SoCS / August writing ~Define yourself #SoCS #Augustwriting


Before you step out unto this day

Pause to reflect on your overstuffed ways

An agenda for others that clutters your mind

Your own needs ignored in this unquestioned grind

No time to breathe in your malnourished space

Instead enabling others in an endless rat-race

Now, stop for a moment to defend yourself

A majority of one acceptably selfish

This change in behavior sprouts from down deep

First realizing your worth is strictly for keeps

Prioritize your heart in wanting more

Start embracing your desires as things to fight for


Written for – and the August Writing Prompt – For Keeps – Day 14/31

SoCS / WWP ~ Master Race #SoCS #WWP


Some of earth’s animals were sucked out into space
Aliens from Mars were trying to create a new race
They were attempting to co-mingle genes from all different beasts
Hoping for a monster that would conquer worlds with ease
Not knowing the breeds on which they would tinker
Mixed a stink bug with skunk breeding one super-stinker
Luckily, the aliens gave up on their plan
The smell in their ship forced them back to their homeland

(75 words)


For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Tinker in 75 words 

Written for the The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS August 17/19

FOWC with Fandango/SoCS ~ Time for a new shirt #FOWC #SoCS


His favorite shirt now needed to be throughly cleaned. That’s really all that mattered to Patrick Mears-this shirt. It had always meant so much to him. Even more than his boss who was now slowly dying right in front of him. “Why couldn’t you just do the right thing for once?”  Patrick calmly thought. Eight years of trying to keep the dirty dealings of Waterman & Snells Financial services completely legal and not one extra dime over any average accountant’s salary was given to him, ever. Patrick felt he deserved this salary bump more than anyone else at this corrupt firm. Despite a convincing, fact-based argument to anyone else who would have heard it, Nick Margolis denied Patrick’s request. Where was the fairness in all of this?  The framed pictures of race horses and yachts around Nick’s office silently  mocked Patrick as he plunged a pen directly into Nick’s left eye. “I really liked this shirt”  He thought again as he looked down at the blood spill splattered all over his sleeve. Patrick felt genuinely sad over the unnecessary mess that had been made, completely ambivalent to the human life that  he had just ended.


Written for Fandango’s FOWC prompt- Spill and Linda G. Hill’s SOCS prompt


SoCS/FOWC/Friday Fictioneers/WWP ~ The Work of Art #FOWC #Fridayfictioneers #SoCS #Fandango


“You call that art?” Victor said as handed Officer Robbins a pretzel from his cart. “Art is like that Italian broad in the frame, Mona something.”  Robbins bit into the pretzel, grateful that Victor was still peddling this late.  He looked at the sculpture that Victor was referring too.  It wasn’t his taste either but, still pretty in its own way. “You shouldn’t judge all art by your tastes, Victor” Robbins said, truly enjoying the freshness of his pretzel.  Victor questioned “Well, whats a work of art to you?”  Robbins smiled at Victor,
“Your pretzels”.

(95 words)


Written using the following prompts – Stream of Consciousness Saturday  Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #115. , Friday Fictioneers prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo credit: Roger Bultot. and finally, Fandago’s FOWC prompt

SoCS / JulyWriting ~ How to have your house painted for you, cheaply


1. Look at the exterior of your house. Understand how much work actually needs to be done. Then realize how much you don’t want to be the one to do it.

2. Drive to the paint store for supplies.

3. Gather up all the paint, brushes, tarps and any other tools needed to complete the job. Have the store charge it to your corporate account- “Amalgamated Painters”. Doesn’t matter if this company doesn’t really exist. There is always an Amalgamated “something” out there, somewhere to bill all kind of stuff to.

4. Find a child, preferably one smart enough to fake tears and one who accepts candy or loose change for bribes.

5. Go to a place where mostly, young and strong men gather. Coffee houses work best, but bagel shops and diners are also quite good. Make sure that there is no alcohol involved or the project will never get completed.

6. Have previously mentioned child, enter this establishment- crying their eyes out. At this point you can improvise your own verbage. I prefer “Can someone please help me? My Daddy lost his job at the mill (Hopefully, no listeners will catch on that there is no actual mill anywhere near there. But, it sounds really sad) Our house needs work, its falling apart. I just wanted it painted, something to make my Daddy happy”.

7. At this point, you should have some concerned men line up willing to help. Make sure you had given the child your address beforehand and not the address of someone else. This mistake turned ugly to a buddy of mine who gave out the address of his neighbor, who has aluminum siding on their house.

8. Have all the supplies on your front lawn waiting for whoever shows up.

9. To guarantee that the job gets done efficiently and quickly, provide as much caffeine-based refreshments beforehand to the painters. Their are a wide variety of things to choose from. I had Espresso cupcakes and Megabull energy drinks prepared for my crew. My entire house was painted by three guys in under ninety minutes.

9. Once the house is complete, limp back out of your house to thank whoever showed up to do the job. Don’t forgot to bandage your foot or whatever other appendage you want to say is broken.

