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News item from the El Paso (Tx.) weekly Daily Lone-Star, June 14th, 2010

EL PASO, TX- A man attacked another man at the “El Viva” Mexican restaurant on Monday the 15th. Witnesses dining at the restaurant claimed that the man in question, Mr. Richard Fedder was having lunch with the victim, Mr. Alan LaMonte.  Mr. Fedder  reached out to grab Mr. LaMonte by his shirt and proceeded to punch him in the face. Witnesses went on to say that they heard Mr. Fedder screaming  “Now, I know. You’re the one who’s been screwing my wife!”.  Mr. LaMonte attempted to defend himself by throwing his intended lunch, which were Tacos.  Summoned El Paso police arrived moments later and took Mr.Fedder into custody.

Police Blotter from the Kalispell (MT.) daily Montana News, August 19, 2010


KALISPELL- At 6:50 p.m. Tuesday, Montana state police stopped a van recklessly driving across state highway rt.15.   The vehicle in question was being driven by Mr. Stephen Monroe.  Mr.Monroe was seen pulling out of the parking lot of the “Tacos R Us restaurant located on Keller St.   His van then proceeded to veer off the highway and into a cement barrier.  The passengers on board besides driver Mr. Monroe were his wife Gail and their two teenage daughters,  Alyssa and Nicole.   When Montana police questioned Mr. Monroe after the incident,  he had claimed that his daughter Alyssa had just announced that she was pregnant and this caused his attention to be diverted from his driving.   Gail and Nicole Monroe refuted this, claiming they heard nothing being said like that which would have led to the accident.   Additionally,  Alyssa claimed that she had not spoken a word since leaving the restaurant but did go on to confirm the news.

From Glowing Meat: Fast food with Super Powers (American Conspiracy magazine, October 10, 2010) by Eddie Drake:

After checking in to my hotel room,  I decided to interview some local residents at the local tavern in town.  Many of them were reticent to speak with me,  except for one. “Gus” was a former maintenance man at the “Mucho Grande latin food distribution plant” located on the outskirts of town.  He confided in me that in his opinion,  he felt that there was something seriously wrong with the ingredients being processed and distributed there.  Many other employees felt this as well,  but most of them wouldn’t speak of it out in the workplace.  The general gossip was that it had something to do with the facility  being located next door to the ‘New Way’ nuclear power plant.  Gus said in his own words:

“Yea, it was just weird. Everyone there kinda whispered to one another that the ingredients were doing somethin’ to them. The REALLY weird thing was that sometimes, you could swear you heard people talking about this stuff  without them speaking  a single word to ya.”

I found Gus to be a generally good-natured and trustworthy person. He gladly answered the next couple of questions that I had prepared for him before the interview. Questions that I had written down, but hadn’t even gotten to ask him yet.


Writing prompt: Taco Telepathy