Fluff~#FOWC #WOTD #poetry #themagicshop


Her inner muse was so bored with her writing

Depressing pieces with topics quite frightening

The characters she made were always wicked and gritty

Her poems often made a poor reader feel sadness and pity

Lovers in pain or families at war

People of rage with a settle to score

It was time for this bleak writer to escape this dark creative range

Yet still keeping her integrity with a stylistic change

She’ll start creating worlds filled with bright,cheerful stuff

Not a bit being scared in having her poems being called frivolous fluff


FOWC With Fandango – Range

Remorse~#FOWC #WOTD #shortfiction


Really, murdering a guy was as easy as snuffing out a cigarette in Sebastian Alozar’s mind. He had no guilt for the ones he had killed before and he would sleep like a baby later after taking care this latest assignment. Mr. Albert Schmidt, an accountant for the Colette institute of research, had discovered some ill-gotten funds while checking some old financial ledgers. He was planning on going to the feds, if he was threatened in any way. The truth of the matter was, Albert was going “rat out” to the feds no matter what. He was a mouse of a man who often would jump at his own shadow. A call was made to Sebastian from his “superiors” and he would soon take care of things for a nice chunk of change. He knew where Schmidt be tonight, having his usual bowl of New England clam chowder at Spenser’s diner on the corner. All Sebastian had to do was wait outside in the parking lot and make it clean. One shot to Schmidt’s head and it would be done. The innate feeling of remorse over murder that is within most people, would be completely absent in the soulless body of Sebastian Alozar. He would do the job he worked hard at¬† and then head home to the loving embrace of his wife and their three small children.

Stymie~#FOWC #WOTD #poetry #themagicshop


She preferred to keep living missing her heart

This last betrayal forces her to play this new part

No more connections to established bonds

Turning away in survival to just move on

Her expectations removed in meeting anyone new

That potential for pain now cut and removed

A chosen stone is what she’ll become

Mute to false opinions from everyone

No longer stymied by mere false intentions

This scarred woman now rises with new direction



Kingdom~#FOWC #WOTD #poetry #themagicshop


The villagers cheered as he rode in on his horse

King Philip had come home from the Nordic wars

Trumpets blared out, flowers were thrown

They did love this man who sat on their throne

Men were in awe of his strength through ascension

Women would fight for any of his attention

He ruled over these people with the noblest heart

Protecting them from evil before it would start

This land was quite prosperous under his rule

Unfortunately, none of this was actually true

King Philip was really just Phil in a hospital bed

Under observation for all the fantasies in his head

There was no happy kingdom free of all sadness

It was all just a figment of Phil’s delusional madness