Dynamics of destined duos~#AprilWriting


It was first considered odd to mix jelly with peanut butter

Now, no one can mention one without saying the other

Abbot was once a stranger to a man named Costello

Then their names became one in recalling these two funny fellows

Cowboys and Indians are often portrayed having an ongoing feud

Yet, The Lone Ranger and Tonto proved to be the closest of dudes

Can one sing some songs without including both verses?

Try crooning “friendship” that way in making it sound worse

There once was a time when these pairs were single to me and you

Today we can’t imagine splitting up the dynamics of these destined duos


Written for the April Writing Prompt – Dynamics of destined duos – day 29/30

April Writing Prompts

Weekend Writing Prompt #103 -Vulnerable Beauty


She cries again
Her vow broken
Eternal scars
Disconnect to accelerate
Then, true bliss accepted her vulnerable beauty
Love’s tears returned

(21 words)


Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt from Sammi Cox at Sammiscribbles: Vulnerable in exactly 21 words.


Possibilities – #AprilWriting – #poetry


Dispell a belief

Turnover that leaf

Bury the old

Rekindle your soul

Attempt that leap

Be ready to weep

Stagnation confines

Perspective defines

Are you up to the call to always make changes

Or calm with your role in these current arrangements?

Choices or chances

Depends on your stances

No opnion decided is right or wrong

Your life fufills choices in making you strong


April Writing Prompts – Choices or Chances – Day 26/30

Tale Weaver – Decaffeinated


Risen from tombs where they wanted to stay

The instinct of hunger leading their way

Shambling slow at the pace of a snail

All are infected be them male or female

Their questioning groans beyond understanding

Looking for something to just have them keep standing

The ones who once loved them now seek places to hide

Until the needs of these things will soon hopefully be satisfied

There’s an answer to stopping these ill creatures by ending their pain

Its not what you think and angrily bashing in their brains

Why do such violence when they’re not walking zombies in undead misery?

They are everyday people who simply need brewed their first cup of morning coffee


Written for this week’s Tale Weaver prompt from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie


Written Tears ~ #Love #Poetry



Sometimes pain on her page

Jilted wants, ignited rage

She posts of hearts often shattered

Spoken vows that no longer matter

I cry upon reading her words

Never verbal but still get heard

Perhaps her past bled this ink

Or current lies that’s made her think

This poet knows love in all of its infinite roles

Connecting with us from the depths of her writer’s soul


With fond dedication to the talent over at A Writer’s Soul blog.


Twitter Tales – Silence of space


He had never heard quiet like this before. Millions of miles above the noise of humanity, there was this all encompassing silence. Besides his link with the ship, it was absolute peace as he floated out in the stars. Then, Astronaut Lee Pelps heard something climbing up his leg inside his spacesuit.

(300 characters)


Written for this week’s Twittering Tales prompt from Kat Myrman. Photo credit: WikiImages at Pixabay.com.


FOWC with Fandago ~ Castaway


Our children pawns in your sick game

Your goal unfocused by their imbedded pain

Feed them lies,  change their views

You believe protection in your abuse

Manipulate memories, distort their joy

The smiles of youth forever destroyed

Act the part, fake a heart

Oscar-worthy in your sick art

Tears of a Croc. flow in your pleas

Sympathy stolen from all who believe

These ways of yours are prone to last

Neglecting the damage after your time has passed

I stand alone in knowing your ways

Yearning for closure to these darkest of days


Written for Fandago’s FOWC Challenge prompt ~ “Prone”

#100WW – Paris tears


A silent flame quiets the world

This city of lights now darkened in fresh ash

Tales colored in glass melt to their conclusion

History ends by an unholy spark

Parisians mourn the tumbling of constructed beauty

This day, that makes even the gargoyles weep from hardened eyes

(45 words)


Written for this week’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt from Bikurgurl. Photo credit: Pedro Lastra.

