#100WW ~ Time out for Billy


It was a glorious day to be an eight year old. The skies were clear and the playground was surprisingly empty. Unfortunately, Billy Carrigan was currently being punished by being an observer and not allowed to play. His recent behavior had pushed his parents to take extreme measures beyond traditional disciplinary methods. The process surprisingly didn’t take long, once they spoke the spell. It was a mere switching of bodies between Billy and his paralyzed Uncle Stan. A glorious day indeed as Stan ran around for the time he had left inhabiting this body, as Billy sat in his wheelchair confined.

(100 words)


Written for this week’s 100 Word Wednesday from Bikurgurl.

FOWC with Fandango ~ Bite the big apple #FOWC


Living in Manhattan was always a dream for Eric Payne. He grew up in a small Pennsylvania town and often would dream of some day living in the city ‘that never sleeps’.  It took him some time, saving up every penny and a sharp focus on a goal that finally was realized.  He looked out of his apartment window,  joyfully listening to the rushing sounds of the city.  The hustle of hundreds as they scurried by below him. Taxis beeping as they raced by his building. This constant motion of life intoxicated Eric and overwhelmed his rural background. He felt the adrenaline flow rapidly through his veins as he soaked in his new life here, his dream fulfilled.

“Hey Buddy, whatcha doing?”

It was Eric’s new roommate, Chris. They had found each other through the ‘roommate wanted’ ads in the Village Voice. Eric turned away from the window.

“Just enjoying the life of the city.  I think its just..incredible”

Chris shrugged and sat down on the couch.

“I guess. It means nothing to me. When you’ve lived in the city your whole life, its just kinda of nothing”.

Eric stood there, disappointed in Chris. Maybe he couldn’t appreciate this having “eaten the big apple” his whole life. This was a shame, Eric thought. He looked back out the window again, his mouth watering with anticipation.

“Why don’t you go out then? Go live a little of that exciting city life.” Chris smugly said, then chuckled. He was completely unaware that Eric was now standing behind him.

“Hey, that’s a good idea!”  Eric exclaimed. “I gotta eat some dinner first”.

“Don’t touch my leftover Chinese food in the fridge. I’m saving that-

Chris’s head was suddenly jerked over the back of the couch. His hair held tightly by Eric as he looked up into his now red eyes.  The new couch that Chris  brought with him from his old apartment, now had his blood splattered across its cushions.  Eric had chomped down on Chris’s neck.  He sucked out as much as he wanted in satifysing his hunger, leaving Chris sitting up now dead.

“It really is just incredible to finally be here”  Eric thought as he returned back to look out the window.  “This city is filled with just so much…life”.


Written for Fandango’s FOWC prompt – Vampire

FOWC with Fandango/SoCS ~ Time for a new shirt #FOWC #SoCS


His favorite shirt now needed to be throughly cleaned. That’s really all that mattered to Patrick Mears-this shirt. It had always meant so much to him. Even more than his boss who was now slowly dying right in front of him. “Why couldn’t you just do the right thing for once?”  Patrick calmly thought. Eight years of trying to keep the dirty dealings of Waterman & Snells Financial services completely legal and not one extra dime over any average accountant’s salary was given to him, ever. Patrick felt he deserved this salary bump more than anyone else at this corrupt firm. Despite a convincing, fact-based argument to anyone else who would have heard it, Nick Margolis denied Patrick’s request. Where was the fairness in all of this?  The framed pictures of race horses and yachts around Nick’s office silently  mocked Patrick as he plunged a pen directly into Nick’s left eye. “I really liked this shirt”  He thought again as he looked down at the blood spill splattered all over his sleeve. Patrick felt genuinely sad over the unnecessary mess that had been made, completely ambivalent to the human life that  he had just ended.


Written for Fandango’s FOWC prompt- Spill and Linda G. Hill’s SOCS prompt


100WW ~Dark Escape #100WW


There was no turning back now. The tunnel entrance loomed over them like a mouth waiting to swallow it’s prey. It took days to get here, having lost some of their clan. Those “things”  had gotten hungry again. No names for them, really.  Garrigan and his family only knew them from their attacks.  Fast, dark shadows that devoured anyone around them. If Garrigan’s family could get through the tunnel, they would find a safe sanctuary. They had to move soon. Those things only came out at night and the sun was setting. But, Garrigan dreaded the darkness of the tunnel.

(100 words)



Written for the  Bikurgurl prompt at #100WW and also for providing the photo. For rules please refer here

Twittering Tales -First cut #twittering-tales


He awoke, staring at strangers in hospital scrubs.  “Where am I?” He groggily asked. “Just routine surgery, Mr. Shaw”. WHAT?  He had just been visiting a sick friend. Shaw cried out ” I’M NOT A PATIENT!” A surgeon whispered back, “That’s OK, I’m not really a Doctor”. Shaw blacked out, screaming.

(298 characters)


Written for this week’s Twittering Tales prompt from Kat Myrman. Photo credit: sasint at pixabay.com.


Friday Fictioneers ~ Terminal #FridayFictioneers


“I’m going to kill someone in this terminal” Aaron jumped up, hearing this. He looked around at the hundreds of people scurrying by in the airport. There was no one directly near him, just empty chairs where he was just sitting. “Who said that to him?” He thought, standing there with his heart still racing. He sat back down and continued to wait for his flight.
“You heard correctly. I will murder someone in here tonight. You won’t know who and you’ll never know me. Have a safe flight”
Aaron stood up frantically terrified that these thoughts were going to become reality.

