Wardrobe~#love #poetry #TheMagicShop


What kind of love do you wear?

Is it that morning text with its designated tone?

From its sound comes your smile.

The first ones who appreciate you.

A Reassurance in simplicity.

Maybe its that instinctive gaze of passion at a moment’s notice?

Simultaneous thoughts for you both to undress.

Embracing the desire and becoming one on the couch.

The sheets await their turn later.

Is it that minute given just to listen?

The day has beaten you down.

Thirteen rounds with Reality.

A comfort is waiting for you in your corner with their attention.

Many outfits worn around the one who likes them all.

A wardrobe that you hoped for someday.

The one where everything fits and never goes out style.

This is true love in all of its guises.

The Void of White~#poetry #TheMagicShop


This white abyss engulfs me.

I’m staring at its power.

Immobilized by drought.

My mind goes nowhere in its grip.

I cannot get past this terrain and yet, I created it.

Look for tools to climb out.

God’s breath blows through the trees ahead of me.

A road made immortal by the sweat of a man’s labors.

Some monster roars past me to conquer its trips.

Did these things do it?

I look down again, the void has grown smaller.

This gives me an elusive hope.

I now want to cover its every spot.

Listen for escape routes.

The melody of gossiping birds.

A hungry machine mows its green breakfast.

Feet slamming down on the earth as a warrior runs by.

I am almost out, keep climbing.

An aroma of the freedom that others lack fills my lungs.

This day ignited me.

My previous night’s emptiness has been filled.

The night owl’ s song sang out to me.

I am a prisoner no more of this incapacitation.

A Morning Fire burned away this emptiness.

I’m now reborn with wings spread open, this endless white conquered.

This DayHawk has flown again.

Mixture~#poetry #love #TheMagicShop



Oil and water.

Different substances from worlds apart.

Yet, here it was for all to see.

Their obvious harmony.

One told elevated tales of life’s quirkiness.

The other grounded him with compassion.

Two different ingredients that stirred together well.

A completed mixture of contentment.

Rooms filled with their laughter and delight in their connection.

European and domestic.

Varied flavors with similar tastes.

Their happiness was real to all who shared their drink.

I watched these two ingredients.

They were one at the table, displaying what we all should strive for.

A recipe of love and acceptance.

Worse Than a Grinch~#rhyme #Dr.Seuss #type1diabetes #juvenilediabetes #TheMagicShop


I wrote this back around Christmastime for a friend who has a five-year old son diagnosed with juvenile Diabetes. This is a difficult situation that no child or parent should ever have to go through. I recently took it out and modified it a bit. I hope you enjoy it and I implore you to please educate yourselves on this epidemic diseasese. Thank you, readers.

This story had happened at a place long ago. At a time before Christmas, in a time before snow.

The trees in Whoville had changed all their leaves. Autumn had come and was eager to please.

The Grinch was still mean and disliked all things Yule. But, there once was a day when he broke that “mean” rule.

A bad thing arrived, it showed up quite quick. It touched the Who kids and made them quite sick.

A thing so bad it made that Grinch shed a tear. He broke down in sadness instead of his sneer.

“I’m not for this Christmas and all of its rot. But to have children sick, this I will have not!”

The Grinch spoke out loud as if to make this a fact. He then left his cold cave holding his yellow dog Max.

All of Whoville heard the Grinch coming through. They jumped out of bed, they threw on their shoes.

“Don’t be afraid” he voice eager to please. “I’m want to help out to beat this disease”.

The Grinch called the Who people to the center of town, He spoke to them all and then bowed his head down.

“Let’s pray for a cure for these poor girls and boys, they need to be healthy and playing with toys.”

“let’s try to learn more and help educate. Lets support all the parents who continue to wait”.

The holiday season was still months away, He would still steal Christmas just to return it the next day.

This sickness of kids brings all types together. In all types of people in all types of weather.

All of Whoville agreed as quick as a cinch, this thing Diabetes was worse than the Grinch.

For Jacob and all the other children around the world like him.

