The Secret doors on Seventy-Fifth~#shortfiction #AugustWriting #themagicshop

Rookie Anthony Marcone had finally made his dream come true and it pretty much sucked.   He had wanted to be New York city police officer since he was a kid. Ever since the sixth grade when a cop came into his class room on career day and showed off that badge.   It struck a nerve with Anthony that day. It meant something important and comforting to him.   That’s when skinny, often bullied thirteen year old Anthony knew he was going to one day be a part of something exciting and respected.  Years later, here he was instead walking his usual beat down incredibly dull 75th st on one of the hottest nights in August.  There were a few convenience stores,  a Chinese take out restaurant and some vacant store fronts. Nothing ever happened here, but it went with the job.  This was the last street that Marcone had to patrol before his shift was over.  Then he would go home to his parent’s house in Queens and get some sleep in the bedroom he grew up in, His mind exhausted from the monotony of these days.  Michael Doohan,  Anthony’s partner, had stopped at the beginning of the street for his usual secret cigarette on the job.  A habit he had that would stop him every thirty minutes for, usually  leaving Anthony to patrol ahead on his own. Doohan was a useless eleven-year vet who gave up on being anything of respect a long time ago.  Anthony looked back down the long street at Doohan making sure he was still there.   The end of the street was approaching and so was the darkening night.   A few people walked along the street frantically as if to get out of that area as quickly as possible.   Anthony walked past the final vacant store on the street and started to turn around to head back to Doohan.  That’s when he saw the gleam of something bright out of the corner of his eye. He took a few more steps towards what he had noticed and that’s when he first saw them.  Standing on their own, in the middle of an alleyway next to the last vacant store were two solid wood doors.   The gleam he  had seen earlier was that of two bright, golden doorknobs sticking out of the front.   The doors were not connected to any building,   they just stood there apart from anything else with nothing to keep them from falling over.   Anthony looked back at Doohan again to see him flirting with a waitress in the doorway of the Chinese restaurant.   This too was part of Doohan’s usual shift, the flirting.   Anthony walked towards the doors, slowly.   He took out his nightstick as a precaution.   The alleyway  had cans of garbage and loose newspapers piled high.   He looked behind the doors and saw nothing behind them.

“What did you expect-Dracula?”  He thought to himself.   The doors were stained in a rich walnut finish.  They also had these deep etchings in them.   Anthony admired the attention to detail on some of the designs that were carved deep within the wood.   He walked around the two doors one more time and stopped in front of them.   Granted,  he was still just new to this game  but, nevertheless this was still just an odd sight to see-even in New York. Especially since he had walked past this alley dozens of times previously and these doors had never been here before.   He stood in front of them and jokingly said out loud to the doors,

“What the Hell are you?  My doorways to adventure?”

Seconds passed before one of the doors slowly started to open.   A glow of gold light shot out from behind the door and bathed Anthony in its glow.

Rookie New York City policeman Anthony Marcone  stood there scared at first but, then felt this overwhelming sensation of excitement and acceptance. The same feeling he had experienced years earlier in Middle school.  For the first time in many, many years he felt again that this was a place where he wanted to be.   The door opened up all the way, now revealing a place totally filled with exhilarating sunlight.   Anthony felt a tear flow down his cheek and stop at his now slightly upward grin.

He looked back at the beginning of the alleyway and saw that Doohan still wasn’t with him.   He turned back to the open door and began to walk inside to whatever was awaiting him.  A place he knew where he was meant to be all along.

August Writing Prompt-The secret doors on seventy-fifth-Day 2/31

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