Genre Writing Challenge~ Download


A notebook and a pen never looked so good to Amanda Wells right now. She hated them both in high school, reminders of long days filled with constant note-taking and late nights loaded with excessive homework. But, now they were like a pirate’s treasure just dug up on a dessert island. It was important for her to get the story down by hand, that is if anyone normal was even left to read it. She checked out the area, ran over and picked up both items quickly.  She then headed for the nearest hidden place to start writing.

“My name is Amanda Wells. I’m seventeen and probably the last one left alive in my town to write about this.  I can’t say much right now. This is a warning. Whatever you do, DON’T DOWNLOAD THE APP, “FRIENDME2″. Your phone takes over your brain. You become something… weird. I can’t explain now, JUST DON’T DOWNLOAD IT”.

She looked over her shoulder, out from behind the ‘ALL DA TIME” convenience store. It was nighttime and no one was around. Still, Amanda felt uneasy about these  particular surroundings. She closed the notebook and started to run out into the darkness, hoping she wouldn’t be seen by her closest friends. The ones that she had known since the first grade but, were now completely devoid of any humanity and controlled by something sinister.


Written for The Haunted Wordsmith’s Genre Writing Challenge 16 prompt

Twittering Tales – Last Call


It was winter again and he was freezing. But, he had a job to do and that’s all that mattered. He couldn’t let anyone answer the phone. It had been ringing continuously for so long now, that he lost track of time. He just knew that if that call was ever picked-up, it would mean the end of the world.

(300 characters)

Written for this week’s Twittering Talesprompt from Kat Myrman. Photo credit: Luis Quintero on Unsplash.com.


Let It Bleed~FOWC – Pause Yourself


This is not a critique, merely stating a fact

Times were much simpler and more relaxed

The days I recall were easy and carefree

Not scheduled throughout with responsibility

Dreams were kept hidden for only you to explore

Not to post to the world for some online lore

We feel we’ve gotten closer with our advanced new roles

But, the allure of technology has replaced our souls

Force yourself time to reflect and power down

And pause to revisit those free days that are no longer around


Written for the Let It Bleed Weekly Prompt Challenge from Saumya Agrawal’s Randomness Inked blog. The prompt was the word “pause” Also, for Fandago’s FOWC prompt -“Recall”.

Genre Writing Challenge 13~ Dead Vader


Billy Holmes had just finished dressing up the deceased body of Todd Sanderson in a full Darth Vader costume. He had snuck into Todd’s hotel room earlier and waited in the closet. When Todd showed up and entered his room, Billy crepted up from behind and strangled him with a belt. Billy then put his belt back on around his waist and started to dress Todd in the costume. The tenth annual “Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy” con was currently going on at the Wilshire hotel, where Billy worked. His plan was simple. He would kill Todd, dress him up as Vader and then set up the body sitting somewhere among the hundreds of fans watching new footage of an upcoming “Star Wars’ project being shown in the grand ballroom. If everything went smoothly, no one would uncover an emotionless, still body for hours until after the event was over. By that time, hundreds of potential suspects would have entered and exited the hotel. It was now early morning and Billy had to move quickly to get the body down to the ballroom before the hallways filled up with guests and hotel staff. He finished putting the helmet on Todd’s head and then went outside of the room into the hallway. He wheeled in a large canvas laundry cart large filled with hotel linens. Having been employed at the hotel for three months now, gave Billy free access to move about the employees’ areas with no questions asked. He dumped the newly garbed Todd into the cart, threw in his ‘light saber’ and covered the body up with sheets. He then pushed the cart out of the room, down the hall and into the service elevator.

Once Billy had left Todd sitting up in a row of chairs that had been set-up just for the show, he left the ballroom to go start his shift at work as one of the hotel’s maintenance people. He knew he would have to work his full shift today, before leaving town tonight-if he ran into any trouble. For now, everything was going according to his plan. As far as anyone could tell, a Star Wars fan wanted to be the first to see the film, they got up early and snuck into the ballroom for a good seat. Billy felt confident that this would all work out and went about to start his day as the hotel begin filling up with hundreds of fans dressed in costumes.

