Friday Fictioneers ~ Terminal #FridayFictioneers


“I’m going to kill someone in this terminal” Aaron jumped up, hearing this. He looked around at the hundreds of people scurrying by in the airport. There was no one directly near him, just empty chairs where he was just sitting. “Who said that to him?” He thought, standing there with his heart still racing. He sat back down and continued to wait for his flight.
“You heard correctly. I will murder someone in here tonight. You won’t know who and you’ll never know me. Have a safe flight”
Aaron stood up frantically terrified that these thoughts were going to become reality.

(100 words)


Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo credit goes to Rochelle.

Visiting Dad ~#Father’s Day #themagicshop


Emily was leaving the cemetery when she spotted the man sitting alone on the bench. Today was Father’s day and perhaps he was here “visiting family”, Emily thought. She liked getting to know new people and perhaps even bringing them some comfort. On previous occasions, she would go up to total strangers and simply ask “How are you?” whenever she felt someone needed a friend. There was this undeniable charm in her personality, along with a pleasant voice, that often made people open up to her.

“Hello, mind if I sit here?”  Emily asked as she approached the man on the bench. His eyes were moist with tears,  his face looked tired.

“No, not at all. Lively company in this place is always welcomed.” He said with a forced grin that actually brightened up his face a bit. Emily gave a warm, genuine smile in return.  This was another one of her welcoming traits.

She sat down next to him.  They stared in silence out over the rows of tombstones, which never look frightening in a day’s early morning hours.

“Are you here for your Dad?”  Emily asked precariously,  knowing that sometimes this question can feel awkward.

The man turned slightly to Emily, both of them alone among the dead.  No other people were present. There wasn’t even a bird chirping, just quiet solace.

“I am,  lost him about four years ago.  I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing that man.  The way he was -when he was healthy.   He had this laugh, sounded like a damn mule. But,  I sure do miss it everyday.  The way he used to be”.

Emily slightly nodded, as if she knew the man’s father herself.

“I know, its hard.  You want to embrace them again, to hear them just one more time. This day must be tough for you every year, having to come visit him”.

She put her hand on his back to give a slight pat and rub. The gentle touch of a new companion who understands.

“It is.” He whispered. “But, I’m not here to visit him.  He’s here to visit me”

Emily lowered her arm away, confused. She suddenly felt slightly chilled by nerves.

The man’s eyes were dry now as he stared right at her.

“It’s what he wants, every year.  I know he’s not the same man, the cancer took that away!  But..he still wants to see me.”

Emily suddenly had this uncontrollable urge to leave. She now felt uncomfortable sitting here alone with this man, which is not an easy thing to do considering her knack for connecting with people.  Her mood lightened up when she saw another person approaching them through the headstones.  Any other mourner in the area would be reassuring to her right now.

Emily’s gift in helping people was truly something she took pleasure in. She always spoke with an upbeat tone in discussing any subject matter. But, she was now speechless by what shambled closer towards them.

“Oh good, he’s here.  At least, I’m not alone this year”.  The man on the bench said, happily as he stood up.

Emily stood there, unable to move as she continued to watch this person walk towards them.  It’s eyes were dark hollowed out openings, causing him to bump into some headstones. A piece of exposed jaw fell off,  hitting the ground.  Still, the voice from its mouth made a familiar sound.  It laughed, just like a mule.

It was then that Emily changed the calming tone of her voice to a high shrill of pure terror.


Happy Father’s Day, dear readers!



Friday Fictioneers ~ Time to spoon



“TWEEEEEEEEET’  the teapot whistled signaling it was done. This meant that the spoon was ready too. It took ten minutes for the stove to heat but, Allison felt it was longer. Doug began to move, perfect timing. She wanted him awake for this.
“What the?” Doug said as he awoke. He was tied down to a chair. Allison grabbed the spoon. The same one that Doug beat her with numerous times for years. It’s handle now so hot, Allison still felt warmth through her oven mitt. This time, she welcomed the spoon as she walked towards Doug’s unsuspecting bare back.

(100 words)


Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo credit: Valarie J. Barrett.

