Cantankerous cuties~#AugustWriting #shortfiction #themagicshop


Oliver and Susie sat in Brooklawn park watching life as it went on around them.   It was a comfortable spring day and it seemed like the whole world was out enjoying God’s gift of sunlight..  Youngsters ran around this one area, the joy of being able to run and play obvious to everyone watching them.

“I used to run faster than all of those kids, when I was their age”  Oliver grumblingly said to Susie.  “I could have beaten all of them in any race at any park”.

Susie turned to Oliver her face scrunched together in disappointment.

“Ollie, I’ve known you my whole life.   You could NEVER run as fast as the kids, even when you were young.   What does it matter now?   Those days are over.   This is what’s left for us now.”

Oliver kept staring at all the activity that was going on the grassy knoll in front of him.

“You’re right, Susie-I know that’s true.   I don’t have to like it.   My legs are killing me now.   They got me on these new pills for my arthritis.  I’m now up to eight different pills a day for everything else.   Half the time, I can’t remember to take them”.

Just then a ball got thrown passed them in close proximity.   Neither Oliver or Susie just looked at it not moving their tires muscles to get it.

“Look,  at my right eye”  Susie said as she turned to face him, opening her right eye as wide as possible.   The once beautiful dark brown that Ollie would often look at was now a milky white.  “Cataract in this one eye.   They don’t want to remove it yet.   Still, my vision ain’t what it used to be.   I’m tired of looking through a cloud”

They both turned their heads away from each other.   An ice cream truck pulled into the park’s entrance playing  its chimes for everyone to hear.

“I’m also on this new diet”.  Susie continued.  “They want me to lose a few pounds.   At my age??  I can barely move as it is, my feet aren’t what they used to be and they want me to lose weight!  They’re lucky I’m still alive for them, those Meshugganas!’

Oliver once again looked back at his lifelong friend.   His eyes too were getting old, but he could still see the slight sadness in Susie’s face.  Their time on this planet would be ending soon and he could tell that she knew this.  Howls of delight continued on from all the young players having a delightful time.

“Look at them”  Oliver grumpily said as he faced forward and watched as more kids joined the area.  “They don’t know realize how good they have it.   To be able to jump and run like that.  It goes by so quick.  Before you know it,  they’ll be sitting here  unable to move”.

Susie yawned.   She would need a nap soon.  “Ollie, did you think about being this old when you were their age?  Of course not.  Let them enjoy the day as it is now.  Besides, you got me next to you, NOW.  What more do ya need?”

Oliver smiled,  leaned in and gave her a peck on her nose.  “I love you, lady. It’s time for me to go.  Same time tomorrow?”

Susie was tingling from Oliver’s kiss.  She also loved him as a dear friend and companion for almost the entirety of her life.  “God willing,  Ollie..I’ll be here.   Theres nowhere else I would want to be right now in my life.  Well, maybe a cruise somewhere with a nice deck.”

The two of them started to laugh together out loud.   Their cantankerous nature now replaced by the genuine joy of being able to still laugh with each other.

Two people who were sitting next to them on a bench, stood up and started to walk away.   The people had things to do and places to go.   Each one of them started to leave the park in opposite directions.  A visit at the park was now over for thirteen year old German shepherd Oliver and twelve-year-old Cocker Spaniel Susie.   They both were walked out, on their elderly paws by their owners, yearning to just play once again like the puppies that watched earlier.

August Writing Prompt- Cantankerous cuties-Day 15/31