Peachy Kisses~#shortfiction #AugustWriting #themagicshop


IMG_20180811_080038.jpg“Oh, THAT one is definitely going to be in the book”   she thought to herself in the cab as it sped away from the Capital Hotel in lower Manhattan.   Sapphire Jackson already had a name for the inevitable book that she was going to write.  “Strange stories from a normal woman”  would be the working title,  and it was about as accurate of a title it could be in her mind.  To her, this was just a job -period.   You left your morality at home when you put on the wig and glitter to head out to your next gig.   It had been about three years since she started this profession and was planning to call it quits by next year.   By that time,  she’ll have enough money to head back to school and finish her degree.   Thats what started this current “career” in the first place, that basic overall financial need to survive in this world by any means necessary.   She leaned her head back and rested it on top of the cab’s back seat and thought about the guy she had just finished with back at the hotel.   All of her clients had their different quirks and habits.   Some wanted to just get right to the sex with no talking whatsoever.  Others actually just wanted to chat with her for fifty minutes saving the last ten for actual intercourse.   None of it really mattered.   She always got the cash up front and from that point on she was there to do whatever to please them, the paying customer.   She had her share of weirdos too,  just like her fellow associates in the business had as well.   These clients were going to be the ones that would be later introduced to the literary world one day.   There was the guy who wanted to be called only by the number “88” for some reason throughout their entire session.  Then there was “Mr. Hoppy”.  This was her nickname for the guy who wanted to do everything dressed in a head to toe Frog’s costume.  It was some damn crazy things, but as long as their cash was good their requests  could get as freaky as they wanted for sixty minutes.  She had two basics rules for all of her transactions-No drugs and no bondage.  She wasn’t into either one of those scenes,  ever.   The one she had earlier tonight definitely fell into the category of  “different”.   About ninety minutes ago, She was greeted at the room’s door by a short, clean well dressed man in a three-piece suit.   He was polite to her when he opened the door and smiled when he handed over the stack of hundred-dollar bills.   She started to tell him the list of her specialities and he interrupted her halfway through the second item.   He told her that what he wanted was nothing like any of the things that she (or any other people in her industry) was known for doing.   He then told hold to go sit down in the lounge chair, the one in the corner of the hotel room.   She agreed and carefully sauntered over to sit down.  The man then  walked over to her and handed her a large brown paper shopping bag.  He went back over to the bed,  sat on the end of it and told her to open the bag.  Sapphire opened the bulky bag and saw that there was about eight to twenty  fresh picked peaches in there. The aroma was sweet and almost, enriching to her senses.  She looked up at the man who was still completely clothed and giving off what seemed to be an almost innocent, warm grin.  He then told her exactly what he wanted her to do with each individual peach and she agreed.   For the next sixty minutes,  Sapphire took out each individual peach and simply gave it a slight kiss on its skin.  She didn’t take a bite from any of them or even use tongue in the kiss.  They were just slight pecks from her lips and nothing more.  She asked “Joe” (he told her his apparent name by the third peach that she had taken out) if he wanted her to do more intimate things with the peaches.  Perhaps, she could strip and rub one along the top of her entire naked body.  He quietly replied “no” and told her to continue doing it exactly as he had asked.  They was very little conversation from him and when the hour was up,  she put all the peaches (15 in all)carefully back in the bag.  He then softly took her hand and walked her to the door to leave.  He thanked her for a “lovely evening” and then said good night.  He never took a stitch of clothing off,  nor did he unzip his fly to expose anything.  He sat there like a perfect gentleman, fingers clasped together on his lap and enjoyed watching her give a kiss to each and every peach.

Her cab now was stuck in bumper to bumper midtown Saturday night traffic.  Sapphire didn’t mind.  It had already been an easy night for her.  She was looking forward to heading home, taking off all things connected with “Sapphire” and becoming Sarah Gibson again.  It would be a night of Netflix, her favorite cozy socks and a bowl of Rocky-Road ice cream.  These were the things that made her happy and really, that whats should matter at the end of the day.  Her motto in life was always “Whatever makes you smile, that doesn’t kill ya”.  She thought this once again as the cab started to finally move forward.  If watching some lady kiss a bunch of fruit was the thing that made you smile with no harm being done-Then she’ll gladly pucker up and smooch away a whole orchard of peaches. That is, if you pay “Sapphire” in advance for the service.

August writing prompt Peachy Kisses-day 11/31