Still Cool~#shortfiction #Fathersday #TheMagicShop


He used to be so cool.   Louis Shanahan would walk down the halls of his High School and all the kids would whisper, “That’s COOOL LOU”.   He just had a hip kind of way about him. He had this demeanor that just flowed out of him of just “coolness”.   All the guys wanted him as their best friend and the girls loved when he talked to them.   Lou also knew when stuff  was cool.  He always knew first about the newest music before anyone else(his Dad owned a record store) and he always had the latest “cool guy” fashions (his Mom was the young adult clothes buyer for Macy’s).   But, it really was the way Lou just presented himself to everyone that made him who he was.   He had this contagious charm that just engulfed anyone he talked too.   Even the teachers felt the same way about him.  They felt that one day,  Lou would amount to be something great in the world. People genuinely listened to Lou. They were swayed by his words, they followed his advice and tried to mimic his behaviors.  This was a young man who was fully in control of the world that he lived in.  He wouldn’t want it any other way.


The Dad stood there with a newly covered face full of his son’s pee.   Jason didn’t really care where he shot it out,  being only five months old.   For him,  it was a kind of “Don’t care, watch your hair” mentality.   It didn’t seem to bother his Dad too much either, almost as if he was immune to it.   The Dad wiped off his face with a tissue and continued to change Jason’s soiled diaper.   Having a blast of urine sprayed at you was now the norm in his life.  He was more concerned about Emma’s tiara getting stained.   She made him wear it in acting out his role of “The Snow Wonder Queen” in his six-year-old daughter’s daily plays.

“There ya go, all fresh!”  The Dad said as he finished the last strap on Jason’s diaper. Emma was now running through the kitchen that was down the hall and screaming,


She was of course,  referring to her eight year old sister, Allison.  “Stinky-nose” was Emma’s personal favorite,alongside “Meany-face”.  Dad and Mom preferred to secretly call  Allison  ‘The Enabler’, since she was the one who started all the games with  Emma and herself  running through any type of place involving either people eating or just well, anywhere that had a floor.

The Dad looked down at Jason.  “Well, son..lets go see what your sisters are up to”.

Jason looked up at him with his clear blue eyes, grimaced  and then proceeded to drop a bowel movement in his fresh diaper.   The aroma hitting the Dad’s nose coincided with the crash of his daughter’s slamming into something in the other room.    Jason smiled, perhaps somehow sensing that he wasn’t the one who had to change him, again.

Louis Shanahan looked at himself in the mirror that hung on Jason’s wall.  The same mirror he had walked past many a sleepless nights holding something loud, new and miraculous.  His eyelashes still had a few drops of Jason’s pee glistening in the room’s light. Emma’s tiara(which he had to wear in the Disney store to show her it would fit him before buying it) was crooked on his head but it was dry at least. He straightened the tiara and wiped his eyes with a tissue.

Well, it is what it is.” He thought. ‘I at least look COOL in this tiara”.

He reached down under the changing table and grabbed a fresh diaper. He would soon head down the hall to ‘interrogate” his daughters into trying to get any kind of factually story from them. He often thought he was speaking some form of ‘unique alien language’ to them since the warnings he made were often met with looks of total astonishment and of course, denial.  He looked in the mirror again and smiled.

Louis Shanahan didn’t realize at the moment, that being a Dad who could handle all this and smile-was the coolest thing he could possibly be.

And is turned out, he did indeed amount to something great in the world, A father.

Big Guy~#poetry #Fathersday #TheMagicShop


He was never a man to me.

This thunder that came down the hallway.

A lumbering giant who knew his job.

The role he chose with no regrets.

I grew up in his shadow and in awe of his presence.

This force of nature knew who I was.

He towered over me watching my back.

A protector of my world.

The nights removed him.

Forty hours away from a warm bed and his woman’s embrace.

The needs of the kin strengthened his focus.

His lengthy path walked without complaints.

She summoned him when that final straw broke her.

My rebellious agenda was rendered powerless by his stare.

His judgments were fair, a respect for my worth.

Silent acts of compassion defined him.

Time has our eyes now equally view each other.

I see him now as he is.

My father is a man to me now.

The one who every man should strive to be.


The Endless Kiss~#poetry #TheMagicShop


They’ll always be here now.

A captured passion.

A silent harmony between two lovers.

The trees stood witness to their embrace.

This moment of unfiltered and pure romance.

A Monday in June that made them as one.

Delays in their long road ahead will appear.

Color for a room.

The name of a child.

Loss of each other’s needs in the storm of life’s chaos.

This kiss will always welcome them back.

