The Sick Writer~#poetry #sick #themagicshop


Three days sick without writing a word! Hope this makes up for some lost time ..


A writer’s dilemma that alway proves frightening

Are those annoying, brief obstacles that will stop them from writing

It often can be from the lack of ideas in their heads

Those damn vacated spaces that are creatively dead

Sometimes its life’s burdens that eat up all of their time

Leaving no room to make poetry with the occasional rhyme

Perhaps its a sadness that’s muting their inner muse

Sapping out energy in trying to express such wonderous views

For me, a different reason forced me to take these past few days off

A series of ailments that included a cough

Sleepless at night with a hack born in Hell

Trying to Blog with bronchitis was just not going well

With meds in my body, I took a dare that I thought would be fulfilling

I set out to make a rhyme with the word amoxicillin

With this short piece, I’ve come back from the writing dead

And I accomplished all this from the from the comforts of my bed