A Pie that was Tried~#3tc #rhyme #themagicshop


The yearly event that brought fun everywhere

It was time once again for the State county fair

There are musical acts and food stands galore

Games to win prizes and a funhouse to explore

Exciting thrill rides with names like Cobra and Wipe-out

That spin from great heights and make youngsters give a shout

But to some it means more than just good country fun

Some people enter contests with a goal to be won

Like Mrs.Pearl Johnson who mastered the art of pie making

Every year a blue ribbon was always hers for the taking

Tom Cooper’s prize livestock always drew a big crowd

Especially his geese in which he was quite proud

There were entries in tents from groomed bunnies to sweet fudges

That were all left alone just awaiting for judges

It was time to start choosing as the committee made its rounds

Picking all different winners throughout the fairgrounds

Suddenly a shriek came out of thin air

It wasn’t of fun that’s often heard at the fair

A large crowd of people ran over to see what caused such a cry

This scream of pure terror came from the tent with the pies

Everyone ran quickly and entered the tent

To see Mrs. Sullivan there looking like she had wept

On top of the table with its tail feather held high

Sat Tom Cooper’s goose covered in cherry pie

Seems he escaped from the tent in the back

Then waddled on over to enjoy this new snack

Some giggles broke out from a few kids in the crowd

Then Mrs.Sullivan joined in with her laughs being loud

A lesson was learned from this bird on the loose

Always checked a locked cage to keep your pie free of a goose


This piece was inspired by the 3 thing challenge words: cobra, goose, cherry pie