FOWC with Fandango/ August writing prompts ~ The new scene


Today’s dating scene has changed from what it once was

Such different ways to find friends and perhaps even love

It’s a much simpler quest with everyone online

Gone are the days of set-ups and pickup lines

Still, quite a task trying to advertise yourself

Selling your traits alongside others on that singles-only shelf

Having to list all your likes and any pet-peeves

As if you were getting picked to play on a winning team

Then there’s your pic which you feel just never looks right

Finding face abnormalities that only you see with your sight

You finally upload your profile into this club of lonely hearts fun

And wait for responses from hopefully the eventual, right one

Connecting this way sometimes seems like an impossibility

Just trying to find someone to meet – the magnificent me



Written for Fandango’s FOWC prompt –


Halloween Romance~#Halloween #love #themagicshop


Count Dracula smiled at the zombie cheerleader

She feels herself warmly revived

Names revealed over punch

A close dance among skeletons begins

She had chosen the appropriate makeup tonight

Her heart was dead from previous men

A lifeless husk defines her now

He wanted to be impervious in a cape

A recent stake killed his passion

This vampire’s form was his escape

Two characters lost during the day

An October hall connects them

Love is unmasked between two strangers this evening

Tomorrow the façade ends, those costumes no longer needed in each other’s arms