A reminder of what matters.

That time that can never be taken away.

The day the beauty of love stood silent in the forest.

A Rush to Judgement #creativewriting #Rush #TheMagicShop #Canadianmusic


This is a very unique piece that I’m sharing with everyone here on my blog.  Most readers may not understand or appreciate the content of the text. Still, it’s a quirky little story that you might get a grin out of. I’m happy with the way it turned out and surprised myself in actually being able to make it coherent. The assignment was this-I challenged myself to write a short fiction piece compromised primarily of song lyrics, album and song titles that were created by the Canadian rock band “RUSH”. Their more than 40 year career as a group have created such amazing imagery, that I felt I could create a somewhat cohesive story from their history. Except for a few creative liberties for the sake of structure, the majority of the story (anything in bold type) is in someway connected to the band. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know a single thing about Rush to understand whats going on.  I wrote it with the intent for anyone to read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

Imagine a place where it all began. Sprawling on the fringes of the city, a place called Lakeside Park. A world of difference, a world so out of touch. It has better people, better food, better beer! However, fools and thieves are well disguised in the marketplace.

In the surrounding woods, there is unrest in the forest. From the trees a figure comes out. Exit, the warrior. He’s packaged like a rebel or a hero. He’s got a problem with his power but, you know he’ll find a cure. He walks towards the village with a mean, mean stride.

The villagers notice him and approach the warrior as he begins to speak out loud.

“I scaled the frozen mountaintops of eastern lands unknown. I’ve seen the middle kingdom between heaven and earth. I’m not missing out on the promise of adventure but, it seems to me I can live my life a lot better than I think I am here in your village”.

The crowd stood silent. A priest from the Temple of Syrinx stepped forward to speak.

“Well,you can stake that claim but, I can’t pretend a stranger is a long-awaited friend. Off on your way, hit the open road!”

All the villagers behind him muttered in agreement, their faces distorted in the flickering light.

The warrior stood there silent. He removed the goggles he was wearing, the ones with red lenses. His face was covered in scars. He looks out over the crowd and senses their every nerve aware. He looks out over the crowd and speaks.

“There is so much poison in power. I ask for no reward for resistance, no assistance, no applause. I know it makes no difference to what you’re going through but, you still have made a choice.”

He then placed a hand over fist and yelled, “PRESTO!”

A silent hush came over the townspeople. then, The blacksmith and the artist cried out from the group in alarm.

“Everyone look! Turn around, turn AROUND, TURN AROUND!”

From off in the distance, a cruel wind came arising. It’s whips the ground into a whirling spindrift. All around the city square powers shimmer in the air”.

“I don’t want to face the killer instinct, face it you or me” angrily the warrior screams out, as invisible airwaves crackling with life around him burn the air.

“the moment is NOW. I can and I will….” the warrior raises his arms in the air “CHOOSE MY PATH THATS CLEAR!”

The skies opened up and the clouds prepare for battle. The sun is turning black. It was then that, it’s understood by every single person who’d be elsewhere if they could.

With glowing red eyes, The warrior looked down on the priest. He screams out at the priest, “I look down into a million homes. I can make time stand still. I can easily make your witch hunt cease. I feel the sense of possibilities here. However, why try, I know why the feeling inside me says IT’S TIME…

“Stop, Hold your fire!!” The priest screams out as he runs towards the warrior.

The warrior lowers his arms and restrains his power. He stands tall and silent, displaying a grace under pressure.

“Perhaps, we were wrong” the priest says nervously. “We may have gotten our signals crossed. I mistook you for someone else, the enemy within the one we call the Necromancer. Clearly you are a far cry from that type of being”

The occasional vapor trail was still coming off the warrior’s skin. His eyes returned to their normal color.

The priest lowered his head in shame. He was mistaken in his accusation. He spoke with great sorrow in his voice. “I am truly sorry. I can’t comprehend how I could be so wrong in deciphering the writings. The words of the profits, are written on the-

The town mayor stepped forward away from the crowd and interrupted the priest.

Jack, relax. How could anybody be enlightened, truth is after all so poorly lit!’

The warrior nodded in agreement and quietly spoke.

“It’s true that love can change us, but the men who hold high places must be the ones who start.”

The mayor stepped up next to the warrior. He then turned to address the crowd.

