Genre writing challenge/ May Writing ~A New Hero #MayWriting #THWS


A new lawlessness had arrived in Metro-park city
The police now outmatched by foes with inhuman abilities

Villains called Lady Von Psycho and Mister Darkmind
Used their evil ways to pull off multiple, heinous crimes

Professor Schmidt discovered a way to stop these invincible cowards
He invented a thing to give himself even mightier super-powers

With superhuman new skills Schmidt extracted all villainy 
Going forth as protector for all the citizen’s restored harmony¬†

However, Schmidt had no name for his secret alternate skin
A hero’s moniker should reference his life-changing origin

Not bitten by a glowing spider or transformed by a wizard named Shazam
He simply ate radiated food and became the all-powerful ‘ GREEN-EGGS AND SPAM MAN!’


Written for the May Writing Prompt – Green Eggs and Spam – Day 13/31 and The Haunted Wordsmith’s daily prompt (Genre challenge) – Superhero