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No matter how his world was, the man just couldn’t be happy

Always looking at life and thinking it was crappy

He complained about stuff in so many ways

Seeing gray skies on the bluest of days

Always forcing a smile when he wanted to cry

Telling everyone that “life was good” which he really felt was a lie

The funny thing here was that this was all a deception

For everything he saw was his own warped perception

His actual life was not bad upon second glances

It was his negative opinions that made bad circumstances

Along came a lady with an opposite outlook

Her viewpoints on things were from a more positive book

These two different people begin dating which friends considered quite strange

Then again they weren’t aware of the man’s sudden new attitude change

Being in love made him realize that his demeaner had to go

He started dealing with things in a more postive flow

This event that’s his life is one in which he now frequently applauds

Instead of him thinking “life sucks” which was actually quite fraud

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The round is over, you lost again

Get up, start fighting

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Words were said stealing your grin

Diminish the source

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Stuck in neutral over what could have been

Punch in a new route

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Too much to handle, unable to begin

Make it a molehill

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Yesterday snuffed your fire within

Light a new match

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Pain is an echo wanting to win

Escape from it’s grasp

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