“Everybody need a mood lifter? Let us dance tonight to a virtual song, for now I am in the mood! Who will join me in celebrating?”

A unanimous show of hands appeared throughout the town. A long caravan of villagers approached the warrior with warm greetings. One of them, an owner of many territories throughout the countryside extended an offer to the warrior.

“New friend, do you need shelter in this Xanadu we call Home? I can be your steady guide and do the best I can in finding you a home”.

The warrior shook his head. “No” he said. “I have family nearby for me to stay with. My uncle has a country place that no one knows about”.

Revelry continues among the villagers, as if they were the last ones left alive. Their laughter infectious. Celebrating like all the world’s a stage. No one had even noticed that the warrior was leaving the town making his exit, stage left.

He walks away this modern-day warrior. He has enlightened the masses and he knows constant change is here to stay.

“Wait!” A voice yelled out to the warrior. It was the villager who offered him shelter earlier.

“I am one of the richest men in town and yet, all of my big money could not buy the power you displayed back there. That’s entertainment! How did you have such power?

Embarrassed by the extreme attention he was getting, the warrior decides to confess some open secrets.

“My wealthy friend, I’m not one to believe in magic. With some available light and a little natural science one like myself can twist perception but, reality won’t budge. I still can’t undo my own saddening dilemma”.

The villager stared at him in disbelief. “YOU have a saddening dilemma, my powerful new friend?? What could it be? cut to the chase, what’s your thing?”

The warrior stopped walking and removed his helmet. He revealed himself to have a head of very dark but sparse, thinning hair. He looked at the villager and sadly said,

“I think…..I’m going bald.”

Missed Call~#Shortstory #TheMagicShop


From a distance it looked like a wallet.   That’s what Kenny thought as he walked over to the small black object that was just laying on the ground a few cars away from his.  To his disappointment it was just an old flip cell phone that someone had lost.  An antique in today’s world of smartphones.   The top of it had a small crack.   Kenny flipped it open and saw the screen dimly light up.   A red low battery icon was flashing with the words “10 PERCENT” underneath it.   The screen then changed to an outline of an envelope and the words “ONE NEW VOICEMAIL” blinking.

Some people had left the store and were now walking towards their cars.  The mall would be closing soon and the traffic getting out of here would be horrendous.   Kenny held onto the cell phone and walked over to his car and got in.   He put the bag of socks he had just purchased in Sears on the passenger seat and took a bite of his ‘Wetzels Pretzels’ dinner.   Kenny lived on the run, his work hours fluctuated from day-to-day. He had a non-existent social life and romance was extinct.   He didn’t get attached to people and usually could care less about other people’s problems.   He lived from moment to moment with no direction and no incentive.  He opened the flip phone again.   This time the battery icon was flashing with seven percent power remaining.

“What the Hell”  Kenny thought.   He often did things for that reason alone and sometimes even for just the fun of being an annoying  human being.   Actions like that often got Kenny into trouble but,  he didn’t care.   A lack of empathy was often Kenny’s philosophy and instigator.

He pressed the button that had a little drawing of an envelope on it and put the phone up to his ear.   A distorted man’s voice started talking. Kenny bit off another piece of pretzel.

“You were supposed to answer this phone at the time WE told you we would call.  You have failed in doing that.  You can now say goodbye to your family….for the last time.”

A low scream of a woman ended the call.   Kenny stopped chewing.  He didn’t know what to think.   He pressed the button again but, only the first three words came out before the phone died for good.   Frantically he pressed every button on the phone in an attempt to get anything out of it.   The phone lit up one final time to show him that the voicemail message was delivered at eleven o’clock the night before.   Hours before Kenny even arrived at the mall.

“GOD DAMN IT!”  he screamed angrily at the phone and then slammed it of the dash of his car,  trying desperately to resuscitate any life into it.   The phone broke into two pieces in his hand,  rendering it officially useless to anyone.

A sudden wave of Nausea came over Kenny.   He fumbled for the handle of car door and got out.   A stream of cars were now heading out of the exit to leave the mall.   He felt the ‘Wetzels Pretzel’ starting to come up and he leaned against his car.  More people walked out of the mall.  Families with small children,  couples holding hands and groups of teenagers laughing at whatever life had just shown them.

