SoCS / JulyWriting ~ How to have your house painted for you, cheaply


1. Look at the exterior of your house. Understand how much work actually needs to be done. Then realize how much you don’t want to be the one to do it.

2. Drive to the paint store for supplies.

3. Gather up all the paint, brushes, tarps and any other tools needed to complete the job. Have the store charge it to your corporate account- “Amalgamated Painters”. Doesn’t matter if this company doesn’t really exist. There is always an Amalgamated “something” out there, somewhere to bill all kind of stuff to.

4. Find a child, preferably one smart enough to fake tears and one who accepts candy or loose change for bribes.

5. Go to a place where mostly, young and strong men gather. Coffee houses work best, but bagel shops and diners are also quite good. Make sure that there is no alcohol involved or the project will never get completed.

6. Have previously mentioned child, enter this establishment- crying their eyes out. At this point you can improvise your own verbage. I prefer “Can someone please help me? My Daddy lost his job at the mill (Hopefully, no listeners will catch on that there is no actual mill anywhere near there. But, it sounds really sad) Our house needs work, its falling apart. I just wanted it painted, something to make my Daddy happy”.

7. At this point, you should have some concerned men line up willing to help. Make sure you had given the child your address beforehand and not the address of someone else. This mistake turned ugly to a buddy of mine who gave out the address of his neighbor, who has aluminum siding on their house.

8. Have all the supplies on your front lawn waiting for whoever shows up.

9. To guarantee that the job gets done efficiently and quickly, provide as much caffeine-based refreshments beforehand to the painters. Their are a wide variety of things to choose from. I had Espresso cupcakes and Megabull energy drinks prepared for my crew. My entire house was painted by three guys in under ninety minutes.

9. Once the house is complete, limp back out of your house to thank whoever showed up to do the job. Don’t forgot to bandage your foot or whatever other appendage you want to say is broken.

10. Sit in your favorite chair afterwards and binge a show, enjoying your freshly painted house.


The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 13/19 

July Writing Prompts – Espresso cupcakes – Day 13/31


FOWC / July Writing ~The Refined Dead #FOWC #Julywriting


Doctor Stein gazed upon the four friends he had made

The ones sewn together after looting their graves

He wanted some companions, it was as simple as that

Ones to spend time with and have a chitchat

He threw a big switch to make them alive

Finally hoping for players on his lonely game night

Words begin groaning from these once comatose skulls

But, unfortunately their dialogue was incredibly dull

They also lacked manners, politeness and freewill

Being dead had erased all their past, social skills

Something needed to be done with these classless horrors

Then the doctor remembered a charm school with high honors

After attending a class of fine etiquette training

The undead quartet were now gracefully behaving

These patchwork pals just needed a proper education

Making Doctor Stein now pleased to hang out with his civilized creations


July Writing Prompts – Cultured creations – Day 11/31 and Fandago’s FOWC prompt~ “Alive”

Dangerous Devices – #poetry #JulyWriting


Mechanical things can’t be used by just anyone

All can be harmful handled incorrectly by everyone

Only a dentist knows how to fix holes in your teeth

Anyone less qualified will drill in your mouth too deep

All kitchen appliances can maim or kill

If placed in the hands that lack culinary skills

Curling irons and shavers could damage more than hair

If the hairstylist who works them just doesn’t care

Anything plugged in can be a dangerous device

Make sure they are used by those who are technically wise


July Writing Prompts – Dangerous devices – Day 6/31