Sharon’s Cottage~#DecemberWriting #Horror #themagicshop


It had taken Todd Munson over an hour to drive up to this house in the Pocono mountains during the pouring rain.  Now that he was inside,  he would do anything to just be able to run away from it.   He was tipped off by a few close, trustworthy friends that Sharon would be up here meeting “some guy”.   Todd and Sharon had been married for eight years this past June but, hints of an affair as early as last March.  Sharon was going out to more “yoga classes”  during the week.  Their interaction with each other had become stale and forced.  The bedroom was transformed into this lonely place to merely sleep.  All the textbook signs of adultery reared their ugly head in the Munson household and Todd became determined to get to the bottom of it.  Here he was now standing in the hallway of this quant little cabin, realizing how completely and utterly wrong he was about Sharon loving someone else. There was indeed some secret, new extramarital  activity (that part had been confirmed thirty minutes earlier) going on, but it wasn’t at all what Todd suspected.

There was something  wrong as soon as Sharon opened the front door looking like she was in a state of complete panic.  Her hair was matted down with sweat and her face was puffed out from exertion.  She asked Todd erratically the reasons for his presence.  From inside the cottage, a stench of rotted meat filled the air. Todd charged into the house pushing Sharon out-of-the-way.  Something was happening  inside this place and Todd felt months of unanswered questions bubbling to the surface.  He began frantically walking from room to room,  screaming at Sharon for answers.  She merely followed him crying for him to stop.

Is was at the last room on the right at end of a long hallway that Todd stopped short in the doorway.  Two still bodies laid on the floor covered in blood stained clear plastic. Todd recognized one as Mitch Barkley, Sharon’s ex boyfriend from college.  They had met one time, albeit uncomfortably at a restaurant one night a few months ago.  The room started to spin and Todd had to brace himself against the door frame.

“They raped me. Both of them.” Sharon quietly said from the living room at the beginning of the hallway. She was no longer crying but, her cheeks were still wet from years.

“It-it was before you and I met. Years before actually. Both of them, at the same time when I was at school”.

Todd stood there, leaning against the doorway. He felt the overwhelming need to vomit. He closed his eyes, hoping that in someway all of this would disappear around him.

“Todd….I love you. I love us. When we ran into Mitch months ago, it changed me. All the pain returned and I had to do something to stop it”. Sharon began crying uncontrollably.

“I DID THIS FOR US!” She screamed at Todd. Her words echoed throughout the house.

Todd stood there with a new feeling replacing his disbelief. He now felt that the woman standing at the end of hallway was not only his wife, but someone who genuinely believed that what she did was unquestionably justified.  He looked at her holding her gaze briefly from across the room, he knew then that she needed to do this.

And it was this acceptance of her actions, that terrified Todd more than anything else he witnessed on that rainy July day up in Sharon’s cottage.

December Writing Prompt -Holding her gaze briefly from across the room, he knew…-Day 12/31


A mirror image of who he once was~#Decemberwriting #poetry #themagicshop


He stops by that place again

The pretending past

Smiles during misery

His reality skewed to her liking

Slob unfit for supper

Failure as father

A giant of a man reduced to crumbs

Just how she wanted him

Those days, her thoughts

He believed it daily

Questioning nothing vomited on him

Accepting this as the suburban normal

The mirrors reminded him

A definition of failure echoed back

Pathetic perceptions that exist no more

His path today reflects merely the scars of a survivor

An image of worth that he now creates to replace who he once was


December Writing Prompt- A mirror image of who he once was -Day 2/31