FOWC with Fandago ~ Edge~Syrup of sadness #FOWC


 The dawn awakens my chaotic ways

it returns again torturing all days

Such constant battle to be just humane

Punishing myself in eternal blame

Where is the crime that warrants this jail

This stream of thinking that repeatedly wails

It’s an intangible poison that fills up my mind

A syrup of sadness that my reality has defined

This natural venom that flourishes in lies

Flows within demanding my demise

Its that edge of ending that gives me full control

I’ll live with this pain instead of damning my soul


Written for Fandago’s FOWC June,9th prompt~ Edge


Trap~#poetry #themagicshop


Define your trap, perhaps it sublime

A place where you can handle wasting your time

You smile at loved ones who think you’re quite nice

A charade to fool people that you’re doing alright

Giving in to others and fulfilling their needs

Is a cell that you’ve chosen with no chance to be free

Choices of freedom confront you with lures

But, your pain from stagnation can never be cured

You have made yourself captive with these thoughts that you think

Acts of survival merely get pushed to the brink

Pain will be given in the choices you choose

You’ll just stay on this path with chosen cement shoes

Guess again if you feel free and living your dreams

An occasional smile merely postpones your screams

Suck it in, accept this plight

Your only escape is in dreams that you live for at night