Freedom ~ #4th-of-july #independenceday


Our ordinary days that we often yawn through

Were once mere ideas men fought to make true

There was blood in that ink declaring their escape

From patriots who died for today’s independent ways

Now, occasionally it gets abused in protecting misguided choices

Twisting its purpose spewing out unrestrained voices

Still, this day in July will always for all us Americans

Living that freedom that was birthed long ago in this new land


Happy July, 4th!


May Writing ~ A Long History of Nearly Nothing – #MayWriting


You rarely notice me being this inanimate thing

Yet, I’ve witnessed so much despite what you think

I was here when you only grunted among savage clans

Then watched you evolve into using tools with your hands

Your industrial age’s birth was incredible to behold

I silently observed as you built up this world that we know

My long history of nearly nothing may appear to be not exciting

But, from my endless perspective it was incredibly enlightening


Written for the May Writing Prompts – A Long History of Nearly Nothing – Day 15/31