SoCS / Fandago with FOWC ~ Kitty rock #SoCS #FOWC


FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK….” came blaring out again from the apartment next door. Ted jumped from his recliner, just as he was about to relax for a quiet evening at home. He had been living in this apartment complex for close to four years now and never had any issues with any of the neighbors. Then, someone moved in next door about two weeks ago. Ted never met them, but he sure was aware of their presence. This was the second night in a row that the sounds of loud heavy metal music was played for Ted to hear. The music disrupted his temporary tranquility at home, away from his busy life. Plus, the volume just annoyed the Hell out of him. Tonight, it was even louder yesterday and Ted decided to end this once and for all. To him, it was a foregone conclusion that it was probably some twenty-something dude with a taste for “sex, drugs and Rock and roll”. The band ‘AC/DC’ continued to seep through the door as Ted aggressively marched next door to his neighbor’s apartment. He rang the doorbell multiple times before it finally opened. Ted was all set to give this ‘rocker’ a good verbal thrashing. Instead, who answered the door was an attractive woman with an glowing smile. Before Ted could say anything, (Not that he would now, being suddenly enamored) she handed him a small business card.

Hello! I am a deaf individual. Please be patient when communicating with me. Thank you.

Ted smiled as he read the card. ‘AC/DC’ began a new song surprisingly much lower this time, almost like someone rapidly turned the volume down for a moment. He looked up at the woman and spotted something moving past her, within the apartment. On an entertainment stand, was a stereo. Sitting in front of it was a grey kitten, playing with some of the protruding knobs. It was turning them for amusement as some delightful new ‘cat-toy’. Ted looked at the woman, smiled and began hand signing to her. This was a mandatory skill for his occupation in teaching to the deaf. The two of them started laughing, as they both turned to watch the kitten crank up ‘Back in Black’ , its tail waving in the air in oblivious amusement.


Written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday and Fandago’s FOWC prompt- “Temporary”

That Time of the Week~#parenting #songparody #themagicshop


I was a stay-at-home Dad raising my three sons for many years. This is dedicated to those times, which I ironically miss now.

(Sung to the tune of “Its the most wonderful time of the year”.)

Its the most wonderful time of the week

When there’s nobody here and I sing loud and clear

And I dance around just like a geek

Its the most wonderful time of the week


I can belch out loud

Stand naked and be proud

And watch what I want on TV

Eat cold pizza at dawn

Ignore cutting the lawn

Who cares, its only just me


Its the most wonderful time of the week

When there’s nobody home and I’m totally alone

A heaven for parents to seek

Its the most wonderful time of the week


Now, don’t get me wrong I love when they’re home

So, please don’t think I’m a creep

Just spend a day in my shoes

Make sure you bring booze

You’ll need it for the insanity


It’s the most wonderful time of week!


100 Word Wednesday ~Harry the Hat #100ww


“Look baby, just introduce me” snapped gangster Harry “the hat” Silvanto as he stripped off his clothes revealing empty air underneath. “I feel stupid” Ginger cried back. But, Harry knew better. Once he saw Prof. Stein’s invisibility formula work, Harry knew he could take over the cartel. He killed the professor and drank his concoction. At today’s underworld meeting, Ginger would soon introduce a super-powered ‘GHOST HARRY’ as their new boss, in one of his many signature hats. It was similar to another hat he owned, one that was inadvertently left behind at the professor’s lab, complete with Harry’s fingerprints.

(100 words)


Written for Bikurgirl’s 100 Word Wednesday: Week 126 prompt


Twittering Tales -First cut #twittering-tales


He awoke, staring at strangers in hospital scrubs.  “Where am I?” He groggily asked. “Just routine surgery, Mr. Shaw”. WHAT?  He had just been visiting a sick friend. Shaw cried out ” I’M NOT A PATIENT!” A surgeon whispered back, “That’s OK, I’m not really a Doctor”. Shaw blacked out, screaming.

(298 characters)


Written for this week’s Twittering Tales prompt from Kat Myrman. Photo credit: sasint at


Friday Fictioneers ~ Terminal #FridayFictioneers


“I’m going to kill someone in this terminal” Aaron jumped up, hearing this. He looked around at the hundreds of people scurrying by in the airport. There was no one directly near him, just empty chairs where he was just sitting. “Who said that to him?” He thought, standing there with his heart still racing. He sat back down and continued to wait for his flight.
“You heard correctly. I will murder someone in here tonight. You won’t know who and you’ll never know me. Have a safe flight”
Aaron stood up frantically terrified that these thoughts were going to become reality.

(100 words)


Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo credit goes to Rochelle.

