Breakroom ~ #sunday-photo-fiction


Robert entered the room and sat down with the other people already there. He was a slightly overweight man with high cholesterol and a father of two teenagers. His son Alex just scored a goal in Lacrosse when Robert suddenly blacked out. When he awoke, he was here. He was next to a young girl who looked up at him. “Hi, I’m Katie” she proclaimed, showing off an innocent smile. The door opened up and an elderly man who was sitting across from Robert stood up and shuffled out. “We won’t be here long, don’t  worry”  Katie whispered. “This is my fifth time here. People move quick”.  Robert was surprised at how maturely Katie spoke. He glanced around, seeing people of all different ages. What shocked Robert the most about being here was his complete relaxation. He felt no panic or desire to leave this room, despite what little he knew about it. The door opened up again and this time, Robert  heard a voice.  “Its time to return. Jacob Miller is entering the world and he is your next host.”  Robert stood up calmly, knowing it was his time to leave.

(200 words)


Written for this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction prompt from Donna McNichol. Photo credit: Arun Sharma on Unsplash.


SoCS – A Cloud’s breaktime~#SoCS #poetry


A cloud fell from the sky without making a sound

It did this unnoticed since no one was around

A cloud falling from above does seem a bit absurd

Something this odd had never occurred

Yet, here was this white puff now standing on grass

Quietly lingering as its heavenly family passed

A young girl was skipping by through some neighboring fields

Spotted the cloud but not thinking it was real

“Are you really a cloud, fallen from the sky?”

She curiously asked fully intending to know why

“I am indeed what you see enjoying some well needed rest”

The cloud whispered softly with gossamer breath

She then asked with concern, “will you soon be floating up again?”

“You’re place is above us, out up in the heavens”

The cloud breathed out a sigh and replied through a smile

“I promise I will, but can you just sit with me for a little while?”

She sat down beside him then they both looked up in the air

At all the clouds above them located everywhere

“I often look up and think how pretty you are”

The girl said with her eyes glancing afar

“Really? How funny, I think a similar thing.”

The cloud’s vapor trails spoke as they continued to keep swirling.

“See, we are both quite special being these ones of a kind”

“I often watch you and think what a beautiful sight”


Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday Prompt – “fall from the sky”.