Two hours after Todd’s body was set up, a very elaborate, rather large cos-play of ‘Jabba-the-Hutt entered the ballroom. The two fans who were working the long, rubber tail of the costume had misjudged it’s movement and smashed the tail into one of the rows of loose chairs. Todd’s body fell down unto the floor and landed on its side.

The police were called in immediately once it had been determined that the deceased had indeed been the victim of foul play. The Ballroom was sealed off and no one was to allowed to leave the hotel until a full investigation had been conducted. Lt. Daniel Kelso from homicide was called in to lead the hunt for the killer. He began questioning some of the early morning staff of the hotel if they had witnessed the deceased (A Mr. Todd Sanderson according to his driver’s license found in his wallet, along with a lifetime membership card to the “Friends of the force” Star Wars fan club) anywhere near the area.

When it came time for Billy’s questioning, he stuck with one of his rehearsed answers to respond with, if he was to be questioned by anyone. He told Lt. Kelso, “That he did see a man dressed as Darth Vader walking around early in the morning but, that’s all he saw”

Lt. Kelso felt uncomfortable in ruling out Billy as a possible suspect. He had a hunch in his gut about Billy but, really had no concrete reason to hold him there as a suspect. Then, a hotel maid had found something and alerted the police. In Billy’s attempt to rush getting Todd’s body set-up, he had forgotten to take the light saber in the laundry cart. According to Billy’s description, the ‘Darth Vader’ that he saw that was walking around this morning was holding a blue-bladed light saber. Possibly, the same light saber that had been discovered by the maid.

Kelso knew that finding the light saber was merely circumstantial evidence and not enough to incriminate Billy in Todd’s Murder. Any passerby could have left the saber in the laundry bin and it didn’t mean that it belonged to Todd himself. Still, Kelso was positive that Billy was the killer and after a more intensified line of questioning, he finally got billy to breakdown and confess.

As Billy Holmes was handcuffed and led away by police, Patrolman Ed Martino who was friends with Kelso approached with a curious look on his face.

“Lieutenant, How did you know it was him, that he was the killer?”

Kelso looked at him with that mischievous grin of his, like the cat that just swallowed the canary.

“I guess you would have to be a fan of the films, Martino. I happen to be one and Mr. Holmes is not. He admitted to me that he hadn’t seen any of the films”

Martino looked at Kelso, perplexed.

“Huh? I don’t get it. How would being a fan have anything to do with this?”

Kelso stood there for a second, then walked over to the light saber, which was being processed for fingerprints.

“Well, according to the suspect, he saw Darth Vader walking around this morning holding his blue-bladed light saber. This same one that was found in the laundry wagon”.

Kelso nodded down in the direction of the light saber.

“See, Darth Vader’s light saber beam is red. Luke Skywalker’s is blue. There is no way that any die-hard Star Wars fan would dress up as Vader holding Skywalker’s saber. Clearly, someone one dressed the victim up themselves and then moved their body. I suspect by use of the laundry cart”

Martino just stood there in disbelief. He had seen Kelso solve murders before, but not this quickly.

“Come on now…couldn’t the victim just picked up the wrong color light saber?”

Kelso quickly turned to Martino with his eyes widened.

“NEVER! These fans are obsessed with details. Something like that, they would never get wrong. Besides, once Mr. Holmes knew that we found his fingerprints on the saber’s handle, he confessed to everything”

Martino looked down at the crime scene technician who was still dusting for prints.

“But, how did you know his prints would be on the handle?”

Kelso leaned in and whispered.

“Oh, I didn’t. Then again, neither did Mr. Holmes.”

Martino smiled and shook his head.

“You always amaze me, Kelso”.

Kelso waited a second, planning his answer.

“It was nothing. I merely used the force”

Kelso chuckled at his own bad joke, knowing that a non-fan would never understand it. Nor would a non-fan ever get away with murdering Darth Vader either.

Written for the Haunted Wordsmith’s Genre Writing Challenge 13