50 Word Thursday #24 ~ Amy’s swim #50WordThurs


“They’re beautiful” thought shy accountant Amy Fulton as the blue fish quickly swam in front of her. She had lived her life cautiously, never taking any new risks. Finally, Amy pushed herself into scuba diving. A dull life filing taxes suddenly was missed once she saw the approaching shark.

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50 Word Thursday ~The Answer Room #50wordthurs


This place exists somewhere for all of us to visit. Questions without closure brought you here. The mysteries that led to your madness. They have obsessed your dreams and haunted your soul. You’re told to come here. Open the door, when ready. Everything is solved within the answer room.

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Written for Kristian’s 50 word Thursday prompt


50 Word Thursday #14 ~Scarecrow’s Touch #50WordThurs #themagicshop


“Please watch the scarecrow” Donna asked the landscapers. She was at the house again today, making sure he didn’t forget his pills or anything else important. Some objects would return to Donna the strong man who raised her. The scarecrow always helped her Dad escape the prison of Dementia.

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Written for the prompt https://thehauntedwordsmith.wordpress.com/2019/04/03/50-word-thursday-2019-14/


Destroyer~#50wordthurs #themagicshop


The concert was a real disappointment for Eric and Brian. Despite free admittance from Marcus, a promoter buddy of theirs, they both sat there silently embarrassed.

The band performing was ‘Air Supply’. Marcus fooled them into thinking it would be ‘KISS’ and they both showed in full face KISS makeup.

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Written for 50 Word Thursday #13

50- Word Thursday # 12~The Race #themagicshop #50WordThurs



Jesus,  Buddha, Allah, Shiva and other deities were sitting around simply bored. They had created everything and Now, they just watched over their universe.

They decided to start challenging themselves to different games for amusement.

Today, they ran along the surface of Mother earth’s oceans in one miraculous race.

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Written for The Haunted Wordsmith’s 50 Word Thursday Prompt