May Writing – Clara’s fruit of choice – #MayWriting


Aunt Clara chose once again some great dishes to prepare

Her family would soon enjoy yet another delicious affair

Before the first course, all bowed down their heads in blessings

Then Clara served out the salad covered in her own Raspberry dressing

Those delightful greens tantalized everyone with each little leafy bit

Which was then followed up by Clara’s Raspberry soup which was just exquisite

If these entrees weren’t enough to satisfy all the kin

Clara then brought out her Raspberry pot-roast for everyone to dig-in

Multiple side dishes like Raspberry stuffing and Raspberry surprise

Proved that old theory that a stomach is always smaller than one’s hungry eyes

When this buffet finished stuffing everyone in gluttonous prosperity

It was time for desserts that were Clara’s absolute specialty

Everyone knew of Clara’s tarts always filled with her favorite fruit

Yet, when she brought out this fresh batch they clearly were substitutes

“Not all tarts are Raspberry” Clara announced to the family with a pout

“I made you a Raspberry flavored meal and I simply ran out”



Written for the May Writing Prompts – Not All Tarts are Raspberry – Day 14/31 and The Haunted Wordsmith’s setting challenge – family dinner