Fifty Shades of Embarrassment – #MayWriting #poetry

Frank needed sex each and every night

His libidio was vast with no end in sight

From bondage to role-play with various women

Nothing taboo in his promiscuous living

He knew how to get booty with his charming, smooth lies

Then the bombshell of all gals walked into his life

A lady so hot that no man could resist

But, it was Frank who she wanted in erotic bliss

Throughout their date she lustfully alluded about the end of their night

Frank rushed through their dinner to expect such a potential delight

Once back at her place she coaxed him to strip down

Then flirted with him to slip into a formal evening gown

Granted this was a bit above Frank’s kinkier stuff

Still, this babe was his grail as she clamped on him handcuffs

Now, the rest of the night didn’t go as what you would surmise

Instead this seductress was secretly planning a vengeful surprise

For you see, she already knew stories of this creep’s sexual gains

And she set out for payback for soiling previous women’s good names

Humiliating pics taken of Frank would prove to be fitting punishment

Especially after being published in the book ,“Fifty Shades of Embarrassment”


May Writing Prompts – Fifty Shades of Embarrassment – Day 3/31

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