10. Sit in your favorite chair afterwards and binge a show, enjoying your freshly painted house.


The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 13/19 

July Writing Prompts – Espresso cupcakes – Day 13/31


SoCS / Fandago with FOWC ~ Kitty rock #SoCS #FOWC


FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK….” came blaring out again from the apartment next door. Ted jumped from his recliner, just as he was about to relax for a quiet evening at home. He had been living in this apartment complex for close to four years now and never had any issues with any of the neighbors. Then, someone moved in next door about two weeks ago. Ted never met them, but he sure was aware of their presence. This was the second night in a row that the sounds of loud heavy metal music was played for Ted to hear. The music disrupted his temporary tranquility at home, away from his busy life. Plus, the volume just annoyed the Hell out of him. Tonight, it was even louder yesterday and Ted decided to end this once and for all. To him, it was a foregone conclusion that it was probably some twenty-something dude with a taste for “sex, drugs and Rock and roll”. The band ‘AC/DC’ continued to seep through the door as Ted aggressively marched next door to his neighbor’s apartment. He rang the doorbell multiple times before it finally opened. Ted was all set to give this ‘rocker’ a good verbal thrashing. Instead, who answered the door was an attractive woman with an glowing smile. Before Ted could say anything, (Not that he would now, being suddenly enamored) she handed him a small business card.

Hello! I am a deaf individual. Please be patient when communicating with me. Thank you.

Ted smiled as he read the card. ‘AC/DC’ began a new song surprisingly much lower this time, almost like someone rapidly turned the volume down for a moment. He looked up at the woman and spotted something moving past her, within the apartment. On an entertainment stand, was a stereo. Sitting in front of it was a grey kitten, playing with some of the protruding knobs. It was turning them for amusement as some delightful new ‘cat-toy’. Ted looked at the woman, smiled and began hand signing to her. This was a mandatory skill for his occupation in teaching to the deaf. The two of them started laughing, as they both turned to watch the kitten crank up ‘Back in Black’ , its tail waving in the air in oblivious amusement.


Written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday and Fandago’s FOWC prompt- “Temporary”

SoCS ~Solo act #SoCS


Those demons of doubt once again rear their heads

Insecurity bubbles up to drown you in dread

Mirrors become horrid in your slanted glance

Neglecting your true self yet another chance

Positivity with peers is a daily charade

Thoughts gone awry are ones naturally made

You fight to be stable in this emotional war

The mere act of living is a weakening chore

Your only defense in surviving is preoccupation

Silencing the sadness with escaping provocation


Written for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt from Linda G. Hill. The charge is to use the words “silent/silence.” Use one or both in your post.

SoCS/ WWP/ Friday Fictioneers ~Wonderfully Blinded


It was a joy for Karen to watch her daughter, Rosy spin around playing ‘pin the tail on the donkey’.  “Look at her” Karen said to James. “She’s having so much fun with that game”.
“Yes, she is easy to please. But, her birthday party was yesterday.   Don’t you think we should take that thing down?”
Karen stared back at her daughter, who was in bliss with some colored pieces of paper. “No..let her enjoy it, while she still can.”
Karen smiled knowing that simple childhood joys fade away far too fast.

(92 words)


Written for the following prompts- Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday “Rosy”, Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing prompt “Spin” and The Friday fictioneers photo prompt.


SoCS ~ A Good Sign #weekend-writing-prompt #SoCS


Wonderfully, Peggy found her dream man
A restaurant chef simply named Stan
She was hesitant about this particular guy
He wasn’t her compatible Zodiac sign
But, Horoscopes are not always guaranteed
He was her perfect match who also made great Mac and Cheese

(43 words)


Written using the following prompts – Linda G. Hills SoCS for 5/18, Sammiscribles Weekend Writing prompt and The Haunted Wordsmith’s Daily Prompt “Mac and Cheese”.

SoCS – A Cloud’s breaktime~#SoCS #poetry


A cloud fell from the sky without making a sound

It did this unnoticed since no one was around

A cloud falling from above does seem a bit absurd

Something this odd had never occurred

Yet, here was this white puff now standing on grass

Quietly lingering as its heavenly family passed

A young girl was skipping by through some neighboring fields

Spotted the cloud but not thinking it was real

“Are you really a cloud, fallen from the sky?”

She curiously asked fully intending to know why

“I am indeed what you see enjoying some well needed rest”

The cloud whispered softly with gossamer breath

She then asked with concern, “will you soon be floating up again?”

“You’re place is above us, out up in the heavens”

The cloud breathed out a sigh and replied through a smile

“I promise I will, but can you just sit with me for a little while?”

She sat down beside him then they both looked up in the air

At all the clouds above them located everywhere

“I often look up and think how pretty you are”

The girl said with her eyes glancing afar

“Really? How funny, I think a similar thing.”

The cloud’s vapor trails spoke as they continued to keep swirling.

“See, we are both quite special being these ones of a kind”

“I often watch you and think what a beautiful sight”


Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday Prompt – “fall from the sky”.

SoCS~ The search for Fab #SoCS #themagicshop


For us chubby folks there’s this ongoing test

To lose that spare padding in looking our best

Every day we face obstacles from gluttonous temptations

Like easy, fast foods always topped with more bacon

Then there’s those sugary sweets that are always around

Just waiting for us to inhale them when no one’s around

We fight everyday to reduce our tummy flab

That continuous struggle in our quest to look fab

Written for Linda G. Hills Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.


SoCS/ Friday fictioneers~Buyer’s remorse #SoCS #Fridayfictioneers


“D’oh!” Jenkins said smacking his hand against his head in shock. He had always wanted to own a big machine.  One that was at forefront of technology in the manufacturing world. Sales representatives had pitched him this product as the future of wardrobe manufacturing. Jenkins gleefully purchased it, sight unseen. After the device was installed,  Jenkins went to go see it in action.  His excitement quickly turned to regret upon seeing the results of his purchase. The Ultravox3000 was indeed the most advanced device of its type, being able to quickly produce a single shoelace of impeccable quality.

(95 words)

For Friday Fictioneers prompt and SoCS Saturday.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 30/19

29 March 2019