Blue Pencil Boulevard~#poetry #SeptemberWriting #themagicshop


Today it’s about the paper

The one that defines her

A four-year trek has ended

She stood there in victory

A sense of surreal for the witnessing father

His thoughts rewind her movie

Breaths equaling years

The present melts away

That entering cry foretold her first year

Sleep deprivation was Katie’s specialty

A parental embrace soothed her

She was a dynamo in diapers

Then he stood in her third grade

Her eyes created dreams on paper

Red crayon houses on a blue pencil boulevard

They hang by his desk even today

Locker times arrive

Discovering a sense of self at sixteen

Initial kiss, first heartbreak

If only she would recall how great those times were

Now, they’ve both arrived here

He had blinked and she was a woman

Birth certificate to college diploma

Just papers that defined her


September Writing Prompt-Blue Pencil Boulevard-Day 10/30