Her Hero~#Novemberwriting #shortfiction #themagicshop


Fifth grader Emily Stowe was shivering outside the ‘Shoppers Paradise’ supermarket. It was an unseasonably chilly October morning. Her gloved hands still cold, holding an old coffee can that was now being used for donations. The ‘James Madison middle school’ marching band had been invited to compete in the midwest regional tournament, if the band raised enough funds for travel. Emily played the trumpet and was thrilled about the prospects of going somewhere different. It would be exciting considering the fact that she had never been anywhere outside of her own home state of Ohio. Freezing on a Saturday morning was a small price for her to pay, if it meant that she would see past this little corner of the world that she was in. The coffee can had a few paper dollars in it with a good deal of change at the bottom. Shoppers were being generous today, as they frantically entered and exited the store. Emily’s mom stood behind her holding the daily large cup of coffee she couldn’t live without.

“Em, do you want a cup of hot chocolate? We could go get a cup and come right back”. Her Mom asked as she looked down at her obviously cold daughter.

“No, I’m ok. It’s alright” Emily said hoarsely as her breath froze in the air. The idea of Hot chocolate really had appealed to her, but she just didn’t want to vacate this spot-not even for a minute. Today was the last push for donations and Emily was determined to make whatever she could in the time allotted to her. She also felt slightly proud about being chosen to do this.

A young man wearing military fatigues was walking up from the parking lot towards the store. His hair was cut short, almost shaved to nothing. He stepped up to Emily’s can, reached into his pocket and then dropped a few dollars into it.

“Here ya go, little lady. I hope your band gets to go”. The man said with a deep authortative voice.

A big sign taped to the can’s side said “SEND THE MMS BAND TO COMPETE!”

“Thank you” Emily said.

“And thank you for your service” Emily’s mom said to the man. He went on to say that he had just gotten home from overseas, possibly awaiting new orders for another assignment. The soldier wished Emily a “good luck” and then entered the store.

Emily stood there for a moment thinking about what the soldier had just said. She felt bad that his time here at home may not be for long at all. Unlike hers, which was permanent. Then she felt a slight tinge of guilt taking anything from this man, who could possibly lose everything fighting for her, for anybody. Emily reached into her pant’s pocket and took out two dollars that she had left over from her previous week’s allowance.

Ten minutes, the soldier exited the store. Emily called out to him.

“Excuse me? Thank you the donation before. I want you to now have a gift from me, just for helping everyone out” She then handed the soldier her two crumpled dollar bills.

The soldier stood there a bit surprised by this. He was now holding a small bag of groceries as his face warmed up with the look of genuine contentment. Emily’s mom looked at him, with an “its ok” kind of expression.

“Thats really sweet of you. I appreciate it, Thank you” The soldier hesitated before taking the money, as if he had reservations about doing it. Still, he went along with it thinking that this is what would make this little girl happy. He then walked off down towards the rest of the stores that made up the mini-mall connected to the supermarket.

“Emily, I’m really proud of you.” her Mom said as she wrapped her arm around Emily’s shoulder to keep her warm.

However, Emily suddenly quite warm inside knowing she did something nice for someone else.

A few minutes later, the smell of chocolate filled the air around Emily’s nose. She looked around to see that the soldier had returned holding a large cup of hot chocolate.

“You look like you could use this”. He said as he handed Emily the cup. She smiled up at him.

“Nothing beats a Hot cocoa out in the cold. Oh, and this?” He held up the two dollars that Emily had given him previously.

“I do thank you but, I got others at home just like these. You keep it”. He then placed the bills back into the can.

The soldier nodded at the mom and headed off to the parking lot.

Emily took a sip out of her cup, filling the inside of her mouth with hot sweetness. She watched the soldier get into his car and drive off. She thought about how special that soldier was to her and many others. She smiled, suddenly realizing something. It had occurred to her that today was the day that Emily met her hero.

