5 Lines challenge ~ Burn again


Engage your passion which has stopped

Reignite your voice with a prompt

Procrastination has you locked

Burn down to ashes this writer’s block

Make your words aflame once more


Thanks to Patricia’s Place and her In Other Words challenge 

Dynamics of destined duos~#AprilWriting


It was first considered odd to mix jelly with peanut butter

Now, no one can mention one without saying the other

Abbot was once a stranger to a man named Costello

Then their names became one in recalling these two funny fellows

Cowboys and Indians are often portrayed having an ongoing feud

Yet, The Lone Ranger and Tonto proved to be the closest of dudes

Can one sing some songs without including both verses?

Try crooning “friendship” that way in making it sound worse

There once was a time when these pairs were single to me and you

Today we can’t imagine splitting up the dynamics of these destined duos


Written for the April Writing Prompt – Dynamics of destined duos – day 29/30

April Writing Prompts

Weekend Writing Prompt #103 -Vulnerable Beauty


She cries again
Her vow broken
Eternal scars
Disconnect to accelerate
Then, true bliss accepted her vulnerable beauty
Love’s tears returned

(21 words)


Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt from Sammi Cox at Sammiscribbles: Vulnerable in exactly 21 words.


Written Tears ~ #Love #Poetry



Sometimes pain on her page

Jilted wants, ignited rage

She posts of hearts often shattered

Spoken vows that no longer matter

I cry upon reading her words

Never verbal but still get heard

Perhaps her past bled this ink

Or current lies that’s made her think

This poet knows love in all of its infinite roles

Connecting with us from the depths of her writer’s soul


With fond dedication to the talent over at A Writer’s Soul blog.


She Dreams~#poetry #themagicshop


Lives awakened in deepest sleep

Her stories take ongoing forms

Scenes in slumber

The creating dreams play once again

A lifetime in seconds

Is it her past repeated?

Present moments perhaps mirrored

Or a world visible to her mind alone

Stories with no ends

An ongoing flow of questions

A process of breathing

The passion of her writing never rests


This was written in response to The Hunted Wordsmith’s prompt

Kingdom~#FOWC #WOTD #poetry #themagicshop


The villagers cheered as he rode in on his horse

King Philip had come home from the Nordic wars

Trumpets blared out, flowers were thrown

They did love this man who sat on their throne

Men were in awe of his strength through ascension

Women would fight for any of his attention

He ruled over these people with the noblest heart

Protecting them from evil before it would start

This land was quite prosperous under his rule

Unfortunately, none of this was actually true

King Philip was really just Phil in a hospital bed

Under observation for all the fantasies in his head

There was no happy kingdom free of all sadness

It was all just a figment of Phil’s delusional madness

Christmas Finale~#Christmas #poetry #themagicshop


Christmas arrived as a far different reality

Nothing at all from foretold yule fantasies

There was no pristine white snow that fell from the clouds

No twinkling icicles dripping down towards the ground

There were indeed promised presents delivered by dawn

But, not by a character who had been fake all along

It was people who bought all the stuff to be given out

No elves in a workshop or flying reindeers in clouds

Children were lit up with smiles from ear and ear

Oblivious to the debt that their parent’s will be in for years

In a matter of hours the yuletide dream would slowly fade

The aftermath of it’s excess now all had to be thrown away

A mirror image of who he once was~#Decemberwriting #poetry #themagicshop


He stops by that place again

The pretending past

Smiles during misery

His reality skewed to her liking

Slob unfit for supper

Failure as father

A giant of a man reduced to crumbs

Just how she wanted him

Those days, her thoughts

He believed it daily

Questioning nothing vomited on him

Accepting this as the suburban normal

The mirrors reminded him

A definition of failure echoed back

Pathetic perceptions that exist no more

His path today reflects merely the scars of a survivor

An image of worth that he now creates to replace who he once was




December Writing Prompt- A mirror image of who he once was -Day 2/31

Voided Victories~#Novemberwriting #poetry


A fight for an octagon ends

Tatterd backpacks

Shattered windshield

The blood will now speak on their behalf

Voices of voters had been cried out weekly

The Council of suits feigned concern

Hidden lies to appease were spewed

Promise of action, peace for parents

Bureaucrats sloth gum up the works

Double-time pay eliminates mortality

The corner awaited its destiny

A town meets for different reasons today

Eulogies of venom

Voided victories are what residents were fed

Caskets of callousness is all that they have left

November Writing Prompt- Voided Victories – Day 29/30

Canned~#Anger #poetry #themagicshop


The seed was planted within you

Buried deep in your soul

Nurtured by fertilizer

A fruit that will grow strong throughout your garden

When its time, you’ll rip it out

Stare at what its become

Season the taste of it’s core

Acknowledge its potency

Then contain this growth in your chosen vessel

You can take from it whenever you want

A sprout that empowers your being

It’s final flavor is only yours to prepare

Nourish your rage

Viewpoint~#poetry #love #themagicshop


No matter how his world was, the man just couldn’t be happy

Always looking at life and thinking it was crappy

He complained about stuff in so many ways

Seeing gray skies on the bluest of days

Always forcing a smile when he wanted to cry

Telling everyone that “life was good” which he really felt was a lie

The funny thing here was that this was all a deception

For everything he saw was his own warped perception

His actual life was not bad upon second glances

It was his negative opinions that made bad circumstances

Along came a lady with an opposite outlook

Her viewpoints on things were from a more positive book

These two different people begin dating which friends considered quite strange

Then again they weren’t aware of the man’s sudden new attitude change

Being in love made him realize that his demeaner had to go

He started dealing with things in a more postive flow

This event that’s his life is one in which he now frequently applauds

Instead of him thinking “life sucks” which was actually quite fraud