FOWC with Fandango ~ These three men #FOWC


What a joyous night for all three of these men

Their marriages now successfully come to an end

It was Winthrop today halting his wedded bliss

By legally stiffing his former miss

Franklin and Boyd were a year divorced

Winning out a large settlements by bribing the courts

All three were quite wealthy to buy out their judges

Then having their cases slanted against their ex-loves

The men got out cheaply not owing one alimony dime

Despite their infidelities with other ladies at various times

The restaurant echoed with their mischievous laughs

As champagne was poured by a waitress on staff

When the police arrived later to find the three men now dead

Their was no sign of the waitress who had apparently fled

No other witnesses knew who this woman was

Except for the divorcees who paid her to kill those unscrupulous duds

Some poisons mimic champagne just enough for a lethal switch

Those now three deceased men had discovered by messing with the wrong bitch


Written for Fandango’s FOWC prompt – Switch


Twittering Tales – Waiting for that taste #Twitteringtales


There was a reason the five of them felt anxious in the kitchen. The moment that they  planned was now here. They had all previously agreed that Kara had to go. Her infidelities and lies towards them had to stop. The five of them waited as the poisoned glass touched Kara’s lips.

(280 characters)


Written for this week’s Twittering Tales prompt from Kat Myrman. Photo credit: Lisa Fotios @

100 Word Wednesday ~Harry the Hat #100ww


“Look baby, just introduce me” snapped gangster Harry “the hat” Silvanto as he stripped off his clothes revealing empty air underneath. “I feel stupid” Ginger cried back. But, Harry knew better. Once he saw Prof. Stein’s invisibility formula work, Harry knew he could take over the cartel. He killed the professor and drank his concoction. At today’s underworld meeting, Ginger would soon introduce a super-powered ‘GHOST HARRY’ as their new boss, in one of his many signature hats. It was similar to another hat he owned, one that was inadvertently left behind at the professor’s lab, complete with Harry’s fingerprints.

(100 words)


Written for Bikurgirl’s 100 Word Wednesday: Week 126 prompt


Friday Fictioneers~ Boomhouse #fridayfictioneers #crime


Holister grinned when he finally spotted the house. Gerrin knew of this place and felt it was perfect for their rendezvous point. The heist had gone off flawlessly yesterday in them stealing the diamonds. They had planned to meet up today. Gerrin knew a place so remote that no one could find them. Holister would provide passports as Gerrin held the diamonds. The drive took hours and Holister was starting to doubt the shack’s existence. He was relieved to see it, not knowing that Gerrin had earlier rigged the empty place to explode once the front door was opened.

(100 words)


Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Photo credit: Jean L. Hays.


Twittering Tales – Regrets ~ Diary #twitteringtales #themagicshop


All that really mattered to Lt. Pitt was that Holk was now dead. Regrettably, he was two victims too late. The third girl was alive but, traumatized.  Holk had talked to her for days about all the violence he wanted to inflict on the world. All that was left now, was Holk’s body and a diary of his sick plans.

(300 characters)


Written for this week’s Twitter Tales prompt from Kat Myrman. Photo credit: Marc Schafer at