(100 words)


Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo credit goes to Rochelle.

Visiting Dad ~#Father’s Day #themagicshop


Emily was leaving the cemetery when she spotted the man sitting alone on the bench. Today was Father’s day and perhaps he was here “visiting family”, Emily thought. She liked getting to know new people and perhaps even bringing them some comfort. On previous occasions, she would go up to total strangers and simply ask “How are you?” whenever she felt someone needed a friend. There was this undeniable charm in her personality, along with a pleasant voice, that often made people open up to her.

“Hello, mind if I sit here?”  Emily asked as she approached the man on the bench. His eyes were moist with tears,  his face looked tired.

“No, not at all. Lively company in this place is always welcomed.” He said with a forced grin that actually brightened up his face a bit. Emily gave a warm, genuine smile in return.  This was another one of her welcoming traits.

She sat down next to him.  They stared in silence out over the rows of tombstones, which never look frightening in a day’s early morning hours.

“Are you here for your Dad?”  Emily asked precariously,  knowing that sometimes this question can feel awkward.

The man turned slightly to Emily, both of them alone among the dead.  No other people were present. There wasn’t even a bird chirping, just quiet solace.

“I am,  lost him about four years ago.  I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing that man.  The way he was -when he was healthy.   He had this laugh, sounded like a damn mule. But,  I sure do miss it everyday.  The way he used to be”.

Emily slightly nodded, as if she knew the man’s father herself.

“I know, its hard.  You want to embrace them again, to hear them just one more time. This day must be tough for you every year, having to come visit him”.

She put her hand on his back to give a slight pat and rub. The gentle touch of a new companion who understands.

“It is.” He whispered. “But, I’m not here to visit him.  He’s here to visit me”

Emily lowered her arm away, confused. She suddenly felt slightly chilled by nerves.

The man’s eyes were dry now as he stared right at her.

“It’s what he wants, every year.  I know he’s not the same man, the cancer took that away!  But..he still wants to see me.”

Emily suddenly had this uncontrollable urge to leave. She now felt uncomfortable sitting here alone with this man, which is not an easy thing to do considering her knack for connecting with people.  Her mood lightened up when she saw another person approaching them through the headstones.  Any other mourner in the area would be reassuring to her right now.

Emily’s gift in helping people was truly something she took pleasure in. She always spoke with an upbeat tone in discussing any subject matter. But, she was now speechless by what shambled closer towards them.

“Oh good, he’s here.  At least, I’m not alone this year”.  The man on the bench said, happily as he stood up.

Emily stood there, unable to move as she continued to watch this person walk towards them.  It’s eyes were dark hollowed out openings, causing him to bump into some headstones. A piece of exposed jaw fell off,  hitting the ground.  Still, the voice from its mouth made a familiar sound.  It laughed, just like a mule.

It was then that Emily changed the calming tone of her voice to a high shrill of pure terror.


Happy Father’s Day, dear readers!



Friday Fictioneers ~ Time to spoon



“TWEEEEEEEEET’  the teapot whistled signaling it was done. This meant that the spoon was ready too. It took ten minutes for the stove to heat but, Allison felt it was longer. Doug began to move, perfect timing. She wanted him awake for this.
“What the?” Doug said as he awoke. He was tied down to a chair. Allison grabbed the spoon. The same one that Doug beat her with numerous times for years. It’s handle now so hot, Allison still felt warmth through her oven mitt. This time, she welcomed the spoon as she walked towards Doug’s unsuspecting bare back.

(100 words)


Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo credit: Valarie J. Barrett.

#100WW -Bus ride ~ #100ww,#bus,#Bikurgurl


The pride of the BlueJay bus lines during the seventies, Bus 471 successfully did numerous trips between Boston and New York for a decade. On April 3rd 1974, driver Gus Kramer started such a commute with a load of thirty passengers.
It was raining hard but, Gus wasn’t intimidated. However, Bus 471 never arrived that day at its destination. Police located it parked in the grass, completely empty of people. Luggage and personal belongings were onboard, but nothing else. Forty years later, it sits there as a shrine to Gus and all his passengers who still have not been found.

(100 words)


Written for this week’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt from Bikurgurl.

Celluloid ~Twittering Tales #138~ #Twittering


He discarded the last piece of latex skin into the garbage and the monsters disappeared again. This one was burned alive by kids, a nasty death. It was always sad discarding his “babies”.  But, he also knows that they’ll live forever having been caught on dark celluloid to fulfill one’s nightmares.

(291 characters)


Written for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales #138.


Tale Weaver – Decaffeinated


Risen from tombs where they wanted to stay

The instinct of hunger leading their way

Shambling slow at the pace of a snail

All are infected be them male or female

Their questioning groans beyond understanding

Looking for something to just have them keep standing

The ones who once loved them now seek places to hide

Until the needs of these things will soon hopefully be satisfied

There’s an answer to stopping these ill creatures by ending their pain

Its not what you think and angrily bashing in their brains

Why do such violence when they’re not walking zombies in undead misery?

They are everyday people who simply need brewed their first cup of morning coffee


Written for this week’s Tale Weaver prompt from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie


Twitter Tales – Silence of space


He had never heard quiet like this before. Millions of miles above the noise of humanity, there was this all encompassing silence. Besides his link with the ship, it was absolute peace as he floated out in the stars. Then, Astronaut Lee Pelps heard something climbing up his leg inside his spacesuit.

(300 characters)


Written for this week’s Twittering Tales prompt from Kat Myrman. Photo credit: WikiImages at Pixabay.com.