Halloween Romance~#Halloween #love #themagicshop


Count Dracula smiled at the zombie cheerleader

She feels herself warmly revived

Names revealed over punch

A close dance among skeletons begins

She had chosen the appropriate makeup tonight

Her heart was dead from previous men

A lifeless husk defines her now

He wanted to be impervious in a cape

A recent stake killed his passion

This vampire’s form was his escape

Two characters lost during the day

An October hall connects them

Love is unmasked between two strangers this evening

Tomorrow the façade ends, those costumes no longer needed in each other’s arms


Spooky Intent~#Halloween #poetry #themagicshop


People lose focus about this time of year

The point of the day was to induce primal fear

Scaring away spirits was part of its birth

Now laughing at costumes diminishes it’s worth

Candy and parties now define this tradition

It’s history far different from current conditions

Not that today it’s celebrated wrong

It has just been streamlined to not make its origin so strong

So, dress up and have fun on today’s Halloween

Just remember its past in making unwanted dead souls scream

Hollywood Horrorville~#Halloween #Horror #themagicshop


Halloween is celebrated in all different places

With kids wearing costumes and hiding their faces

Some towns are unique in the treats they give out

“Hollywood Horrorville” is such a place to talk about

At Frankenstein’s castle, body parts are the treat

Freddie Krueger gives pillows out to help get you to sleep

The Creature hands out dead fish when you visit his lagoon

The Wolfman has dog biscuits provided there’s a full moon

Jason gives out steak knives at Camp Crystal lake

Count Dracula will gladly give you all the town’s wooden stakes

No one ever sees what the invisible man drops in your hand

The blob will ooze out to you all flavors of jam

Rolls of bandages are yours when you visit the mummy

Don’t stick out your arm in front of the zombie for they may find you to be yummy

If Halloween candy is what you seek, then skip over this town and don’t even try it

It’s an interesting place and is perfect for those who are trying to diet

The Owl’s Day~#poetry #themagicshop


I once met this nice lady with a wonderful smile

She’s a passionate writer and has been for a while

She can write about anything be it love or cupcakes

Just give her a topic and a poem she will make

A great mother as well with a daughter who’s cool

Trust me, I know because I’m friends with her too

She also inspired me to write in my own special way

I thank God that I met her pretty much every day

I’m celebrating her day with a shout, cheer and howl

Her flight a year stronger, Happy Birthday Nite-Owl

3 A.M. ceiling~#insominia #poetry #themagicshop


Words fail its potency

The ceiling becomes your universe

Anxiety is now your blanket

Sink down into this endless void

Your thoughts dance to no music

Brief visits to places hold you forever

Losing in nightly battlegrounds is now your norm

Time relentlessly ignored your dilemma

Staring without seeing

Isolated next to your partner

They’re vacationing in R.E.M.

You continue to suffer in silence

Finally, the stream of thinking gets damned

Your body surrenders

What’s left over now becomes bliss

Awaking only to now face the loneliness of the day

Angel Away~ #poetry #love #themagicshop


Time to let this angel fly

Shes not to be yours anymore

A closer embrace from a different guy

Happiness eludes you again once more

Two pieces that perfectly fit

Imposing efforts in following both hearts

She knows this truth but moves on from it

Their puzzle now crumbles when missing a part

Wake up from your dream

She’s merely a wanted thought now

Block out her face, edit the scene

Live with her absence find a way how

You’ve finished your dessert

A taste of heaven that will fade with each day

The present is now here to deal with the hurt

Let your tears flow as you let the angel fly away

A Ziglet of Zombies~ #OctoberWriting #poetry #themagicshop


Professor Amy Mancuso was painfully shy

With a dull social life that was often quite dry

She would escape to her lab working mornings to nights

Working on projects ignoreing her lonely life

Romance and true love is what her heart always yearned for

But, her flirting and dating skills were inadequately poor

Then she met Jerry on a lunch break from work

A prince in her eyes, but in real life a jerk

A courtship begin hiding his true intent

He liked to con women with Amy to be next

He mooched off her money and fouled her in bed

Kerry slyfully achieved this by using the looks on his head

Amy sadly discovered that she had been fooled by this cad

And decided to invite him up for a surprise in her lab

She promised him the best sex down in the lab’s cellar

Disguising her true intent of what she had planned for this bad fella

She gave him a kiss and pushed him in a dark room

Then shut the door on him and awaited his doom

With all of the days she wasted with Jerry and his sick plans

She never finished her projects of making some new types of man

Jerry soon screamed as if being attacked

Professor Amy’s ziglet of zombies just had their late evening snack

October Writing Prompt- A Ziglet of Zombies – Day 26/31

Scary Etiquette~ #Halloween #themagicshop


Seventeen year old Cali Morgan was snapchatting in front of Michael Myers. His chalk-white expressionless face looking down on her from behind. He raises his arm and prepares to stab Cali directly in the back of her head.

