Captivating Confines~#NovemberWriting #poetry


The killer was shocked by the punishment given

Assuming the judge would just end his living

Instead he was brought to a lodge after the trial

The police then left him alone to stay there for awhile

It was a cozy chateau with a warm atmosphere

Pleasantly decorated from front to rear

No entertainment or games to have fun

Not that this mattered him being a party of one

All his meals came cooked and filled with yummy tastes

His biggest dilemma was all the time he had to waste

Although this quaint place was a nice place to reside

One you were sentenced your freedom remained inside

As much as the killer enjoyed this new type of cell

To never breathe freedom was actually Hell

Total seclusion finally drove the killer insane

Captivating confines is where the prison doctors placed blame

November Writing Prompt- Captivating confines -Day 9/30