Molly’s Wonder Pt.2~ #FOWC #Fandago #themagicshop


“This really is so unfair” Stewart thought as he continued to push along the large canvas cart filled with dirty prison linens.  Despite knowing that someday he would be released, laundry detail was Stewart’s life now.  He was serving a thirty year sentence for what Stewart confessed to be merely “having fun with children”. In actuality it was a felony charge for child abduction.

“Molly was having such a good time, too”  Stewart reminisced about her smile, which was the brightest one Stewart had seen in comparison to all the other kids he had been with.

He pushed his cart into the laundry room at Lynchwood State correctional facility.  It was a large tan room filled with industrial size washing machines.  A single prison guard stood at the far end of the room, watching Stewart closely as he entered. The emptiness of the laundry room surprised Stewart. Usually there were a few inmates in here during this time of day. He stopped at the first machine, opened it’s door and started pulling the soiled sheets out of the cart.

“It’s a small world in this place” A low, gravely voice spoke from behind Stewart. He spun around quickly in conditioned fear since he had been incarcerated. It was another inmate that he had seen occasionally out in the courtyard during recreational time. He towered over Stewart with a face covered in scars and tattoos.

“Hey ya, Stewarty- See dat guard over there?”  His eyes pointed over in the direction of the unflinching guard standing against the wall. Stewart cocked his head and glanced over. He could feel the sweat from his forehead slowly starting to drip unto the pile of dirty linens.

“Would you believe that same guard”  he leaned down and looked directly into Stewart’s face.  His eyes unflinching as Stewart’s were erratically darting.

“That guard is…Molly’s Uncle?” He grinned at Stewart and then thrusted a makeshift shiv directly into Stewart’s neck.  Blood splattered across the dirty sheets as Stewart’s body slowly slumped to the ground. His final image being of the guard across the room, staring directly back at him and then walking away as if nothing happened.

“This really ..wasn’t fair”  Was Stewart’s final thought as his head turned itself down into the cement floor and his eyes closed. The inmate dropped the shiv and left the room, knowing it wasn’t up to him to clean up this mess….his job was done.

Written for Famdago’s FOWC prompt- Release