The Time Controller~Pt.2 #FOWC #Fandago




Life continued throughout the city. The daily demands on the average citizen kept them moving endlessly without hesitation. From morning to midnight, the surge of the public flowed from employment to entertainment. The intensity of motion was so relevant to all, that the simplicity of basic feelings had been overlooked. It was a constant race from “what was”  to “what needs to be” with as little emotion in between being used.

Hailey witnessed all of this in an instant, within a blink of her eyes. This was her gift. She lived with the events of a nanosecond to a century, opened up to her as a constant show with no secrets.

Yet, their were those who could keep themselves hidden from her gaze. They were whispered about only in the darkest of places and once they revealed themselves, your destiny belonged to them. They were known simply as ‘The Stoppers’ and they were about to visit the city once again, completely hidden from the eyes of Hailey-the time controller.


This piece was written for Fandago’s FFC

My thanks to The Haunted Wordsmith for letting me continue Hailey’s story.



The Current Hell~#FFFC #flash-fiction #themagicshop


I remembered it all suddenly like a flash. Bits and pieces returned to my mind, or whatever this is where my consciousness now lives. A friendly neighbor had invited me over to his house across my street. I went seeking friendship in a new town. We sat in his study and had tea. My life as I knew it before ended as I saw the bottom of the mug that was filled with drugs.

My next conscious thought was erratic and jumbled. I no longer felt myself breathing or any of my extremities. I was formless and chaotic. As best as can define it, I was no longer human. The man who gave me tea, turned out to be a scientist. He transformed my corporal form into a mass of pure electricity. I now floated inside a biosphere of his creation, fluctuating constantly. I was strong, powerful and able to control limitless types of devices.

Yet, it was pure unfiltered Hell.

I yearned for all of life’s experiences. The warm touch of a woman’s hand. Feeling my heart race from the adrenalin of exciting events.  An inhaling of God’s air on a spring day. The laughter that I shared with friends and family.  A shedding of tears at a moments notice of something sad or poignant. My humanity was taken from me, but not my soul. A soul that still felt loss, passion and pure anger. The man I once was vowed to reclaim his humanity and have vengeance on the one who did this to him.

I wait for the scientist to be away from his lab for a few hours. I dissipate my form into the machines that fill up his workshop. Slowly, I construct a new body using whatever scraps are lying about. I specifically make sure I have a plug as part of my new form. It’s small and fragile but, I can physically move around the room now. I had to move fast, before He returned and discovered my intent.

As I prepare to plug myself in, the door swings open. It’s him-the scientist. I push my plug into the wall socket knowing that I can freely leave this place and escape out into the vast infinite world of electricity to seek help. My will to regain my humanity charging through currents at the speed of light and with the force of the human spirit.


Written for Fandago’s Flash Fiction Challenge #2


Pause~#Happynewyear #Sci-fi #shortfiction



11:57 PM

I’m typing as fast as I can now. Trying to get the word out before it happens, if it happens. I’ve told the story over a dozen times, posted it to Facebook, Tweeted it…and it all still sounds totally ridiculous. Yet, here am I telling it again in an abridged version. According to my laptop, I’ve only got about five minutes left to get this story out again maybe for one last time. I’m a reporter, named Stephen Willis. My background has been in paranormal research, odd people and the study of all things well, “funky”. I was given an assignment to interview noted astrophysicist Dr. Franklin Lee in his lab about the possibility of time travel. Don’t ask me, I just write about crazy stuff-I didn’t say I believed it. When I met him, Dr. Lee had a genuine concern about an event he felt would be happening very soon. He had a theory that time itself has a beginning and an ending. Life in the cosmos wasn’t about the constant ticking of a clock. Instead, it was the rapid ticks of stopwatch. Time was coming to a stop and all of us within that stopped time, would just be on this..“never-ending Pause”. He came up with this whole theory-

Look, who cares? It doesn’t matter. If you’re hearing this for the first time, you must I’m insane or just some “amateur fantasy blogger” trying to gain readers. I thought Dr. Lee was crackers after first hearing him spew out his nonsense. I continued to listen to him for hours, detailing his concept with detailed diagrams and multiple layers of tangible evidence. The man is simply brilliant and unfortunately, as accurate about as our sky is blue. Yep, that’s right folks, I’m talking doomsday for all of us. Before, you delete this or leave the page, PLEASE just do one thing. Professor Lee felt that by preventing the famous lighted ball from dropping in New York’s Times Square at the stroke of midnight, TONIGHT…He could avert this disaster from happening. I can’t go into the significance of that particular ball in that location, believe me that was the one aspect of his plan that was the hardest part for me to swallow. The ball will drop and time will stop. Everyone and everything within the flow of time will stop with it.

My goal in writing this was simple. If this wacky theory is legitimate in any way whatsoever, I wanted people to live their lives, RIGHT NOW, to the absolute fullest. Enjoy every breath of air you take in. Take a second to stop and comfort the ones who need a hug. I’m saying all of this, in case Dr. Lee fails to convince the ones in charge of the ball to stop it from dropping at Midnight. Truthfully?..I think we’re all done. Who’s going to listen to him? I was paid to listen to him and I still didn’t to be there. He sounded like a complete lunatic. Yet, astonishingly he made a believer out of me. I just don’t think there’s enough time for him to convince anyone else. I’m watching the news feed from Times Square now. Not much longer. God, I hope he got up to that roof. I hope he’s wrong about all of this.

I love you Mom and Dad.

One minute, Yu stil here? Just rememember wht I sd live yor lif

to the ful……………………………………………………………………………