A Moment~#poetry #life


Just a moment

A smile appears after a sip of a shake

The simplicity of an eight year old’s dreams

Her world is suddenly a frozen joy

Just a moment

Terror consumes the teenager

An impact of metal during a text

Lost priorities on an asphalt’s skin

Just a moment

Every muscle flexed for the incoming

She accepts the pain to hear the miracle

The room now echoes in a blessed cry

A blink of an eye

The flip of a switch

Life in its changes

All in a moment

Lady of the Lake~#poetry #freewill #themagicshop


She has finally arrived at this place

A lake to give back her destiny

Determination defined this woman

Inhaling the changes of hope at the top

The path here was wrought with obstacles

A hike uphill that buried her identity

Poisonous partners, hidden agendas

All failed attempts in snuffing this spitfire

Fresh surface reflections reveal her strength

A new warrior stares out upward

This woman’s beaten soul reborn

Rules finally written by her hand

She rests for a moment, unachoring her dreams

The waters of freewill renourishong her spirit

An endless distance of possibilities to explore

Deep and exciting choices await for this lady of the lake to dive into

Fresh air, no despair~ #Novemberwriting #poetry #themagicshop


Power-down, reconnect

Pay attention, give respect

Focus now and close the app

Escape all social media traps

Open your eyes, clear your head

Don’t believe what you’ve been fed

Different agendas, many views

Flush away online news

With a text you’ve made a choice

Change your sound, speak your voice

These little boxes manipulate

Raise your head, stand up straight

Go offline with no despair

Rejoin mankind in its fresh air

November Writing Prompt- Fresh air, no despair- Day 12/30


Captivating Confines~#NovemberWriting #poetry


The killer was shocked by the punishment given

Assuming the judge would just end his living

Instead he was brought to a lodge after the trial

The police then left him alone to stay there for awhile

It was a cozy chateau with a warm atmosphere

Pleasantly decorated from front to rear

No entertainment or games to have fun

Not that this mattered him being a party of one

All his meals came cooked and filled with yummy tastes

His biggest dilemma was all the time he had to waste

Although this quaint place was a nice place to reside

One you were sentenced your freedom remained inside

As much as the killer enjoyed this new type of cell

To never breathe freedom was actually Hell

Total seclusion finally drove the killer insane

Captivating confines is where the prison doctors placed blame


November Writing Prompt- Captivating confines -Day 9/30

Lost Climb~#poetry #dreams #themagicshop


His climb ended today

Reality reminded him to stop

This abyss becomes his norm again

Settle in, enjoy this darkness

Cheered on by past escapees

Maybe- just maybe it was his time

A hope was given

Perhaps his chance to advance

Excited dreams get born

A breath of new air in his lungs

Different clouds, Fresher views

His heart raced with each planned step

The icing being in her embrace again

Unfiltered love reconnected

She would be there waiting for his lips

His dead passion now aflame with escape

Then, the foolishness of want ended

He crumpled back down into the present tense

Facts and failures grounded him

The promise of content always denied to the dreamer

Spooky Intent~#Halloween #poetry #themagicshop


People lose focus about this time of year

The point of the day was to induce primal fear

Scaring away spirits was part of its birth

Now laughing at costumes diminishes it’s worth

Candy and parties now define this tradition

It’s history far different from current conditions

Not that today it’s celebrated wrong

It has just been streamlined to not make its origin so strong

So, dress up and have fun on today’s Halloween

Just remember its past in making unwanted dead souls scream

The Owl’s Day~#poetry #themagicshop


I once met this nice lady with a wonderful smile

She’s a passionate writer and has been for a while

She can write about anything be it love or cupcakes

Just give her a topic and a poem she will make

A great mother as well with a daughter who’s cool

Trust me, I know because I’m friends with her too

She also inspired me to write in my own special way

I thank God that I met her pretty much every day

I’m celebrating her day with a shout, cheer and howl

Her flight a year stronger, Happy Birthday Nite-Owl

3 A.M. ceiling~#insominia #poetry #themagicshop


Words fail its potency

The ceiling becomes your universe

Anxiety is now your blanket

Sink down into this endless void

Your thoughts dance to no music

Brief visits to places hold you forever

Losing in nightly battlegrounds is now your norm

Time relentlessly ignored your dilemma

Staring without seeing

Isolated next to your partner

They’re vacationing in R.E.M.

You continue to suffer in silence

Finally, the stream of thinking gets damned

Your body surrenders

What’s left over now becomes bliss

Awaking only to now face the loneliness of the day

A Ziglet of Zombies~ #OctoberWriting #poetry #themagicshop


Professor Amy Mancuso was painfully shy

With a dull social life that was often quite dry

She would escape to her lab working mornings to nights

Working on projects ignoreing her lonely life

Romance and true love is what her heart always yearned for

But, her flirting and dating skills were inadequately poor

Then she met Jerry on a lunch break from work

A prince in her eyes, but in real life a jerk

A courtship begin hiding his true intent

He liked to con women with Amy to be next

He mooched off her money and fouled her in bed

Kerry slyfully achieved this by using the looks on his head

Amy sadly discovered that she had been fooled by this cad

And decided to invite him up for a surprise in her lab

She promised him the best sex down in the lab’s cellar

Disguising her true intent of what she had planned for this bad fella

She gave him a kiss and pushed him in a dark room

Then shut the door on him and awaited his doom

With all of the days she wasted with Jerry and his sick plans

She never finished her projects of making some new types of man

Jerry soon screamed as if being attacked

Professor Amy’s ziglet of zombies just had their late evening snack

October Writing Prompt- A Ziglet of Zombies – Day 26/31

Another October Day~#poetry #Halloween #themagicshop


A time in October once again draws near

That day that is known for inducing one’s fears

When childlike creatures stalk the night

Looking to quell their large appetites

Where vacated buildings become dens of terror

Crowded with patrons who’s frights last forever

There are the annual parties attended by vampires and ghosts

Who endlessly suck drinks from the ones who are hosts

All of these things sound cool until you realize the date

Your wrong if you think it’s that spooky-fun holiday

For the monsters this day are real and not make-believe

Screams of real horror rule this night, the day that’s Not Halloween

Slide~#poetry #postivity #themagicshop


The round is over, you lost again

Get up, start fighting

Slide back in

Words were said stealing your grin

Diminish the source

Slide back in

Stuck in neutral over what could have been

Punch in a new route

Slide back in

Too much to handle, unable to begin

Make it a molehill

Slide back in

Yesterday snuffed your fire within

Light a new match

Slide back in

Pain is an echo wanting to win

Escape from it’s grasp

Slide back in

A Special Place~#poetry #evil #themagicshop


Good morning and Welcome, ready to check-in?

So much to do here, where shall I begin

Activities at night, games during the day

You’re never to sleep it’s all part of your stay

Here’s a place called the echo room where you’re constantly reminded

Of the lives you had ended and the innocent you’ve blinded

A club for molesters to pick up some new dates

Only after our staff inflicts on them justified rapes

Sadists and drug pushers are made to swim in our pool

Filled with the blood of the ones they abused

We will be making your time with us a memorable delight

Just as you did to so many in your previous life

You’ve enjoyed my tour, I can tell by your face

Now for pedophiles like you, we have a real special place…