August Writing ~The first of its kind #AugustWriting


A spark ignites synaptic threads

That bulb of a thought floats above heads

Conceptual spirit launches a drive

Incentives to make dreams come alive

Pieces are measured for first fabrication

Failings induce relenting frustration

The drawing board awaits that eventual return

Determination fueling  midnight oil’s burn

Futility in attempts await in going forward

Expectations for success are rapidly lowered

Exit the stream where all ideas stop

An alternate variable picked outside the box

Hopes elevated in attempting yet another birth

Another failure would be synonymous with self worth

At last, a success this thing born from inventive minds

A construction of spirit, the first of its kind


Written for the August Writing Prompt – The first of its kind – Day 6/31

August Writing Prompts

#100WW ~ Time out for Billy


It was a glorious day to be an eight year old. The skies were clear and the playground was surprisingly empty. Unfortunately, Billy Carrigan was currently being punished by being an observer and not allowed to play. His recent behavior had pushed his parents to take extreme measures beyond traditional disciplinary methods. The process surprisingly didn’t take long, once they spoke the spell. It was a mere switching of bodies between Billy and his paralyzed Uncle Stan. A glorious day indeed as Stan ran around for the time he had left inhabiting this body, as Billy sat in his wheelchair confined.

(100 words)


Written for this week’s 100 Word Wednesday from Bikurgurl.