Life of Love~#poetry #love #themagicshop


They tingled in their teens

First attractions during Algebra

Mutual smiles nervously given

Cute and awkward discovering each other

Reassurance in their thirties

The time of restless wants

New lives induce fragility

Couch cuddling in between diaper changes

Firm in their fifties

They know that the other is nearby

Their fire is dim but, it still continues to burn

A comfort of history together connects them

Strong in their seventies

Their wrinkled touch still excites

Alone time now is more precious than ever

A silent love that has kept them young

Distance~#poetry #lostlove #themagicshop


Someday he’ll know it

The taste of her lips brushed on his own

Her warming laugh that he’s only read online

To finally gaze into those enchanted eyes that just her selfie has revealed


Someday she’ll know it

His stare inviting in her in for a long overdue kiss, the one that he typed in a promise

The strong embrace from him that she’s dreamt about at night in a blue light glow

To hear his texts of comfort enhanced through the whispers of his voice


Miles away yet close as a shadow

The cruelty of logistics torments them

An unjust time for this connection

Hollow hearts that now to speak to each other in digital passion


This unattainable angel that completes him is always there

This distant warrior continues to bring her peace in prose

They have merely a screen and a yearning  for now

Someday they’ll meet each other and fall in love all over again