The Mann of Danger~#MarchWriting #Genre-writing


Secret Agent Rick Mann had been caught once again

By trusting someone who he thought was a friend

He was the spy that always got the job done

Danger to him was just a form of fun

Being held captive was nothing new

It’s happened before when his identity became true

This time he was stopped by the assassins of Dr. Pain

Each one was armed with weapons to injure or maim

Rocket launching ladies and gals with sharp swords

Mann was sure to be heading up to his final rewards

Of course, he escaped avoiding any irrefutable harm

He simply defeated those women with his irresistable charm


Inspired by prompts from- The Haunted Wordsmith’s Genre Writing Challenge# 18 and March Writing Prompts – Rocket launching ladies – Day 21/31


O’ Malley’s Day off ~ #MarchWriting #themagicshop #St.Patsday


Everyone knew of Douglas O’ Malley

The best bartender throughout all of the valley

He mixed any drink with just the right amount of booze

He knew every concoction that a customer would choose

With the speed of a cheetah, he had empty glasses refilled

Miraculously never having a single drop spilled

He showed up every day for his beloved vocation

Never calling out sick or taking a vacation

Ironically, the one time that Douglas would change his hardworking ways

He refused to tend bar on his beloved St. Patrick’s day

O’ Malley’s reasoning was that although his mixing skills were indeed God-given

But, to not drink himself on that March day would be against his religion


March Writing Prompt – Douglas O’ Malley – Day 17/31