A Ziglet of Zombies~ #OctoberWriting #poetry #themagicshop


Professor Amy Mancuso was painfully shy

With a dull social life that was often quite dry

She would escape to her lab working mornings to nights

Working on projects ignoreing her lonely life

Romance and true love is what her heart always yearned for

But, her flirting and dating skills were inadequately poor

Then she met Jerry on a lunch break from work

A prince in her eyes, but in real life a jerk

A courtship begin hiding his true intent

He liked to con women with Amy to be next

He mooched off her money and fouled her in bed

Kerry slyfully achieved this by using the looks on his head

Amy sadly discovered that she had been fooled by this cad

And decided to invite him up for a surprise in her lab

She promised him the best sex down in the lab’s cellar

Disguising her true intent of what she had planned for this bad fella

She gave him a kiss and pushed him in a dark room

Then shut the door on him and awaited his doom

With all of the days she wasted with Jerry and his sick plans

She never finished her projects of making some new types of man

Jerry soon screamed as if being attacked

Professor Amy’s ziglet of zombies just had their late evening snack

October Writing Prompt- A Ziglet of Zombies – Day 26/31

Keeper of the Corpses~#OctoberWriting #Horror #poetry #themagicshop


Lilian Finn really hated to wash clothes

It’s where her machines were located that she hated to go

Down in her basement, the washer and dryer stood next to each another

Surrounded by piles of her husband’s backed-up clutter

He’s had to bring work home from his full-time job

An actual neat freak who’s become an overworked slob

Business was booming in her husband’s profession

It was indeed a good time for one to be a mortician

Finn’s funeral home was small but the only one around

Dozens of dead were brought in from all different towns

Her husband tried to fill the requests of the dead’s rightful heirs

But, he soon fell behind and had to dump bodies in his home’s downstairs

To get to do wash,  Lilian had to climb through a cadaver’s obstacle course

However, She still loved her husband-the keeper of the corpses


October Writing Prompts- The Keeper of the corpses- Day 13/31

The Gnomes of Netherland~#OctoberWriting #humor #themagicshop


There was always an interesting story to be told  from retired policeman Frank Sullivan. Every morning at exactly six-thirty,  Frank would join his retired buddies at the bagel place in town for coffee and chatter.  Usually there was retired fireman Billy Coombs, former plumber Anthony Cristi and Jackie Flynn, ex-marine.   All of these men loved these mornings, always enjoying each other’s company.  It gave them a place to escape their daily struggles of old age and  to rekindle their days of being able to handle anything.  Frank in particular,  was proud of his youthful days and always enjoyed sharing tales of some of his more interesting cases.

“Did I ever tell you guys about the gnomes of Nethrland?”  Frank said this as he sat back and took a sip of his coffee.

“No, I would have remembered something like that!”  Jackie said.  His memory for details were always impeccable and accurate.

“Alright, you’ll like this one” a grinning frank said as he leaned in to tell the story.


Sylvia Androkas was a mess.  She woke up this morning to find out that her house had been burglarized. An entire collection of priceless jewelry was now missing.  Patrolman Frank Sullivan was the first one to arrive on the scene and question Mrs. Androkas.  It was easy to spot the Androkas residence from any distance.  On their front lawn, stood easily had ten to twenty ceramic lawn gnomes standing in different places.  Patrolman Sullivan greeted Sylvia in her kitchen and begin questioning her about what had happened.  She claimed that she had gotten up at six A.M.  like she does every morning and proceeded to walk over to her jewelry box on her dresser.  She was shocked to see that the jewelry box had been opened and everything inside was now gone.  After he took down her statement and general list of the items presumed stolen, Officer Sullivan  made a promise that the police would do their best in locating her valuables.  As he heads down the walkway in front of the house,  he notices a slight gleam coming off of one of the ceramic gnomes.  He walked across the front lawn and is surprised to discover that a few of the gnomes were wearing women’s jewelry.  The same pieces that Sylvia Androkas had described to him just a few minutes prior.


“GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE,FRANK!”  Billy Coombs yelled at Frank across the table. “You expect us to think that those gnomes stole that ladies jewelry?”

Anthony and Jackie were both now shaking their heads, laughing.

Frank Sullivan held up his hand, silencing them all.

