August Writing ~ Wifely #AugustWriting


A selection of names spewed daily on her

His modus operandi delivered with slurs

She had her young heart captured my him

Promises shoveled convinced her to give in

A matrimonial trap sprung on this beauty

Pleasing the unpleasant as her commanded duty

All essence of her being forced to be hidden

Behaving only by his rules forcefully given

A spark of survival seeks escape from within

The scream of her strength reclaiming her skin

A rediscovery of herself now no longer treading lightly

She will no more be confined to his warped form of wifely


Written for the August Writing Prompts – Treading Lightly – Day 7/31


SoCS / FOWC ~ Pet names #SoCS #FOWC


Being a marriage counselor, It’s interesting for me watching couples  interact with each other. They sometimes talk of inside-jokes and playful references from their relationship. Doreen and Carl had many of these in their marriage. She labeled his laziness in not filling up empty ice cube trays with water to freeze as “Glacial Amnesia”. Where as he called her way of bowling the “Dinosaur sashay”.

(66 words)


Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt- “Glacial” and Fandago’s FOWC prompt – “Sashay”


FOWC ~ Hustle ~ The False Heart #FOWC


I care not for your new found empathy

Keep it within for it means nothing to me

Previous pains that you’ve generously shared

Damaging the ones that really did care

Flicking some switch towards a false epiphany

Ends just as quick as true colors return in infamy

You no longer need to sell your concerns for my heart

Drop the feign pity from your damaging art

Your days of hustling love are now finally done

I’m no longer your fool targeted by your sick sense of fun


This was written for Fandago’s One Word Challenge – “Hustle”

Weekend Writing Prompt #103 -Vulnerable Beauty


She cries again
Her vow broken
Eternal scars
Disconnect to accelerate
Then, true bliss accepted her vulnerable beauty
Love’s tears returned

(21 words)


Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt from Sammi Cox at Sammiscribbles: Vulnerable in exactly 21 words.


Written Tears ~ #Love #Poetry



Sometimes pain on her page

Jilted wants, ignited rage

She posts of hearts often shattered

Spoken vows that no longer matter

I cry upon reading her words

Never verbal but still get heard

Perhaps her past bled this ink

Or current lies that’s made her think

This poet knows love in all of its infinite roles

Connecting with us from the depths of her writer’s soul


With fond dedication to the talent over at A Writer’s Soul blog.

Blogmas, Day 20 – Ruining Christmas~ #Christmas #Love #Blogmas


Joe’s big holiday plans would be quite different this year

He would ruin the family Christmas party that was soon drawing near

Motivation was easy for this quite decent chap

For you see, his last six months were filled with unforeseen crap

First thing that happened was his car had been stolen

Then an infected wisdom tooth caused his face to get swollen

New financial debts incurred after losing his job

His girlfriend then left him for a surgeon named Bob

Now, December was here and with it the day he was dreading

That big family shindig in which he was made to feel guilty into attending

To see people happy and filled with such glee

Was just too much to witness during his own misery

There was only one way he would get through this horrid event

He conspired to get drunk making his life easy to forget

The day was now here for the big get together

Everyone had arrived, some wearing holiday sweaters

Uncles and Aunts with cousins galore

Nieces and nephews along with about fifty more

Joe felt himself falling into that sad state of blues

He began to walk towards the bar to create his amnesia with  booze

As he was walking, hugs and comfort came from all family members

Their genuine love gave him something new  to remember

Christmas was not about his own misery

It was about the love and support that you get from family

Joe went on to have fun being sober and staying dry

Even meeting his cousin’s single friend who had been invited to stop by

They both liked each other right from the start

Making Joe even happier his original plan fell apart



Out of their chests~#DecemberWriting #love #poetry #themagicshop


Time to face the pain and accept the facts

An ignored passion does not grow back

Circumstances changed their game

A couple still, just not the same

He lost the spark, she lost the flutter

Friendly strangers left with each other

Pleasant moments they shared before

Fading echoes of something more

With this story they know the end

Speak the truth and don’t pretend

Moving forward was for their best

Still these truths suck life right from their chests

December Writing Prompts – The truth sucked the life out of his chest – Day 3/31

Simple Request~#brokenhearted #poetry #themagicshop


A simple dream

His true intention

Cut off the heart

A new direction

Be a stone

Bury the smile

No longer susceptible

To romantic mistrials

Others want others

Feeling complete with partners nearby

Multiple quests fail for some

His hardened decision to no longer try

To be loved means transparency

His open book had pages ripped out again

She left him bleeding without lifting a finger

Recovery through solitude will now begin

Its better to be hollow than to welcome a new poison

Mute the yearning scream

Proving all wrong he will be an island

To never expect love again, his simple dream

Snowball~#poetry #breakup #themagicshop


He surprisingly slept well after his heart had been removed

A two hour escape for what was left of him

His pain smothered by exhaustion

The aftershock now awaits him at dawn

Closure began from her at ten PM

Words spewed out soaked in hurt

A growing snowball of focused rage

This delightful ride between them was now over

The man in love woke up hollow today

Distance the pleasure, accept this penalty

White-out the mind

Life now cold and hard with each breath

Angel Away~ #poetry #love #themagicshop


Time to let this angel fly

Shes not to be yours anymore

A closer embrace from a different guy

Happiness eludes you again once more

Two pieces that perfectly fit

Imposing efforts in following both hearts

She knows this truth but moves on from it

Their puzzle now crumbles when missing a part

Wake up from your dream

She’s merely a wanted thought now

Block out her face, edit the scene

Live with her absence find a way how

You’ve finished your dessert

A taste of heaven that will fade with each day

The present is now here to deal with the hurt

Let your tears flow as you let the angel fly away

Prescence~#poetry #love #themagicshop


My eyes close out my chaos

The lady returns to my world

Still a stranger but she knows me best

The distance between us disappears

My mind feels her touch

Satin fingers caress my shoulders

Nerve endings get awoken

Her hands comfort my inner solitude

A whisper is mentally spoken

She speaks to my eyes alone

Her words yearn for my embrace

She too reflects such wants

My lips are cold

They await her smoulder

My creativity has her near me now

Dream this damsel

My darkness is enlightened by her smile

This woman has connected with me again

I open my eyes to a barren life

But,  I know that this lady exists and I will find her to complete our love