Weekend Writing Prompt #103 -Vulnerable Beauty


She cries again
Her vow broken
Eternal scars
Disconnect to accelerate
Then, true bliss accepted her vulnerable beauty
Love’s tears returned

(21 words)


Written for the Weekend Writing Prompt from Sammi Cox at Sammiscribbles: Vulnerable in exactly 21 words.


Written Tears ~ #Love #Poetry



Sometimes pain on her page

Jilted wants, ignited rage

She posts of hearts often shattered

Spoken vows that no longer matter

I cry upon reading her words

Never verbal but still get heard

Perhaps her past bled this ink

Or current lies that’s made her think

This poet knows love in all of its infinite roles

Connecting with us from the depths of her writer’s soul


With fond dedication to the talent over at A Writer’s Soul blog.


Walked away ~#Januarywriting #poetry #themagicshop


Her paradise crumbled from discovery

She uncovered his colors

A cold disbelief gets replaced with welcomed anger

Lies created this reality

This present washes away past delights

Moments were magic

Tricking her perceptions

Flowers given,  passion connected

Prince charming presumed real

This daily mirage now vanished by a mysterious text

The cracking doubt spread quickly

Allegations forced from pain

His confession brings the curtain down

She had been the fool cast in her own play all along

The scars will fade with days past

Baggage is carried away from this lesson

She’ll walk away and take all of this with her

Victimization builds character

A stronger self now marches forward



January Writing prompt And she walked away, She took it all with her Day 15/30

Simple Request~#brokenhearted #poetry #themagicshop


A simple dream

His true intention

Cut off the heart

A new direction

Be a stone

Bury the smile

No longer susceptible

To romantic mistrials

Others want others

Feeling complete with partners nearby

Multiple quests fail for some

His hardened decision to no longer try

To be loved means transparency

His open book had pages ripped out again

She left him bleeding without lifting a finger

Recovery through solitude will now begin

Its better to be hollow than to welcome a new poison

Mute the yearning scream

Proving all wrong he will be an island

To never expect love again, his simple dream

Halloween Romance~#Halloween #love #themagicshop


Count Dracula smiled at the zombie cheerleader

She feels herself warmly revived

Names revealed over punch

A close dance among skeletons begins

She had chosen the appropriate makeup tonight

Her heart was dead from previous men

A lifeless husk defines her now

He wanted to be impervious in a cape

A recent stake killed his passion

This vampire’s form was his escape

Two characters lost during the day

An October hall connects them

Love is unmasked between two strangers this evening

Tomorrow the façade ends, those costumes no longer needed in each other’s arms


Angel Away~ #poetry #love #themagicshop


Time to let this angel fly

Shes not to be yours anymore

A closer embrace from a different guy

Happiness eludes you again once more

Two pieces that perfectly fit

Imposing efforts in following both hearts

She knows this truth but moves on from it

Their puzzle now crumbles when missing a part

Wake up from your dream

She’s merely a wanted thought now

Block out her face, edit the scene

Live with her absence find a way how

You’ve finished your dessert

A taste of heaven that will fade with each day

The present is now here to deal with the hurt

Let your tears flow as you let the angel fly away