Not Enough~#poetry #September11 #themagicshop


Enough already

Why write about it?

Too many poems, too many stories

Words can’t resurrect


Cancel the memorial

It happened, we all know that

Standing tall for us to feel low

Cement doesn’t revive


Live coverage of a dead past

All the channels, every stream

Pressing a button won’t stop the names

The show brings us nothing


Wastes of time, move on

Breathing is for the living

Reminders are hurtful

Exit this darkness already


Why is this necessary?

Millions of prayers

Endless tears

Because…. it’s not enough today


They must never stop

Write your pain

Construct the memory

Repeat the footage


They didn’t have sufficient warning

No time to prepare

Minimal goodbyes

There wasn’t enough life for them

There must never be enough of us remembering this about them all