“Fellas, I’m telling you the truth.  When it comes to my crime stories,  I don’t lie. Those gnomes were troublemakers. Listen to this, three days after the jewelry fiasco Sylvia Androkas’s car was stolen.  They found it, hours later parked outside of Stewey’s Tavern”.

All the men remained silent as Frank Sullivan leaned in towards them and whispered,

“And you ain’t gonna believe who was sitting in the car…..


October Writing Prompts – The Gnomes of Netherland – Day 4/31

Brimstone Brew~#OctoberWriting #poetry #Rhyme #themagicshop


Wanda and Zelda were two very poor witches

Their powerful magic could not bring them riches

They lived in squalor wearing nothing but rags

Using newspapers for blankets with pillows being trash bags

Most of their spells were mixology based

Making some fall in love or have their memories erased

But, the needs for these potions slowed down to none

People found new ways online to get all their magic now done

Both witches then thought of a way to cash in on a fear

The dread that a man has of running out of beer

They opened their spell books and a bartender’s guide

They then created an ale that no guy had yet tried

This drink would replenish all that was swallowed

An endless stream of cold brew in bottomless bottle

People paid it’s high price due to it’s high demand

It was a full working brewery in the palm of your hand!

Zelda and Wanda became wealthy and are no longer blue

Living life to the fullest because of their Brimstone brew

October Writing Prompt- Brimstone Brew – Day 3/31

Purple Plasma~#OctoberWriting #shortfiction #themagicshop


Gina Byrnes just couldn’t wait for her boyfriend, Steve to get home from work. She had earlier let herself into his apartment using the spare set of keys that he had given to her just a month previous. She loved Steve and decided to surprise him with an impromptu gift of her affection. He was an avid collector of seventies memorabilia. Steve liked the aesthetics and craziness of that decade, even though he was a child born in the eighties. He had framed movie posters of “Saturday Night Fever” and “Jaws” hanging up on his walls. On the floor in his living room, he had a rust-colored shag rug with a black leather beanbag chair in the center. None of these things were Gina’s personal tastes but, she respected his passion. Besides, he wasn’t completely living in a world of polyester and corduroy. He had the most advanced laptop currently out set up at an ultra tech work station. There was however, an original Pet Rock in a Box and a spiky-haired troll standing on a shelf above the desk. Gina noticed the time on the digital clock. It was almost time for Steven to get home and Gina knew she had to move fast. Surprisingly, the one item missing from Steven’s collection was the iconic lava-lamp. Gina found one for him online and it looked like it had been made right back in the seventies. It had a brushed steel top and base with purple plasma ready to float in its glass body. She set it up on his end table closest to his front door and then crouched down to put the plug in the wall socket. Gina wanted him to see it and be surprised as soon as he got home.

The slow hum of the lamp’s heater went on. That’s when she felt something fall on top of her right shoulder. At first she thought it was just the corner of the end table but, then she felt her arm getting heavy and warm. She stood up quickly and noticed that the metal top of the lamp had been knocked off. The purple contents inside were now missing. Before Gina had a chance to utter a single gasp, she felt her mouth being covered up by something warm and wet. She looked down at her shoulder to see the contents of the lava lamp were now on her arm and growing. A strand of purple had spat out from her upper arm and was now expanding over her mouth. Gina’s heart went into overdrive and she jumped back from the table, her one free arm now flailing in the air. She reached up to her face in an attempt to pull off the gel which was now sliding down into the back of her throat. She no longer felt her fingers as they slowly got sucked into a gooey mound that was on her face. She fell back unto Steven’s couch knocking over a chrome floor lamp. Gina Byrnes final sight with the one remaining eye she had left was a smiley-face throw pillow with the words “Have a Nice Day!” written on its face. She rapidly blinked and cried as her entire body was melted away inside the purple ooze.

Steven Weber was smiling from ear to ear. He had just gotten home and noticed immediately the new lava lamp standing on his table. The purple globs inside the glass were floating up and down in peaceful tranquility. He thought to himself that this has to be the work of Gina. He loved that woman and knew he had to call her right away. He walked into the kitchen to use his avocado green landline rotary phone. The lava lamp continued its dance of slow purple plasma within the warm lit glass cylinder with a few human teeth now laying on the bottom of the lamp.

October Writing Prompt – Purple Plasma- Day 2/31