Spoken To~#shortfiction #faith #themagicshop

Tracy laid in bed staring up at the slight glow that just appeared on her ceiling. Her eyes were wide open, transfixed on the spot. It took her a few minutes to realize that she wasn’t dreaming any of this. Yet, she felt this overwhelming sense of disconnection from reality. Her room was completely dark less than five minutes earlier. It was the middle of the night and she was suffering from her usual insomnia. The lack of sleep was just one of the many repercussions of what was going on in her life at the moment. Almost every day in her life for about the last month, there was news of some family tragedy, a challenging of her beliefs and the slow erosion of her own self-worth. To say life had been difficult for Tracy Saunders recently was an understatement. She was never really one for any type of “organized religion” and really felt no need to seek out the guidance of anyone at her local church. Still, she did always maintain an inner and quiet faith in things she couldn’t comprehend. She always felt that there was “someone up there” but not really clear as to who or what they were. Tonight before she got under her blanket hours earlier, she merely looked up in the sky and asked simply out of desperation “Why?” Now, here she was in the middle of the night staring up at a spot.

“Well, I’m here. I’ve always been here. That’s the first thing you need to be aware of” A voice that spoke from the glow on her ceiling was of a man. An elder one at first, then it changed into that of young teenager. Tracy continued to lay there listening to the glow. She was afraid to move at first and then felt this warmth inside her.

“The next thing you need to know, and this has been written and spoken millions of times over many years” the voice was now that of a soft-spoken woman.

“But, it really is true and deserves to be repeated. There really IS A PLAN to all that’s going on around you” As those last set of set of words came out, they changed again to that of a confident African american man.

Tracy felt her eyes start to well up. She realized that she hadn’t blinked once since the glow appeared on her ceiling.

“All of what’s happening to you and to all those in your world, are all connected to eventually show you a finished piece”. This time starting out as a latino woman then deepening to a voice of a man with special needs.

The rest of the house was silent. Tracy expected someone, especially her son to burst into the room frantic with curiosity. But, no one did come in. She laid there completely still as the voice continued. The glow on the ceiling was starting to dim and get smaller.

“Some pieces are difficult to handle and seem like they don’t belong. Those pieces are equally important as the simplest of acts”. A young girl spoke first, then an elderly man of Asian descent finished.

“The finished plan is what matters. And all that you see, all that you feel from whatever is in front of you have been created for you to do merely one thing for now in this world”. The voice went through a variety of dialects, nationalities and genders.

“The one thing is I ask, is that you continue to live this life and witness all the pieces of the plan be put together. That’s it. I want you to live, live through it all The spot on the ceiling was as small as a dime now on Tracy’s ceiling. Finally, she sat up from her pillow never staring away from the spot. She quietly raised her voice.

“WAIT! Who are you? Are you..well..” she hesitated.

The bright spot glowed one last time and with it familiar voices spoke for the last time.

“I am whoever you need me to be to get you through it all”.

Tracy recognized the voices immediately. The first was of her Mother who passed away eleven years ago. The second voice was of one that Tracy heard every day, her own.

Tracy’s bedroom was now completely dark except for the glow of the moon outside her window.   She reached over to the tissue box on her nightstand, grabbed a handful and held them against her moist eyes.   She sat there upright in her bed for a few more minutes crying first, then finding a smile that she had lost recently.   She then laid down and fell into a deep,  long overdue night of peaceful sleep.

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