November Writing Prompt- Her Hero -Day 30/30

Voided Victories~#Novemberwriting #poetry


A fight for an octagon ends

Tatterd backpacks

Shattered windshield

The blood will now speak on their behalf

Voices of voters had been cried out weekly

The Council of suits feigned concern

Hidden lies to appease were spewed

Promise of action, peace for parents

Bureaucrats sloth gum up the works

Double-time pay eliminates mortality

The corner awaited its destiny

A town meets for different reasons today

Eulogies of venom

Voided victories are what residents were fed

Caskets of callousness is all that they have left

November Writing Prompt- Voided Victories – Day 29/30

Nervy Knights~#NovemberWriting #themagicshop


A new threat had arrived in the kingdom of Greenslawn

They snuck into town right before dawn

Beings quite vile like the Huns of Wolf’s Ridge

As sneaky as the trolls from across Wicken’s Bridge

The villagers fled quickly afraid for their lives

Not realizing this attack was a far different type

These marauders were not killing or looting for food

Instead it involved acts of just being socially rude

They voiced out their opinions when no one had asked

Often being quite critical followed up by a smug laugh

Crashing town parties with obtrusive bedlam

Arriving empty-handed and spoiling all the fun

The villagers wished to expel these callous ingrates

Their prayers would be answered by a sight at the front gate

A new army appeared to do battle with those nervy knights

The Minions with manners had arrived ready to politely fight


November Writing Prompt- Nervy Knights – Day 25/30

Silly Lily~#Novemberwriting #poetry #themagicshop


I was ready to give up on finding my soul mate

Throwing in the towel after just one too many bad dates

I cringed at Hairy Mary who needed a shave

Had tea with Naughty Audrey who wouldn’t behave

The theatre cleared out on a date with Smelly Nellie

Breakfast with Messy Betsy had me covered in Jelly

Kissy Missie was fun but I needed to breathe

Everything Pretend Gwen said I just never believed

I’m still trying to cheer-up from lunch with Sad Maddie

Criticism over coffee was my chat with Crabby Abby

A bachelor’s way was looking to be my new life’s norm

Then I spotted a woman who was laughing out in a rain storm

We started to talk as the rain got us wet

I felt that she was the most amazing woman I had met

Her attitude towards life was so uplifting and fun

She also saw charm in me that she found in no one

I’m thankful for past dates that all went horribly wrong

They made me wait for true love who was Silly Lily all along


November writing Prompt- Silly Lily- Day 14/30

Fresh air, no despair~ #Novemberwriting #poetry #themagicshop


Power-down, reconnect

Pay attention, give respect

Focus now and close the app

Escape all social media traps

Open your eyes, clear your head

Don’t believe what you’ve been fed

Different agendas, many views

Flush away online news

With a text you’ve made a choice

Change your sound, speak your voice

These little boxes manipulate

Raise your head, stand up straight

Go offline with no despair

Rejoin mankind in its fresh air

November Writing Prompt- Fresh air, no despair- Day 12/30


Bustling Beauties~ #NovemberWriting #poetry #themagicshop


The next time you dine out think to try something new

And witness the staff with a new kind of view

Really look at those ladies who serve all your needs

Making sure you are fed and pleasantly pleased

They often carry around trays that might weigh a ton

A balancing act that ceases to amaze everyone

Some of them use pads to write down all orders said

While others memorize whats wanted up in their heads

Tables of patrons are handled by just one in her own dazzling style

Never complaining as she fills your coffee with a smile

Have some respect for the ones who do these long, tiresome duties

Be thankful for waitresses those bustling beauties



Daily Writing Prompt-  https://puttingmyfeetinthedirt.com/

Captivating Confines~#NovemberWriting #poetry


The killer was shocked by the punishment given

Assuming the judge would just end his living

Instead he was brought to a lodge after the trial

The police then left him alone to stay there for awhile

It was a cozy chateau with a warm atmosphere

Pleasantly decorated from front to rear

No entertainment or games to have fun

Not that this mattered him being a party of one

All his meals came cooked and filled with yummy tastes

His biggest dilemma was all the time he had to waste

Although this quaint place was a nice place to reside

One you were sentenced your freedom remained inside

As much as the killer enjoyed this new type of cell

To never breathe freedom was actually Hell

Total seclusion finally drove the killer insane

Captivating confines is where the prison doctors placed blame


November Writing Prompt- Captivating confines -Day 9/30

Lipstick Lover~#Horror #NovemberWriting #themagicshop


If anyone believed in the old adage of “love is blind” it was Norman Krinkle. He had been employed as an accountant at ‘Lucee Cosmetics’ for just about six months when he was approached by Miss Cynthia Thorne. Not only was Cynthia absolutely beautiful and successful, she was the company’s current top vice president. Norman stood just a little over five feet, slightly balding and a bit of a beer belly. Despite all of this, statuesque Cynthia with majestic blue eyes and long blond hair pursued Norman for a relationship. They had been dating secretly for a month. Cynthia insisted they keep it a secret to avoid any potential gossip or scrutiny by the rest of management. This is of course was a minor request for Norman to accept in comparison to all the benefits of being Cynthia’s boyfriend. They often ate out in seclusion at some of the city’s top restaurants. She bought him fancy gifts, like Rolex watches and Dior ties. Then there was the sex which of course was the best part. Norman’s previous experiences in the bedroom with women were limited and dull. Cynthia did things to him in the dark that many lonely men only dream of. It was a continuing surreal fantasy for Norman to be with her and he enjoyed every minute of it, without questioning it.