For what felt like an hour, Kenny watched as the mall emptied out all of its customers. One by one different cars joined the line of traffic exiting out of the lot.   A man carrying a single bag and a Wetzel Pretzels bag came out of the mall next.

Kenny always liked who he was.   He was confident in his skin.  Nothing ever made him want to be anyone else or attempt to be someone he’s not.

All of that changed in twenty minutes. For the first time in a long time, Kenny wanted to care about someone else besides himself-only this time he was too late.  He stood there wishing to God he could swap places with anyone else who was driving away from that mall at that moment. The last person in the world he wanted to be right now, was the guy that found that flip phone on the ground.

Any Day~#poetry #TheMagicShop


Thank God it’s Friday!

That single, unified cry of the ones who struggled through the week.

They exhale relief, remove the weights.

Reanimated survivors emerge from their five day war.

But, the birds spoke harmoniously this morning just as they did yesterday.

We filled our lungs again with God’s breath as we did days before.

The moon shone it’s magnificent glow in steady serenity last night, like it will do later this evening.

Our hearts play it’s miraculous beat today as it did before, a steady symphony.

The race is over, we broke the tape and hit the ground.

A blink of an eye and Monday engulfs us again.

The times we have are gifts to cherish, no matter when they fall on a calendar.

Thank God it’s any day being alive.

Simple Love~#poetry #TheMagicShop


There’s that one thing that does it for all of us.

Watching that person do a random act of kindness for a stranger.

Seeing them complete a task that inspires you and others to be better people.

That look of sincere attention they give you on your every word during conversation.

She had given him all of this, but a simple sound captured him.

He saw her daily throughout the day.

Small talk connected them.

Feelings within him were stirred.

Then he heard her on their walk through a park.

A routine of welcome creates comfort for us.

Joy is born from the warmth you receive from them.

A sense of security comes from their words of guidance.

Then there’s that one thing that sparks your realization.

He heard her laughter and he knew from that moment on that he loved her.

What creates your love for another?

Shame of the Horn~#creativewriting #shortfiction #TheMagicShop


The looks that Dan got at the store convinced him. There was only four customers who were getting their morning coffee at the ‘TIMEOUT’ convenience store, but He could tell by their expressions that they all knew his story. A tale of recent events that had pulled Dan down. Family members of his who were struggling with personal challenges. Bills in his mail that never stopped coming in from places he never knew existed. Friends moving on in their careers while he remained stagnant in his. There was no joy currently in his life and his face displayed it for the world to see. His proof was in the faces of those people in the store who stared at him in concern.

Even the cashier, an older woman named ‘Bev’ gave him a look of apparent sympathy. He had seen Bev every morning for the last six months since he moved to this town, trying to start over. She always had a smile for him and pleasant demeanor. He had never gotten any kind of negative vibe off of Bev. He paid her for his coffee and left the store, his head down feeling judged. When he got outside the store, a police officer was walking up to the front door. He gave Dan a confused look and then entered the store. Dan thought that even a “trained law enforcement officer” felt some small margin of sympathy about him.

Dan got in his car. He sat there for moment staring out his front windshield and contemplated the messes in his world. There was a time when he looked at all things in life as challenges that he looked forward to conquering. He was a Zen warrior looking for peace and prosperity in his accomplishments. Those days were ancient history. Now, he was a broken man having been crushed by difficult fates and perhaps even the consequences of his actions. His face could no longer hide it. This morning showed him that people are beginning to see him as someone who was simply put, defeated. He planned to go home and lay in his bed under a blanket in total encompassing darkness.

He put his key in the car’s ignition and checked the rearview mirror. Behind his right ear was a glob of shaving cream that he missed washing off after this morning’s shave. It had a small point to it. The glob looked liked some kind of “alien horn” protruding from his neck. Almost as if Dan had been infected by some crazy alien species made entirely of marshmallow. He looked utterly ridiculous.

That’s when it started. Dan laughed out loud for what felt like forever. He thought of those old cartoons, when a character’s head would turn into a donkey’s head with the word “JACKASS” written on it. Ron grabbed some napkins that he had taken from the store and wiped away the cream. He then started his car still laughing and backed out of the lot. The day was now being seen with a new, slightly better viewpoint. Dan was now a man who knew he could handle whatever was thrown at him, with or without shaving cream behind his ear.