creation, fluctuating constantly. I was strong, powerful and able to control limitless types of devices.

Yet, it was pure unfiltered Hell.

I yearned for all of life’s experiences. The warm touch of a woman’s hand. Feeling my heart race from the adrenalin of exciting events.  An inhaling of God’s air on a spring day. The laughter that I shared with friends and family.  A shedding of tears at a moments notice of something sad or poignant. My humanity was taken from me, but not my soul. A soul that still felt loss, passion and pure anger. The man I once was vowed to reclaim his humanity and have vengeance on the one who did this to him.

I wait for the scientist to be away from his lab for a few hours. I dissipate my form into the machines that fill up his workshop. Slowly, I construct a new body using whatever scraps are lying about. I specifically make sure I have a plug as part of my new form. It’s small and fragile but, I can physically move around the room now. I had to move fast, before He returned and discovered my intent.

As I prepare to plug myself in, the door swings open. It’s him-the scientist. I push my plug into the wall socket knowing that I can freely leave this place and escape out into the vast infinite world of electricity to seek help. My will to regain my humanity charging through currents at the speed of light and with the force of the human spirit.


Written for Fandago’s Flash Fiction Challenge #2


Crazy Babe~#FFFC, #Humor, #themagicshop


To be honest with you, she’s really a pain in the ass. You probably think differently. You look at her as some hot looking  babe who might be great in bed.  Yeah, I know how all you uprights think.  Most of you think with your crotches first. The problem that I have with her is that, its four in the morning and she’s playing that damn flute again. This has been going on daily now for three and half weeks.  She had showed up a month ago, wearing some nasty looking shower curtain and no shoes. Who does this? Have you ever walked in a forest with bare feet?  There’s all kinds of nasty stuff down here.  Anyway, she stepped out into this clearing and takes out this flute.  Alright, I’ll admit it-the music, at first was nice. BUT, NOW ITS DRIVING US GOATS CRAZY!

You don’t think its a big deal? Fine…how about I visit your bedroom tonight say, around 3 AM and start playing some frigging wind instrument right in your face. Maybe then you’ll know the living Hell that us goats are going through with this crazy babe in the forest.


For Fandago’s new Flash Fiction Challenge