“Hey Cali, What have I told you about being on your phone out on the sales floor?” Boomed Ron Bilko, the manager of “ITS HALLOWEEN!”. This was the seasonal store that popped every year in September in the vacated spot of the old “PLAYTIME” sporting goods department store.

“Alright, alright…” Cali grumbled back at him as she finished up her last text. She then stepped away from the Michael Myers animatronics robot and shoved her phone back into her rear pants pocket.

“It was just a quick text, Mr. Bilko. Besides, we’re closed for the night.” Cali  pompously said back to her superior.

Cali hated this job. Truth be told, Cali hated all jobs. She felt that having almost everything given to her was just a natural part of life. To get her hands dirty just to earn a buck, just wasn’t really her thing.  This job was forced upon her. Peter Morgan, Cali’s overworked Dad owed his longtime friend Ron Bilko a favor. That’s where the “enthusiastic services” of his daughter came in. Ron always needed extra help at this type of store every year and there was never enough bodies around to work the sales floor.

“It’s just not professional, Cali. I know we’re closed. But, it’s a habit that you should practice at ALL TIMES”. Ron already knew that what he was saying was falling on deaf ears. The word “professional” only pertained to athletes for today’s youth, at least that’s how he felt.

“Just bring that box of decomposed hands into the backroom and then punch out for the night”. Ron pointed to a brown box on the floor that had the words ZOMBIE-HANDS printed on its side.

Ron had been told ahead of time that Cali had a “bit of an attitude” by Peter. He discovered it himself from the first day when Cali openly volunteered that dressing up “was just so retarded for kids to do”.  From that day forward, with the consent from both of Cali’s parents, Ron would give Cali all the really monotonous jobs in the store. He had her sort through a giant bag of rubber eyeballs to try to make pairs. The rack of plastic bones that hung on the wall was always an overflowing mess. It was Cali’s job to pick up the occasional bone that would hit the floor, five to hundred times a day. Then..Ron had her do the ultimate in pure humiliation.

Cali would have to stand outside in front of the store near the highway dressed as whatever embarrassing costume was chosen for that day. She would have to remind passing cars that Halloween was coming and to stop in to the store to get your costume.

Ron felt that having a job was a privilege that should be respected. He felt the youth of today had lost that ideal, especially Cali. He may not change her attitude towards life, but being dressed up as a giant mustard dispenser out in public might knock her down a few pegs.

“Asshole” Cali thought as she carried the box of hands towards the back of the store. She could not wait to get out of this damn place, once and for all. Halloween was the stupidest thing ever created, in her mind. There was nothing even remotely fun or better yet, scary about the whole thing. To her, scary was running out of lipstick before a date or not having your phone charged with texts that just HAD to be sent. But, all these rubber bats and fake skeletons? Just really, really stupid shit. As far as she was concerned, she has yet to be scared from anything in this stupid store.

She approached the last aisle before the storeroom. The aisle had a big cardboard sign hanging over it that said “MONSTER MASK MASH”. This was the area that had set up dozens of rubber, full side masks displayed on styrofoam heads. The selection was quite extensive, with everything from the incredibly gory to downright silly. There were the traditional standbys along with the goofy political. Each mask staring straight out towards any future consumer that might be interested in purchasing them.

Cali looked at the masks, shook her head and smirked. She then proceeded to down the aisle. The stores front lights were being turned off in the distance. Darkness was slowly embracing the store. Cali felt her phone vibrating like crazy as she was almost at the door of the storeroom.

“Fuck this” she thought and dropped the box of hands on the floor. She took at her phone and begin to frantically tap the screen. Her face completely submerged and aglow from the dark light of social media. She giggled a few times, then stretched out her arm to do a selfie above her head.

Cali’s goofy smile slowed melted away into a grimace as she looked up at the wall of masks. Every single one of them was now turned to their side and looking directly down at her. Her arm started to shake as she slowly lowered it down. She felt her body become frozen from absolute shock. Then, suddenly the Frankenstein mask on the third row moved his rubber lips and spoke.


Hilary Clinton chimed in, her head three masks away.

“Be professional, dear”

Freddie Krueger whispered directly above Cali on her right.

” learn some respect, BITCH”

One by one, each mask had something to say to Cali, who now stood there immobilized by fear.