Twittering Tales #140~ Look at Me #Twitteringtales



Photo by nahidhatamiz at

You may think you see me missing my head
Its actually still there despite your shocked dread
How would you know if I looked different than before?
You’ve ignored my presence as if an eyesore
Deal with this new guise as I chose to disappear
I’m done screaming for attention at your selfish, deaf ears

(298 characters)


Written in Response to Twittering Tales #140

SoCS ~Solo act #SoCS


Those demons of doubt once again rear their heads

Insecurity bubbles up to drown you in dread

Mirrors become horrid in your slanted glance

Neglecting your true self yet another chance

Positivity with peers is a daily charade

Thoughts gone awry are ones naturally made

You fight to be stable in this emotional war

The mere act of living is a weakening chore

Your only defense in surviving is preoccupation

Silencing the sadness with escaping provocation


Written for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt from Linda G. Hill. The charge is to use the words “silent/silence.” Use one or both in your post.

Presumed Guilty ~ #MayWriting #FFFC


Academic angel respected in a parent’s town

Enlightened youths in the classroom battleground

Years of recognition then soiled by one claim

A change of opnion brings unwanted fame

Familiar mentors now examine and spy

They now question this one’s once accepted life

Fluid rumors betray obstructing whats true

Presumed guilty by prejudice ignorantly brewed

Civility buried as violence is thrown

Like Salem justice where justice was not known

A now broken house is forced for sale

All because of a one student’s false, fabricated tale


Inspired by Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #14 and May Writing Prompts – Presumed Guilty – Day 20/31

SoCS ~ A Good Sign #weekend-writing-prompt #SoCS


Wonderfully, Peggy found her dream man
A restaurant chef simply named Stan
She was hesitant about this particular guy
He wasn’t her compatible Zodiac sign
But, Horoscopes are not always guaranteed
He was her perfect match who also made great Mac and Cheese

(43 words)


Written using the following prompts – Linda G. Hills SoCS for 5/18, Sammiscribles Weekend Writing prompt and The Haunted Wordsmith’s Daily Prompt “Mac and Cheese”.

May Writing Prompts ~Anne of Gruesome Gables #MayWriting


Come closer dear listener if you feel you are able, to at last hear the truth about Anne of gruesome gables

No, not that one story involving Polly-Ann and her sister Mable
That one is all false and often mislabeled

Its also not the tale which begat the film starring Clark Gable, Nor is it that farce about newlyweds Nick and Hazel

I’ve made us some tea it’s over here on the table
Now, sit down with me as I state all the facts of this often confused fable


May Writing Prompts – Anne of Gruesome Gables – Day 17/31


May Writing ~ A Long History of Nearly Nothing – #MayWriting


You rarely notice me being this inanimate thing

Yet, I’ve witnessed so much despite what you think

I was here when you only grunted among savage clans

Then watched you evolve into using tools with your hands

Your industrial age’s birth was incredible to behold

I silently observed as you built up this world that we know

My long history of nearly nothing may appear to be not exciting

But, from my endless perspective it was incredibly enlightening


Written for the May Writing Prompts – A Long History of Nearly Nothing – Day 15/31

Twittering Tales – Lo-cal Spirit #twitter-tales


Lou entered his kitchen planning to blow  his diet again with his routine nightly snack.  Vera and the kids were in bed.  The refrigerator slowly opened and a voice spoke.
“LOU, YOU’RE ON A DIET”. Lou rushed out not noticing the string tied to the refrigerator door or his daughter crouched in the dark.

(300 characters)



Written for this week’s Twittering Tales prompt from Kat Myrman. Photo credit: NRD at Unsplash.

Weekend Writing Prompt~ Never granted


His kindness defines an ongoing style as he secretly accepts his dreams in denial
The laughter that’s gained outweighs his own pain
Cheering all lives by advertising content lies
Simply accept his unfiltered choice in making you aware of forgotten joys
No pity wanted or a change of his view, what he wanted to be whole just isn’t true
Enjoy his company as he lives for your fun, Entertainment for all excluding just one

(74 words)


Fictional story written for the Weekend Writing Prompt from Sammiscribbles: denial in exactly 77 words.

Friday Fictioneers~ Boomhouse #fridayfictioneers #crime


Holister grinned when he finally spotted the house. Gerrin knew of this place and felt it was perfect for their rendezvous point. The heist had gone off flawlessly yesterday in them stealing the diamonds. They had planned to meet up today. Gerrin knew a place so remote that no one could find them. Holister would provide passports as Gerrin held the diamonds. The drive took hours and Holister was starting to doubt the shack’s existence. He was relieved to see it, not knowing that Gerrin had earlier rigged the empty place to explode once the front door was opened.

(100 words)


Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo credit: Jean L. Hays.