Fighting for a Forever~#AugustWriting #shortfiction #freewill #themagicshop


There is a door that exists for all of us.

A flow of endless possibilities and choices go through its opening.

We are bound by our mortality to never see its existence or understand its full potential.

But we still feel its presence within the limits of our everyday lives.

Its power is overwhelming and a miracle to be blessed with.

However, Our mortal darkness wants superiority in closing this door.

Its ravenous hunger grows within us and it wants only its wishes to be obeyed.

This constant struggle between the depths of apathy and the will to decide wisely struggle throughout our days.

A battle for conscience within the fight for a forever.

This door of freewill must always remain open until the end of our existence.

August Writing Prompt- Fighting for a Forever-Day 22/31