FOWC ~ Label me gone #FOWC


You’ve lost me forever with your false given love

Fake flavored words are no longer enough

You labeled me yours for all who listened

Yet, my voice was ignored in this selfish decision

Things that you did always cheapened my value

Acts for the norm in someone so shallow

Purchased stained cards at a dollar store

Flowers ripped out from a yard next door

Through all of this you bought the world for another

Decorating her life as if there was no other

You cry for my touch at my departing pace

Go hunt for some new victim to settle for second place


Written for Fandago’s FOWC challenge – Label

Walked away ~#Januarywriting #poetry #themagicshop


Her paradise crumbled from discovery

She uncovered his colors

A cold disbelief gets replaced with welcomed anger

Lies created this reality

This present washes away past delights

Moments were magic

Tricking her perceptions

Flowers given,  passion connected

Prince charming presumed real

This daily mirage now vanished by a mysterious text

The cracking doubt spread quickly

Allegations forced from pain

His confession brings the curtain down

She had been the fool cast in her own play all along

The scars will fade with days past

Baggage is carried away from this lesson

She’ll walk away and take all of this with her

Victimization builds character

A stronger self now marches forward



January Writing prompt And she walked away, She took it all with her Day 15/30

Snowball~#poetry #breakup #themagicshop


He surprisingly slept well after his heart had been removed

A two hour escape for what was left of him

His pain smothered by exhaustion

The aftershock now awaits him at dawn

Closure began from her at ten PM

Words spewed out soaked in hurt

A growing snowball of focused rage

This delightful ride between them was now over

The man in love woke up hollow today

Distance the pleasure, accept this penalty

White-out the mind

Life now cold and hard with each breath

Angel Away~ #poetry #love #themagicshop


Time to let this angel fly

Shes not to be yours anymore

A closer embrace from a different guy

Happiness eludes you again once more

Two pieces that perfectly fit

Imposing efforts in following both hearts

She knows this truth but moves on from it

Their puzzle now crumbles when missing a part

Wake up from your dream

She’s merely a wanted thought now

Block out her face, edit the scene

Live with her absence find a way how

You’ve finished your dessert

A taste of heaven that will fade with each day

The present is now here to deal with the hurt

Let your tears flow as you let the angel fly away

Apart~#poetry #breakup #themagicshop


Why are we like this?

Our familiarity has vanished

Withering without commitment

Return to me, remember us

Absence changes perception

These weeds of doubt have spread

We’re now cold to each other’s touch

A false couple being advertised

Disconnect this heart

Refuse my humanity

Leftover pains of passion arise

Always wounded without weapons

Word gets out, time to define

The press conference for us begins

A dinner for two that everyone attended

Curiosity devours their compassion

Our straps unbuckled, the ride is over

Two strangers get off, separate exits for us both

A breathless love that finally suffocated

We are one no more