‘Lucee Cosmetics’ had recently bounced back into being a profitable company again within the last year. Despite their thirty year history in women’s make up, the company was losing business and stockholders from the lack of any new product for the last three years. They needed to hire a miracle worker. Enter one Cynthia Thorne, a prodigy of creative women’s fashion products. She was hired to revitalize the companies lipstick line, which was in desperate need of a make-over. In the spring of 2015, Cynthia introduced her first product to the world. The ‘Lips By Men’ assortment of lipsticks. It was line of primarily red colors that were conceived as “The lips made by men that they want to kiss”. The names picked for each color were done by Cynthia herself. Each one she created started with a man’s name and the word RED directly after it. Colors like JORDAN’S RED, ANDREW’S RED and LIAM’S RED were introduced at the beginning of the summer and they instantly became hits with women everywhere. Market analysts concluded that women wanted to give the man in their lives a pair of lips that men really wanted. Hiring three attractive male models to play the roles of their lipstick namesakes in all the media, additionally helped boost up sales. Cynthia saved Lucee Cosmetics and she was rewarded quite handsomely for it. The trick now, was to introduce more shades of red and extend the line into even further success.

Norman came onboard to the company just as it was starting to generate sales again. He saw the potential here and was even more excited that Cynthia was the reason behind it. The one feeling that Norman never felt from her was one of condescension or disrespect. In fact, Cynthia had often asked him for his opinions on a variety of topics.

Tonight was no different. Cynthia had texted him earlier during the day and invited Norman up to her executive penthouse office for his insight on a new color and name for the next lipstick to be made. She also enticed him with certain physical rewards on top of her rather large mahogany desk.

It was now ten o’clock and Norman was riding in Cynthia’s private elevator up to the top of the building. He had a small wry smile on his face and already felt himself getting excited in the crotch.

Up in her office, Cynthia Thorne sat with her long legs crossed propped up on her desk. She felt her mind go back in time to when she was in college for phlebotomy. Back then, she saw people’s blood types as having different shades. Was this true? It didn’t really matter then or now, this is what she saw with her eyes. She dropped of school due to the utter boredom of the field.

“I don’t miss those damn days of poverty” Cynthia thinks as she takes the machete hidden in her bottom desk’s drawer. The same one that she had used three times last year.

Two months ago, the board of directors had issued Cynthia Thorne a challenge. They wanted the next lipstick color to appeal to women who had or desired a ‘average guy or a regular joe’ in their lives. Never backing down from a dare, Cynthia gladly took this on.

The elevator light came on and the doors opened up. Norman’s face turned to curiosity as he saw the floor covered in clear plastic sheets.

Catherine smiled, stood up and started to walk towards him.

“NORMAN’S RED” would be the next color introduced from Lucee Cosmetics and sold to lipstick lovers everywhere.



November Writing Prompt – Lipstick Lover – Day 8/30

The Dream of all dreams~#NovemberWriting #poetry #themagicshop



Dwelling within all of us are concepts of bliss

Our own personal desires on which we all wish

It can consist of the wants that presently take up your mind

Or it can be achieving a goal you’ve had for a lifetime

From a fresh chocolate donut to a day without rain

A stunning new hairstyle or a car in your name

Picking the numbers that will make you debt free

The one gift that you asked for wrapped under the tree

Meeting that love that finally completes you

Being able to step out in a pair of new shoes

Those last five pounds that you struggled to melt away

Your six-year old’s sculpture that they made out of clay

A friendship rekindled after a long separation

Cleaning out that stuffed closet by defeating procrastination

Hitting a baseball into a home run

Jumping through leaves in innocent Fall fun

It doesn’t matter this thing that makes you tingle inside

Your own dream of all dreams is what keeps you alive



November Writing Prompt – The dream of all dreams – Day 7/30