“You a real brat and I should know!” Bart Simpson yelled at her.

Then they all stopped for a moment, then a grim reaper mask spoke the last set of words.

“So,….are you scared of something NOW, CALLLLLLLIIIII.”

The mask grimaced. Then all the masks started laughing maniacally down at Cali. That’s when she found it. The energy to run out of the aisle, screaming.

On the ground, next to a box of rubber hands sat Cali’s phone vibrating underneath a wall of now lifeless rubber Halloween masks.

Daily Writing Challenge #24~ #3tc #daily-prompt #themagicshop




Owen Murphy felt like he had been walking down this hallway for hours. His legs hurt and he was starving. The last meal he remembers having was breakfast earlier this morning with the rest of the inmates. Usually, after their morning meal all the prisoners were led out to yard for some fresh air and exercise. Today, (was it still today?) Murphy was escorted away from everyone else by police guards, Venezia and Rooker. They led him out of the cafeteria and down multiple flights of stairs. That’s where he first saw the beginning of this hallway. The one that he was now currently walking through

“Seems like you got someone looking out for you, Murphy” Venezia sneered through his tightly pressed lips.

Murphy remembers how confused he felt hearing such an odd comment.

Rooker had then chimed in. “It’s like this, Murphy. You’ve been picked to be part of spme new rehabilitation research. All ya gonna do, is walk down to the end of this hallway. The staff is waiting for you to take you to their research room at the end. If you whatever research they have in store for you, the DA will look into either reducing your sentence or in some of the previous cases, DISMISS IT ALL TOGETHER”.

At the time, Murphy remembers almost giggling at Rooker’s words. Why choose him? He was already serving a life sentence for killing his wife and three kids. He really had no feelings toward’s their deaths, remorse or anything else. His days of “rehabilitating” were long gone. What reason could they even think for picking him in ANY type of rehabilitatatin? Whatever it was, he did’nt give a shit. Walking freely down a dirty hall was better than wasting away in his cell, anyday of the week.

He had been assured by both guards that this entire thing was legit and that all he had to do was simply walk forward towards the room at the end that would conduct the research.

Seems like that talk had happened days ago and not hours. Or was it even just thirty minutes? Murphy had lost all track of time as he continued his trek. He had looked back at both guards a few times, even asking them if they were still there once out of his sight. They answered a few times then stopped altogether.

It was cold in the hallway, raw with a smell that unnerved Murphy. No windows, no other rooms either. Just the endless rows of cement blocks and pipes overhead. He started to get frustrated and decided that he was going to get to this damn room even if his feet were bleeding from callouses. He stood up straight with a new resilience and started walking faster.

Minutes (hours?) later, Murphy spotted a man walking slowly towards him off in the distance in the shadows.

Oh, thank god! Hopefully it’s whoever is conducting this test finally here to greet me.” Murphy desperately thought.

He yelled out down the hallway towards the approaching man.

“Hey! Are you with the rehabilitation group? I was sent down here by the guards. I’m supposed to be working with you”

Murphy’s words echoed all the way down the hallway with no response coming back from the stranger.

The stranger was now only about fifty feet away. He appeared to be young, maybe in his twenties. Short cropped hair, close to a crew-cut. His grey uniform looked somewhat familiar to Murphy.

“Hey, Buddy?” Murphy stood out and stuck his arm out to stop the young man from walking any further past him.

The young man looked at Murphy somewhat startled by his appearance.

“Are you with the..rehabilitation research people?” Murphy asked, hoping for some type of informative answer.

The young man stared back at Murphy with confused eyes.

“Rehabil-Who? Don’t know anything about that. I was just told by a couple of the prison screws to start walking. They told me that theres these Eggheads at the end who might help me get out of this joint. I just started walking a little while ago. They tell you the same thing?”

“Yea, they did” Murphy said in defeat. He glanced closer at the man’s uniform. Suddenly, he remembered where had seen the clothes before. On the right wall of the small hallway that led into Warden Keller’s office, there had been some vintage photographs hung up from the history of the prison. Murphy remembers seeing one of the photos, was of a lineup of prisoners out in the yard from 1955. The young man standing in front of Murphy was wearing the same exact prison clothes that those men were wearing in that picture.

Murphy was silent, not answering the young man’s initial question. He felt his mind slowly slipping into a state of disbelief and anxiety.

“You ok, buddy?” The young man asked Murphy with genuine concern.

Murphy slowly nodded yes, his hadn’t blinked his eyes once since his realization of what couldn’t possibly be true.

