SoCS / August writing ~Define yourself #SoCS #Augustwriting


Before you step out unto this day

Pause to reflect on your overstuffed ways

An agenda for others that clutters your mind

Your own needs ignored in this unquestioned grind

No time to breathe in your malnourished space

Instead enabling others in an endless rat-race

Now, stop for a moment to defend yourself

A majority of one acceptably selfish

This change in behavior sprouts from down deep

First realizing your worth is strictly for keeps

Prioritize your heart in wanting more

Start embracing your desires as things to fight for


Written for – and the August Writing Prompt – For Keeps – Day 14/31

100WW ~ Hot Air #100ww


“Whooosh” The flame continued to shoot up into the open air of the balloon as Kelly looked over the basket. The world below her slowly sank away as the clouds above started to get closer. She was finally at peace up here in the sky. “You ok?” Jim asked as he lowered the flame, just a bit. “Oh, yeah.” Kelly muttered. She was exhausted, it had been another night of running away from the police.
“Where will we go?” Kelly asked Jim, who stared at her speechless. The man who knew it all who had finally run out of answers.

(100 words)


Written for this week’s 100 Word Wednesday prompt from Bikurgurl.