3 – 2 – 1 Quite Me! – Look Inward


I have been tagged by Fandago to participate in Rory’s prompt in talking about Inner Beauty. When I think of inner beauty, two images and quotes come into my mind.

The first being a now classic episode of “The Twilight zone” entitled “Eye of the beholder” with some of Rod Serling’s closing narration. The episode demonstrates that not all beauty is on the surface. The quote being the last line.

The second image is of a minature paper model of St. Philip’s church located in London. It is a beautiful, detailed reconstruction of the elaborate cathedral. What makes this even more uniquely special, is that it was constructed by a Mr. Joseph Merrick. You may know him better as “The Elephant Man”. He created this entire church with just the use of his left hand, the only part of his body that was not horribly deformed. The model is a true symbol of “Inner Beauty”. The quote is Mr. Merrick’s famous plea stating- “I am not an animal, I am… a human being!”

Thanks Fandago for the invite!

3-2-1 Quite Me! — Look Inward