“Well..You take care of yourself now. I’m gonna get going here. I’m looking to be free soon. I heard Brooklyn made the world series. Maybe, I can catch a game if they let me out by the weekend.” The young man smiled at Murphy and proceeded to walk away.

Murphy watched him shuffle back down into the direction of the hallway from where Murphy had just walked from. He stood and watched for the longest time as the young man eventually disappeared out of his line of vision.

The hallway stretched out in both directions for what seemed like miles. Murphy contemplated for a moment walking back to Venezia and Rooker, the two guards who sent him here. He then thought differently with an overwhelming feeling that, both guards are most likely long gone. There was probably no new rehab research center either, Murphy thought.

He looked down towards the Hallway in the direction he was originally walking. For whatever reason, out of all the low-lifes that were housed in the prison above (?) him, someone had chosen for him to finish out the rest of his sentence down here.

Owen Murphy did the only thing he had left in his life and started walking again down the hallway.

The Best House on Halloween~#Halloween #Horror #themagicshop


Yet another Halloween was coming to an end for all the kids in the town of Dobson’s Falls.   Most of the front porch lights on people’s homes were either out or would soon be getting turned off.  There was only a few trick-or-treaters left roaming the streets, scaled down from the dozens that were out hours earlier.  One or two “Freddie Kruegers”, a few princesses,  some superheroes and of course the standby lazy costume-a bum.  Many new families had moved into Dobson’s Falls within the last few years to the point where Halloween had now become a major event. The six streets between Maplewood Ave. and Colt St. especially were known for the over abundance of kids that would go out walking  around there every year on October. 31.   The neighborhood also had earned a reputation for being the most generous part of the town.  Every year, most of the kids who went there were the recipients of both the most diverse and abundant amounts of treats.   Every year, there was always that ONE house that all the kids chose as “THE BEST HOUSE ON HALLOWEEN”.  Last year, it was Mr. Bower’s house over on Birchtree Trail.  He gave out brand new comic books as treats.  The Lee family,  two years ago took the title by handing out little plastic monsters that they sold in their convenience store. The gossip among the kids earlier throughout the night was that a new family had recently moved into a house on Winslow St. and was giving out three(!) types of large candy bars wrapped up with a string.  Tonight it was definitely this new family who would win the crown.

The streets were now empty. Everyone was now home dumping out their bags of newly acquired treasures,  salivating over their mounds of candy.  Of course, nothing was to be touched until the official inspection by all parents involved.  Packages were held up under close scrutiny for the often rumored placement of razor blades or needles.  All loose candy was automatically thrown out, which was fine considering most of it was stuff kids hated anyway.  Then theres was the really different, cool or oversized stuff that always sparked the question,”what house did you get this from??”   Most of the time the kids couldn’t remember half the houses that they stopped at.  But, the BEST HOUSE always stood out.  The kids would never forgot that one.

Tonight would turn into something  different than previous Halloweens. All the candy inspections would abruptly stop from home-to-home as this year’s best home winner was revealed.  Each child who visited the house on Winslow St. would go into detail about the nice family who was living there.  How the house looked clean, new and with a freshly cut lawn.

The kids who went to that new house on Winslow St. would have those three candy bars that were wrapped up with string taken away from them by their now terrified parents-without reason.

The house on Winslow St. that had been standing hours earlier, the one that was visited by multiple children and we’re greeted by a lovely family handing out the best treats..

was completely engulfed in fire and  burned down in to a pile of black ash just one day before Halloween.

Another October Day~#poetry #Halloween #themagicshop


A time in October once again draws near

That day that is known for inducing one’s fears

When childlike creatures stalk the night

Looking to quell their large appetites

Where vacated buildings become dens of terror

Crowded with patrons who’s frights last forever

There are the annual parties attended by vampires and ghosts

Who endlessly suck drinks from the ones who are hosts

All of these things sound cool until you realize the date

Your wrong if you think it’s that spooky-fun holiday

For the monsters this day are real and not make-believe

Screams of real horror rule this night, the day that’s Not Halloween

Gamble~#poetry #forbidde love #themagicshop


A Hearts and Queen card is all he wanted

He was dealt a lady in a suit he didn’t prefer

The world believed his content poker face

Playing a hand that he saw as losing

He took a spin of the wheel looking for change

Coaxed by his crowd to finally take his turn

Realizing his chances were slim

His desires to win more vanish as his number speeds past

The dice excites everyone in their roll

He always threw them for others

A crowd at his table wins in their chosen lives

Standing alone, his hands are now empty and weak

This losing streak defines him

Never to know the payoff of true love

The odds against fulfilled dreams

That jackpot of personal happiness is forever denied to him