FOWC ~ Label me gone #FOWC


You’ve lost me forever with your false given love

Fake flavored words are no longer enough

You labeled me yours for all who listened

Yet, my voice was ignored in this selfish decision

Things that you did always cheapened my value

Acts for the norm in someone so shallow

Purchased stained cards at a dollar store

Flowers ripped out from a yard next door

Through all of this you bought the world for another

Decorating her life as if there was no other

You cry for my touch at my departing pace

Go hunt for some new victim to settle for second place


Written for Fandago’s FOWC challenge – Label

Twittering Tales #141 ~ Sal’s head #twitteringtales


Liz thought she would give Sal another ten minutes. He had already been gone for an hour. She knew he was cheating. What better trap than letting him overhear her talk of women tanning nude under the marble bridge. Liz knew he would get his fat head stuck between the stone glancing a peek.

(299 characters)


This 299-character short was written for Twittering Tales #141

Visiting Dad ~#Father’s Day #themagicshop


Emily was leaving the cemetery when she spotted the man sitting alone on the bench. Today was Father’s day and perhaps he was here “visiting family”, Emily thought. She liked getting to know new people and perhaps even bringing them some comfort. On previous occasions, she would go up to total strangers and simply ask “How are you?” whenever she felt someone needed a friend. There was this undeniable charm in her personality, along with a pleasant voice, that often made people open up to her.

“Hello, mind if I sit here?”  Emily asked as she approached the man on the bench. His eyes were moist with tears,  his face looked tired.

“No, not at all. Lively company in this place is always welcomed.” He said with a forced grin that actually brightened up his face a bit. Emily gave a warm, genuine smile in return.  This was another one of her welcoming traits.

She sat down next to him.  They stared in silence out over the rows of tombstones, which never look frightening in a day’s early morning hours.

“Are you here for your Dad?”  Emily asked precariously,  knowing that sometimes this question can feel awkward.

The man turned slightly to Emily, both of them alone among the dead.  No other people were present. There wasn’t even a bird chirping, just quiet solace.

“I am,  lost him about four years ago.  I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing that man.  The way he was -when he was healthy.   He had this laugh, sounded like a damn mule. But,  I sure do miss it everyday.  The way he used to be”.

Emily slightly nodded, as if she knew the man’s father herself.

“I know, its hard.  You want to embrace them again, to hear them just one more time. This day must be tough for you every year, having to come visit him”.

She put her hand on his back to give a slight pat and rub. The gentle touch of a new companion who understands.

“It is.” He whispered. “But, I’m not here to visit him.  He’s here to visit me”

Emily lowered her arm away, confused. She suddenly felt slightly chilled by nerves.

The man’s eyes were dry now as he stared right at her.

“It’s what he wants, every year.  I know he’s not the same man, the cancer took that away!  But..he still wants to see me.”

Emily suddenly had this uncontrollable urge to leave. She now felt uncomfortable sitting here alone with this man, which is not an easy thing to do considering her knack for connecting with people.  Her mood lightened up when she saw another person approaching them through the headstones.  Any other mourner in the area would be reassuring to her right now.

Emily’s gift in helping people was truly something she took pleasure in. She always spoke with an upbeat tone in discussing any subject matter. But, she was now speechless by what shambled closer towards them.

“Oh good, he’s here.  At least, I’m not alone this year”.  The man on the bench said, happily as he stood up.

Emily stood there, unable to move as she continued to watch this person walk towards them.  It’s eyes were dark hollowed out openings, causing him to bump into some headstones. A piece of exposed jaw fell off,  hitting the ground.  Still, the voice from its mouth made a familiar sound.  It laughed, just like a mule.

It was then that Emily changed the calming tone of her voice to a high shrill of pure terror.


Happy Father’s Day, dear readers!



SoCS / FOWC ~ Pet names #SoCS #FOWC


Being a marriage counselor, It’s interesting for me watching couples  interact with each other. They sometimes talk of inside-jokes and playful references from their relationship. Doreen and Carl had many of these in their marriage. She labeled his laziness in not filling up empty ice cube trays with water to freeze as “Glacial Amnesia”. Where as he called her way of bowling the “Dinosaur sashay”.

(66 words)


Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt- “Glacial” and Fandago’s FOWC prompt – “Sashay”


Friday Fictioneers ~ Time to spoon



“TWEEEEEEEEET’  the teapot whistled signaling it was done. This meant that the spoon was ready too. It took ten minutes for the stove to heat but, Allison felt it was longer. Doug began to move, perfect timing. She wanted him awake for this.
“What the?” Doug said as he awoke. He was tied down to a chair. Allison grabbed the spoon. The same one that Doug beat her with numerous times for years. It’s handle now so hot, Allison still felt warmth through her oven mitt. This time, she welcomed the spoon as she walked towards Doug’s unsuspecting bare back.

(100 words)


Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo credit: Valarie J. Barrett.

50 Word Thursday #24 ~ Amy’s swim #50WordThurs


“They’re beautiful” thought shy accountant Amy Fulton as the blue fish quickly swam in front of her. She had lived her life cautiously, never taking any new risks. Finally, Amy pushed herself into scuba diving. A dull life filing taxes suddenly was missed once she saw the approaching shark.

(50 words)

________________________________________________________________________________________        Written for 50WordThurs