Yellow Umbrellas~#SeptemberWriting #rhyme #themagicshop


I recently went to this strange little mall

Only one item per shop with no choices at all

Coleman’s cups only carried one type of grey mug

The showroom in Shagworld displayed just one green Berber rug

Larry’s Lids sold nothing but red baseball caps

Finnegan’s Pub had only one flavored drink from the tap

Sally’s socks only stocked left ones and nothing more

To make a complete pair, Right Socks R Us was on the third floor

Do you think picking out birthday cards was always so hard?

Try shopping at Hillmans which only stocks just one get well card

Now, this mall is quite silly that much is for sure

But that didn’t prevent me from opening my own store

Come down the escalator to Rainwear by Bellas

Where I will gladly show you my yellow umbrellas


September Writing prompt – Yellow umbrellas – Day 26/30

Twisty Tops~#SeptemberWriting #Rhyme #themagicshop


In the world of hair styling everyone knows this man’s name

He is simply called Hugo and cutting hair is his game

He’s known to make art out of anyone’s hair

The styles he makes happily make people stare

Hugo is picky and doesn’t just style anyone

His ego and demands exclude most everyone

The clients he picks line up down the block awaiting their turn

Most of them are rich and have money to burn

From Hollywood starlets and queens of the screen

To European royalty with Reality divas in between

Then one day someone recognized out loud

That Hugo’s haircuts were all alike in a crowd

With all of the blind hype coming from Hugo’s fame

No one had noticed that all of his looks were the same

Hugo confessed knowing only one way to chop

Making all women’s hair into identical twisty tops


September Writing Prompt – Twisty Tops – Day 23/3