Apart~#poetry #breakup #themagicshop


Why are we like this?

Our familiarity has vanished

Withering without commitment

Return to me, remember us

Absence changes perception

These weeds of doubt have spread

We’re now cold to each other’s touch

A false couple being advertised

Disconnect this heart

Refuse my humanity

Leftover pains of passion arise

Always wounded without weapons

Word gets out, time to define

The press conference for us begins

A dinner for two that everyone attended

Curiosity devours their compassion

Our straps unbuckled, the ride is over

Two strangers get off, separate exits for us both

A breathless love that finally suffocated

We are one no more

Amethyst Tears~#poetry #AugustWriting #themagicshop


Shattered night

A siren’s scream

The street awakens

Death has shopped in this neighborhood gain

For thirty years he pleased the unardorned

An immigrant’s gift to this new world

His passion to decorate people

A monster’s touch ends his dream

Questions are asked, answered by stares

Witnesses immune to the act

Life has become this, a weekly sacrifice

This evening- the jeweler was chosen.

Sapphires of sadness and Amethyst tears now lie on cement

The beauty of his craft soaked in his blood

And the purest jewel of them all will shine no more

August Writing Prompt- Amethyst Tears-Day 8/31